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PC-Monitor 2.2 LanAudit 

Asset Management Obtain software and hardware configuration Filter Web URLs Block computers from browsing predefined web sites.Web visited report Filter Applications Blocking Applications Applications used report.Application and Web Site Descriptions Management File Security File Operations Log, accessed, copied, created, deleted, moved, printed,. Free download of PC-Monitor 2.2, size 8.82 Mb.


Telconi Terminal 1.01 Telconi GmbH 

Telconi Terminal is an unique network management application with interactive full-screen configuration editing, browsing, help facility support, debugging and more. It focuses on common Cisco IOS functionality present with any hardware or software configuration and complements the command line interface with a rich set of features. It is intended. Freeware download of Telconi Terminal 1.01, size 2.62 Mb.

SpyCleaner Platinum 9.6 Topdownloads 

SpyCleaner Platinum Spyware/adware are those software which send your personal data like, your browsing behavior, your computer's system configuration, Software installed on your computer and a lot of other information depending on the nature of the spyware, to their companies without your or knowledge.It is virtually impossible to avoid them since. Free download of SpyCleaner Platinum 9.6, size 0 b.

Anonymous Browsing Toolbar 3.3 Amplusnet 

Anonymous Browsing Toolbar is an easy to use online privacy application design to protect your online identity. It hides your IP address by routing your Internet traffic through remote servers. Simply choose from the country list the one you want to appear from and surf the Internet with full privacy!By selecting a proxy from a specify country you. Free download of Anonymous Browsing Toolbar 3.3, size 409.60 Kb.

Cirrus Configuration Manager 3.5 SolarWinds 

Cirrus is an affordable, easy-to-use Network Change and Configuration Management solution that automates device configuration management across multi-vendor network infrastructures. Its unique combination of scalability and robust functionality, along with its affordable price tag, make it the solution of choice for network engineers.Cirrus enables. Free download of Cirrus Configuration Manager 3.5, size 81.94 Mb.

Configuration Center Workgroup 1.7 Lan-Secure Company 

Configuration Center is real-time windows based network configuration management software for Telnet SSH and SNMP devices from any vendor that backup configurations, monitor history changes, compare changes and restore configurations of network devices. The Workgroup version supports 10 network devices.
Configuration Center software is. Free download of Configuration Center Workgroup 1.7, size 2.57 Mb.

ManageEngine DeviceExpert(Network Configuration Ma 5.1 AdventNet, Inc. 

ManageEngine DeviceExpert is a comprehensive Network Change and Configuration Management (NCCM) solution that enables the Network Administrator to efficiently and effortlessly manage the configurations of Network Devices. DeviceExpert offers multi-vendor network device configuration, continuous monitoring of configuration changes, notifications on. Freeware download of ManageEngine DeviceExpert(Network Configuration Ma 5.1, size 29.51 Mb.

Wyse Configuration Manager Application 1.0 Wyse Technology Inc. 

Wyse Configuration Manager (WCM) is an innovative self-configuring client technology for the cloud and Wyse-enhanced Windows Embedded virtual desktop environments.

IT administrators can create configuration files using a simple standalone GUI or capture them from an already configured Wyse Windows Embedded device.

This. Free download of Wyse Configuration Manager Application 1.0, size 5.32 Mb.

Cisco Configuration Assistant 3 1 Cisco Systems 

Cisco Configuration Assistant improves network security and performance and substantially reduces deployment and configuration time. It features a simple GUI and provides everything you need to quickly set up a small office network. Configuration, deployment, and ongoing network management support for the Cisco Smart Business Communications System.. Free download of Cisco Configuration Assistant 3 1, size 66.26 Mb.

Cisco Configuration Professional 2 5 Cisco Systems 

Cisco Configuration Professional offers smart wizards and advanced configuration support for LAN and WAN interfaces, Network Address Translation (NAT), stateful and application firewall policy, IPS, IPSec and SSL VPN, QoS, and Cisco Network Admission Control policy features.

The firewall wizard allows a single-step deployment of high,. Freeware download of Cisco Configuration Professional 2 5, size 179.31 Mb.

