Converter Data Sis To Sisx


GX Converter data conversion software package for Windows is a software designed to convert other format data (text format data, CSV format data) to GX Developer format data (instruction list, device comment).

It allows CAD data to be utilized on GX Developer for equipment design or GX Developer data to be utilized for design on CAD,. Free download of GX Converter 5. 4. 2005, size 7.03 Mb.


Appnimi Multi Data Converter 1.0 Appnimi 

Appnimi Multi Data Converter is designed for conversion of units data from one format to another.Features of Multi Data Converter : * It is free * Easy to use* Support Vista and Win 7 & above Systems * Conversion of Centigrade to Fahrenheit, miles to kilometres, kilogrammes to carat etc. Using Appnimi Multi Data Converter : * Download the. Freeware download of Appnimi Multi Data Converter 1.0, size 942.08 Kb.

QIF2CSV Converter 2.04 QIF Tools 

QIF2CSV Converter is a lightweight and easy to use application that was especially designed in order to provide you with a simple means of exporting the data stored in QIF Quicken files into CSV format.

Using this utility you will be able to manage transactions, security lists, accounts or stock prices and load the data for edited in. Free download of QIF2CSV Converter 2.04, size 0 b.

Viobo MySQL to Access Data Migrator Bus. 1.0 Viobo Software 

Viobo MySQL to Access Data Migrator is the most efficacious data-migrator between MySQL and Access currently. It migrates data and DDL from MySQL to Access accurately and perfectly, and with NO database administrator experience required.
The data migrator is compatible with all versions of MySQL and Access, including MySQL 3.x to 6.x, Access. Free download of Viobo MySQL to Access Data Migrator Bus. 1.0, size 9.17 Mb.

WWWGrab 1.27 

WWWGrab is a configurable, highly flexible data transformation utility that can:* scrape web pages* parse emails* convert filesetcetera.It allows the user to specify arbitrary pattern combinations, and actions to perform when the patterns are recognized. It accepts input from web pages (via HTTP), stored emails (via MAPI) and/or files. It can. Free download of WWWGrab 1.27, size 1.79 Mb.

Microsoft SQL To MySQL Converter Freeware Utilities 

Migrate MSSQL server to MySQL database software is used in top financial firms, major government offices educational institutions, leading companies with thousands of satisfied proud customers. Database file converter software converts individual or grouped tables or complete database at a time as according to desire and need. MSSQL database. Free download of Microsoft SQL To MySQL Converter, size 1.34 Mb.

DBConvert for SQLite & MySQL 1. 4. 2003 DMSoft Technologies 

DBConvert for SQLite & MySQL provides two-way conversion from SQLite databases to MySQL server and from MySQL to SQLite. If your hosting provider restricts direct access to your MySQL database you may create PHP script or Dump files to workaround any restrictions. Unicode Support and Primary keys and Indexes conversion are available.
. Free download of DBConvert for SQLite & MySQL 1. 4. 2003, size 17.56 Mb.

DBSync for MySQL & PostgreSQL 3 6 DMSoft Technologies 

DBSync for MySQL & PostgreSQL is a reliable bi-directional database migration tool which allows you to synchronize and convert from:

MySQL to PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL to MySQL
PostgreSQL to PostgreSQL.

Synchronize and convert databases from MySQL to PostgreSQL or from PostgreSQL to MySQL. Free download of DBSync for MySQL & PostgreSQL 3 6, size 20.39 Mb.

All 39 DBS Multimedia Software Suite 1.0 DigitByte Studio 

The Gold Membership from DigitByte Studio is the special and most useful suite of products that you can convert almost all video files to AVI, extract audio from almost all media files to WAV format with CD quality, join media video files (such as MKV OGM MP4 MPEG MPG AVI DAT VCD SVCD MPEG4 WMV ASF MP3, WMA, WAV etc) into a larger file, split avi. Free download of All 39 DBS Multimedia Software Suite 1.0, size 22.75 Mb.

DBConvert for MS Access & MySQL 8 1 DMSoft Technologies 

Convert databases from MS Access to MySQL or from MySQL to MS Access rapidly and reliably! Operate with a whole database or select only needed tables, fields, indexes and foreign keys to proceed!

