Converter Pub Windows Phone Software

Bin Dec Converter Prototype Interactive FZ LLC 

Mobile \ Productivity

Developed by Muhammad Naveed

Bin Dec Converter can convert

- Binary digits into Decimal
- Decimal digits into Binary
. Freeware download of Bin Dec Converter, size 1.05 Mb.


CDP Calculator and Unit Converter CDP Software 

Mobile \ Productivity

New in version 2.0
- Unit Converter
- BMI Calculator
Also includes
- Calculator
- Loan Calculator
- Tip Calculator
- Mileage Calculator. Freeware download of CDP Calculator and Unit Converter, size 1.05 Mb.

CDP Calculator and Unit Converter Add Free CDP Software 

Mobile \ Productivity

Added in Version 2.0
- Unit Converter
- BMI Calculator
Also Includes
- Calculator
- Loan Calculator
- Tip Calculator
- Mileage Calculator. Free download of CDP Calculator and Unit Converter Add Free, size 1.05 Mb.

MediaRhyme Currency Converter Prototype Interactive FZ LLC 

Mobile \ Finance

Developed by Jad Aizarani

MediaRhyme Currency Converter , offers instant currency conversion.
. Freeware download of MediaRhyme Currency Converter, size 1.05 Mb.

PetHumanAge - converter XingBull 

Mobile \ Productivity

PetHumanAge is a simple converter that permit you to know your favorite pet's human age equivalent.

Please contact us to improve this soft if you want some specific animals added.. Freeware download of PetHumanAge - converter, size 1.05 Mb.

Points Converter AU Styff Technology 

Mobile \ Productivity

- Added more animations
- Changed points tile values based on feedback

THE Microsoft Points to Australian Dollars converter.

Beautiful, lightning quick, bulletproof, free and NO ADS.

Designed to get in and get out quickly with tile based selections for the most common amounts found in the. Freeware download of Points Converter AU, size 1.05 Mb.

SHBT Converter 7 SHBT 

Mobile \ Productivity

SHBT Converter 7 is the simple Windows Phone 7 App to convert between DEC, BIN, OCT, HEX numbers and between ASCII/Char! The usage is very easy and the size of the App is minimal.. Free download of SHBT Converter 7, size 1.05 Mb.

TWL Converter Abhi Dwivedi 

Mobile \ Productivity

Temperature, Weight & Length or TWL Converter is a simple metric converter that converts various values of temperature, weight and length from one to another.. Freeware download of TWL Converter, size 1.05 Mb.

Unit Converter Plus Advantage Apps 

Mobile \ Productivity

This converter lets users convert between dozens of different units including Speed, Weight, Volume, Temperature and many more. Includes cooking units like Teaspoons, Tablespoons and Ounces. Also includes conversions between US and UK units.. Freeware download of Unit Converter Plus, size 1.05 Mb.

Unit Glance - One-2-Many Smart Unit Converter Streamlife 

Mobile \ Productivity

Convert multiple units at once with this app. Just type a number and a unit, and Unit Glance will do the rest. This one-2-many unit converter relies on the same smart technology that allows instantly convert multiple units on the fly.. Free download of Unit Glance - One-2-Many Smart Unit Converter, size 1.05 Mb.

Alcohol Test MAGTeam 

Mobile \ Entertainment

Alcohol Test is used to measure your level of sobriety. When you use alcohol, your motor skills and reflexes slow down.
This test will tell you if you're sober or not measuring your reflexes and your motor skills.
At the bar, the pub or after a drink, do this funny test to find out if you're drunk.
Ruin your life for a drink doesn't. Free download of Alcohol Test, size 6.29 Mb.

Beer Counting DepSoft 

Mobile \ Entertainment

Beer counting will keep track of when and how many beers you are drinking at the pub!
Each time you press the secondary tile, a beer will be added to the list with a timestamp, thus creating a nice overview.. Freeware download of Beer Counting, size 1.05 Mb.

Catch 'n throw appyminds 

Mobile \ Entertainment

Share a picture of your current activity with the rest of the world and get response.

Having fun at a pub with a few friends? Throw a picture into the world and say hi, and wait to see who reponds.
It's all anonymous and yet super social.. Free download of Catch 'n throw, size 1.05 Mb.

Conversor Medidas Luciana 

Mobile \ Entertainment

Para voce que precisa converter medidas como distancia, massa e volume, este aplicativo sera muito util.. Freeware download of Conversor Medidas, size 1.05 Mb.