CANopen Configuration Suite 2.0.6 port GmbH 

The CANopen Configuration Suite presents a high-performance and easy-to-use tool for efficient and straightforward planning of complete CANopen networks as well as devices.

It combines functionality with an intuitive operation and supports you in all project phases, including planning, development, startup and service. You can. Freeware download of CANopen Configuration Suite 2.0.6, size 12.39 Mb.

NetWrix Server Configuration Monitor 1. 3. 1938 NetWrix Corporation 

NetWrix Server Configuration Monitor is a monitoring software, that keeps track of all changes minor or important made to any of the systems. In this case a log is made with all activities related to network changes or system changes. Comes with highly accurate and efficient search engines.. Free download of NetWrix Server Configuration Monitor 1. 3. 1938, size 2.93 Mb.

Citrix XenApp Server Configuration 1 1 Citrix Systems, Inc. 

XenApp Server Configuration Tool helps configure XenApp 6 for Windows Server 2008 R2 server role installations. The XenApp image can be prepared for imaging and provisioning before, during, or after configuring XenApp.

If an existing image requires updating, XenApp Server Configuration Tool provides extended wizard-based and. Freeware download of Citrix XenApp Server Configuration 1 1, size 2.47 Mb.

NetWrix Server Configuration Change 3.0.194 NetWrix Corporation 

Even minor configuration changes made to servers can potentially impact your users and cause major disruptions to businesses. Every time a change is made, it makes a lot of sense to properly document and communicate it, especially when the servers are maintained by multiple team members.

Another example is very common: changes made. Free download of NetWrix Server Configuration Change 3.0.194, size 2.93 Mb.

Free VM Configuration Tool 1.0 ZOHO Corp. 

The ManageEngine's Free VMware Configuration tool is a light weight tool, can configure VMware Virtual server (VM's ) resources such as CPU, RAM or execute Power operations or change the Name of the VM'S, and also it fetches comprehensive data about the servers and its virtual machines and presents them as visually elegant graphs and. Freeware download of Free VM Configuration Tool 1.0, size 2.71 Mb.

iPhone Configuration Utility Apple Inc. 

iPhone Configuration Utility (iPCU) lets you easily create, maintain, encrypt, and install configuration profiles, track and install provisioning profiles and authorized applications, and capture device information including console logs. Recommended for those managing devices running iOS 4.0 or later.
Configuration profiles are XML files. Freeware download of iPhone Configuration Utility, size 33.24 Mb.

XIA Configuration Server 3. 4. 2005 CENTREL Solutions Ltd. 

XIA Configuration - Document Server Configuration, Inventory, Audit, and Change Tracking
XIA Configuration automatically creates a detailed inventory of all the systems on a network, including Microsoft Windows based Servers and Workstations, SQL, AD, Exchange, VMWare hosts, IIS, Clusters, DNS, and more. Inventory information is viewed. Free download of XIA Configuration Server 3. 4. 2005, size 39.85 Mb.

Server Configuration Change Reporter 3.0.194 Server Configuration Change Reporter 

Network servers have a lot of configuration settings that require constant updates and maintenance. Every configuration change can potentially impact your users and cause major disruptions in services and applications. Common example: changes done yesterday made your systems unstable, and you don't remember the old settings. NetWrix Server. Freeware download of Server Configuration Change Reporter 3.0.194, size 2.72 Mb.

Microsoft Office Configuration Analyzer Tool Microsoft 

Microsoft Office Configuration Analyzer Tool is a handy application that was especially designed to help you check your Office programs for misconfigurations.

The program enables you to select the application and its version, then it will analyze event logs, system updates, policies and registry settings related to that Microsoft Office. Free download of Microsoft Office Configuration Analyzer Tool, size 0 b.

Barcode Configuration Utility 1.00L 16 Panasonic 

Barcode Configuration Utility is a useful tool that was designed in order to provide you with an easy to use means of designing your own custom barcodes.

The application enables you to effortlessly customize the barcode data as well as the symbology and save the configurations.

. Free download of Barcode Configuration Utility 1.00L 16, size 0 b.