Compressed File Opener

Hamster Free Zip Archiver Hamster Soft 

How many times have you downloaded an archive from the Internet only to find that you can't seem to be able to open it? Many files such as programs and other documents are provided in archived formats for easier distribution over the web and to save space and make transfers quicker. However, while the ZIP format may still be one of the most. Freeware download of Hamster Free Zip Archiver, size 400.00 Kb.


Splendid Desktop Helper 1.55 CFsoft 

Splendid Desktop Helper is a powerful screen saver which support many frequent operations,including password protection,floating multicolor bubbles,undersea aquarium flash,background music,alarm clock,wallpaper switch,one key to screensaver,auto download internet wallpaper.basically,it support various picture type,like .swf,gif,png, can add. Freeware download of Splendid Desktop Helper 1.55, size 1.09 Mb.

Primus DCF Revolution ACCA Software S.p.A. 

Primus-DCF is a free and complete software that allows Engineers, Architects, Surveyors and building contractors to easily create bills of quantities and estimates for the building industry through a very user-friendly interface.
Your monitor becomes your desktop where you will be able to open Price Books, Price Lists, Estimates and Bills of. Freeware download of Primus DCF Revolution , size 16.11 Mb.

Legendary Tales 1.6 LEGENDARYTALES.COM 

Legendary Tales consists of the Legendary Tales Engine (Engine) and the Legendary Tales Editor (Editor). With the Editor one can write text-based role-playing games that can be played with the Engine through a GUI. The Engine does not have a command line and the user acts with the use of a GUI but still all the action and course of the adventure is. Freeware download of Legendary Tales 1.6, size 2.05 Mb.

Mobile Media Maker (PSP) 1.5.2 Makayama Media B.V. 

Watch video's and movies on your Playstation Portable. This software lets you convert movies and video's to your PSP and watch them in great quality in full screen landscape mode. A memorystick as small as 128 Mb is sufficient to store a full length feature film. You can watch your content on the go, from a postage stamp size memorystick. You can. Free download of Mobile Media Maker (PSP) 1.5.2, size 3.00 Mb.

Openfind Enterprise Search 1.0.7 Openfind Information Technology, Inc. 

Openfind Enterprise Search (OES) is designed for easy installation and simple configuration, allows setting up intranet document search and Internet website search in minutes. With multi-lingual search capability, OES can deal with double bytes as well as single bytes contents. It supports mostly general file types, like web page, Microsoft Office. Freeware download of Openfind Enterprise Search 1.0.7, size 8.80 Mb.

Buzz 3D VideoChat Plus! 1.00 Buzz 3D 

It's 2 Programs in 1 : VideoChat (1-to-1 audio & video chat, Personal Address Book, BuzzCard invite-a-friend, NAT Router / LAN Support and easy setup Wizard), and VideoChat Plus! (High Quality Audio / Video Group Chat, Real-Time Conference Recording & Archiving, and Video email (30 seconds of video in just 65Kb).

Buzz 3D. Free download of Buzz 3D VideoChat Plus! 1.00, size 3.82 Mb.

Digital Photos Editing Software 5.5 Software Help 

Digital photos editing software provides perfect image processing solution to edit images with best quality. Graphics processing application provides support to different picture file formats like BMP, GIF, JP2, JPG, PCX, PNG, TGA and TIF. Graphic file conversion tool provides efficient solution to process pictures and apply filters to correct. Free download of Digital Photos Editing Software 5.5, size 9.29 Mb.

OpenStat 30. 6. 2010 Bill Miller 

OpenStat is a general-purpose statistics package written in the Borland C++ Development compiler (Version 5). It was originally written as an aid in the teaching of statistics to students enrolled in a social science program. It has been expanded to provide procedures useful in a wide variety of disciplines. OpenStat is in a compressed file created. Freeware download of OpenStat 30. 6. 2010, size 0 b.

PSP Manga Splitter MangaWare,Inc 

PSP Manga Splitter that convert, resize, rotate and split manga into frames,once your manga get converted and splitted you can view them on PSP using Trigger L/R, no more zooming, fitting, rotating or slow refocusing time, PSP Manga Splitter also support compressed file format ZIP and RAR, no matter how deep the compressed file is such as RAR in. Freeware download of PSP Manga Splitter, size 0 b.