Reach the desired result by simply configuring of several options through Wizard interface or in command line mode! DBConvert for Access. Free download of DBConvert for MS Access & MySQL 8 1, size 18.14 Mb.

DBConvert for MS Access & MS FoxPro 3. 3. 2001 DMSoft Technologies 

DBConvert for MS Access & MS FoxPro is a reliable bi-directional database migration tool which allows you to convert from:

- MS Access to MS FoxPro
- MS Access to MS Access
- MS Access to MS FoxPro Program
- MS FoxPro to MS Access
- MS FoxPro to MS FoxPro
- MS FoxPro to MS FoxPro Program
-. Free download of DBConvert for MS Access & MS FoxPro 3. 3. 2001, size 23.18 Mb.

DBSync for MS Access & MS FoxPro 3 4 DMSoft Technologies 

This program is a bidirectional database migration tool. With this program you can synchronize and convert database from MS Access to MS FoxPro, MS Access to MS Access, MS FoxPro to MS Access, MS FoxPro to MS FoxPro, MS Access to .DBF, .DBF to MS Access, FoxPro 2.6 to MS Access, MS Access to FoxPro 2.6. The program works on Windows. Free download of DBSync for MS Access & MS FoxPro 3 4, size 24.54 Mb.

datAxe TCP IP serial data converter 2.2 LabF 

datAxe is a flexible converter to solve all your needs between serial data and TCP / IP networks on Windows computers. datAxe software package makes serial data from your PC available on TCP / IP-based networks and makes TCP / IP data available on physical and virtual serial ports of your PC. datAxe supports two transport data stream protocols: Raw. Free download of datAxe TCP IP serial data converter 2.2, size 4.33 Mb.

MindStick Data Converter MindStick 

MindStick Data Converter is a handy application that allows you to read data stored in a local database and convert it to other formats. The program can handle Microsoft Access databases and SQL servers.

You need to specify the connection settings in order to read the database content and run queries. The application can export the data. Free download of MindStick Data Converter, size 0 b.

Wealth-Lab Data Converter 1.0 Anton Chugunov 

Wealth-Lab Data Converter provides you with an easy to use application designed to help you convert WL files (created by Wealth-Lab Pro) to CSV or TXT format.

Additionally, you can change the date and time formats, the data delimiter, the volume and the OHLC parameter.

. Freeware download of Wealth-Lab Data Converter 1.0, size 0 b.

XML Converter Standard 6.2.13 RustemSoft 

XML Converter Standard is a set of XML data conversion software tools to interactively create XML data transformation. XML Converter unites data from ODBC, MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL databases, or from MS Office files into XML documents. It gives you ability to predefine XML transformation template scenario to create an XML with your particular. Free download of XML Converter Standard 6.2.13, size 2.65 Mb.

MS Access to MySQL Database Converter Data Recovery Software 

Data Doctor Database converter software converts MS Access tables with attributes into MySQL database server. Translator application provides full support to Unicode architecture. Application software provides safe data translation and maintains integrity. Database converter utility can converts single or group of tables from MS Access database to. Free download of MS Access to MySQL Database Converter, size 1.30 Mb.

QIF to IIF Converter 7.78 Big Red Consulting 

QIF to IIF Converter is a handy add-in for Microsoft Excel that allows you to import data from Quicken files and convert them for QuickBooks. The tool can check the data imported from the QIF files in order to correct the errors before creating the IIF file.

You can use this tool in order to convert the data received from your bank in. Free download of QIF to IIF Converter 7.78, size 0 b.

GPSU Batch File Converter 1.1 GPS Utility Ltd 

GPSU Batch File Converter is a tool that allows you to convert multiple files that contain GPS data between formats. The program can open and save the data to more than thirty file types.

This program is designed to use the processing power of the GPS Utility and add the option or converting multiple files in one operation.

GPSU Olex File Converter 1.02 GPS Utility Ltd 

GPSU Olex File Converter is a compact utility designed to help you convert OLEX files into GPS data that is suitable for the GPS Utility.

The interface is very easy to use, you just need to select the file that you want to convert and the destination file.

. Free download of GPSU Olex File Converter 1.02, size 0 b.