BlueView 1.0.64 Schlumberger 

BlueView log image manipulation program displays, annotates, edits, splices, and prints log images. You can divide images into smaller segments and reassemble them into new logs or combine them as side-by-side log displays.

Multiple images can be vertically aligned and converted to a single merged image. Either the single or combined. Freeware download of BlueView 1.0.64, size 9.79 Mb.

GnuWin32: Jpeg 6b-4 GnuWin32 

This package contains C software to implement JPEG image compression and decompression. JPEG is a standardized compression method for full-color and gray-scale images. JPEG is intended for "real-world" scenes; cartoons and other non-realistic images are not its strong suit. JPEG is lossy, meaning that the output image is not identical to. Freeware download of GnuWin32: Jpeg 6b-4, size 60.04 Mb.

UltraKiss 3 3 WSM Information Systems Inc. 

UltraKiss simplifies many of the technical details of building and viewing KiSS sets. For viewers, UltraKiss displays KiSS sets and lets users interact with the set using the mouse and keyboard. For developers, UltraKiss manages images of dolls, clothing, and many other media objects that are included in KiSS sets.

The original KiSS. Freeware download of UltraKiss 3 3, size 1.02 Mb.

Courier Compressor 1. 3. 2010 SeaSecure Ltd. 

Courier Compressor is a compression program of PDF documents and images. This tool provides a procedure which preserves text legibility while maintaining high visual and color quality.
Compresses all common image standards where already compressed file-formats like JPG can easily be compressed up to 95 %.
The compression factor can. Free download of Courier Compressor 1. 3. 2010, size 39.77 Mb.

ZHD3Updater 0.0.7 Locate And Destroy 

ZHD3Updater is a new and useful software that you must have it on your computers. An easy to use software that you can get it for free.

ZHD3Updater interfaces with to check to see if any updates exist for any 3rd Party (XNA) apps that you downloaded with this program. It then takes those apps and sends them to your Zune HD.. Freeware download of ZHD3Updater 0.0.7, size 3.07 Mb.

Steganos AntiVirus 2009 Steganos GmbH 

Computer viruses are everywhere and everybody needs a good and secure anti-virus software to protect a computer from various malware. Steganos AntiVirus 2009 does its work by watching silently the interfaces of your computer and carefully screens for script, macro, file and boot sector viruses.

While surfing the Internet, some sites. Free download of Steganos AntiVirus 2009, size 69.38 Mb.

ZIP Reader 8.0.18 PKWare, Inc. 

Zip Reader is not a simple compression and uncompressing utility like other programs. It is simply a Zip reader as its name said. It can only uncompress the zipped files. You can not use this utility to compress your favorite and important files. But it is very useful, because you can uncompress any compressed file just by double click on it,. Freeware download of ZIP Reader 8.0.18, size 0 b.

TwoDirs 4 9 M. Tesch 

TwoDirs is yet another Norton/Midnight Commander clone. You can explore your folders and files in a two-panel layout, transfer files and folders between panels, and execute all kind of classic commands for file and directory management: create files and folders, move, copy and delete. There are some interesting extra features, like the "Exe to. Freeware download of TwoDirs 4 9, size 3.84 Mb.

TestDisk & PhotoRec 6 13 Christophe GRENIER 

TestDisk is a powerful free data recovery software! It was primarily designed to help recover lost partitions and/or make non-booting disks bootable again when these symptoms are caused by faulty software, certain types of viruses or human error (such as accidentally deleting a Partition Table). Partition table recovery using TestDisk is really. Freeware download of TestDisk & PhotoRec 6 13, size 3.15 Mb.

DMDE 2. 4. 2000 Dmitry Sidorov 

The program for search, edit, and recover data. File systems supported: FAT12/16, FAT32, NTFS/NTFS5 (browse, view files data, files recovery, folders recovery); disk images (create, write images, clone drives); work with FAT, NTFS volumes with damaged file system; search for lost partitions; search and auto detect NTFS, FAT volumes (quick search. Free download of DMDE 2. 4. 2000, size 534.53 Kb.