ConvertTemps Allan Cleysson 

Mobile \ Education

ConvertTemps tem a funcao principal de converter temperaturas, as unidades utilizadas sao Celsius, Fahrenheit e Kelvin. Freeware download of ConvertTemps, size 1.05 Mb.

CurrencyConverter4all Tej 

Mobile \ Entertainment

This is a Currency Converter for everyone i.e for those who use internet in there mobile phone n for those who do no use internet. Online mode allows you to check the current currncy value.Offline mode gives you the approx estimation of the currencies.. Free download of CurrencyConverter4all, size 1.05 Mb.

Das Bouquet der Leidenschaft Sutton Verlag 

Mobile \ Reference

Uwe Schreiber: Das Bouquet der Leidenschaft

384 Seiten, E-Book im E-Pub-Format, ISBN: 978-3-86680-773-0, 1. Auflage 29.12.2010



Der Komet von 1811 verhei?t Gro?artiges. Nicht nur ein fantastischer Wein wird im Jahr seines Erscheinens in der Pfalz gekeltert,. Free download of Das Bouquet der Leidenschaft, size 4.19 Mb.

Do U Hear Me, Waiter? javixuwi 

Mobile \ Lifestyle

How many times have you go to a disco or pub and the waiter could not hear your order well? This is the solution! Write your group order about drinks and saw it to the waiter! It's very easy!! Try it!. Freeware download of Do U Hear Me, Waiter?, size 1.05 Mb.

Electronic Tally Counter Tom Anderson 

Mobile \ Games

Do you have something that you need to count? For example, you might need to count people entering and exiting a bar or pub. Or maybe you're conducting an inventory. Whatever it is you need to count, Electronic Tally Counter (ETC) can help you out.

The buttons are big and easy to press. ETC is just so easy to use. If you need to count,. Freeware download of Electronic Tally Counter, size 1.05 Mb.

Fable: Coin Golf Microsoft Studios 

Mobile \ Games

Fable: Coin Golf draws upon the wealth of traditional British pub games like Shove Ha'Penny, Bar Billiards, and Skittles, and combines them with elements from very popular modern puzzle games to create an addictive skill-based game that is entirely in keeping with the Fable pub game universe.

Played from an overhead perspective, your. Free download of Fable: Coin Golf, size 32.51 Mb.

KEEP CALM: Classic™ David Reichert 

Mobile \ Entertainment

This Pub App™ pays homage to the ballsy British spirit epitomized by the historically fascinating WWII-era poster, KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON (proudly housed in Barter Books—Alnwick, Northumberland UK). The poster's simple inscription has sparked the imagination of countless souls, fueled an industry, and is a beloved national icon. This. Free download of KEEP CALM: Classic™, size 2.10 Mb.

Kitchen Toolkit - Cooking Helper Jackson Fish Market 

Mobile \ Lifestyle

Kitchen Toolkit - Cooking Helper is several tools in one for the home cook. The app includes a kitchen timer (to remind you when your dish needs to come out of the oven), a unit converter (handy for various recipes with different measurement units than you have at home), and two meat charts detailing the cuts of beef and pork. Think of Kitchen. Free download of Kitchen Toolkit - Cooking Helper, size 6.29 Mb.

LanguageTranslator Jan van Niekerk 

Mobile \ Travel

Langauge Translator is a quick and easy language converter that is ideal for traveling abroad.All the translations are done by Bing Translate so you can stay connected and communicate with people in a foreign language. Freeware download of LanguageTranslator, size 1.05 Mb.

London fur Helden Hoffmann und Campe Verlag 

Mobile \ Reference

Matthias Politycki: London fur Helden

The Ale Trail

Die Pubs waren willig, doch das Bier war schwach.
London bleibt ein Abenteuer fur jeden Fremden – nicht zuletzt des britischen Bieres wegen, das einen Pub-Besuch zur existenziellen Herausforderung macht: Kann es sein, dass man nichts von der englischen Seele. Free download of London fur Helden, size 2.10 Mb.

MrMinimalCurrencyConverter BurnPepito 

Mobile \ Travel

A simple, free, handy currency converter. Designed for a fast use in critical shopping situations (no data connection, no auto update). Exchange rate is set manually, you may then appear richer than you actually are. Isn't it nice ?. Freeware download of MrMinimalCurrencyConverter, size 1.05 Mb.

Ohms_law_converter Gvil 

Mobile \ Productivity

A simple onverter for ohms law, insert two known values (ohms, amps, volts or watts) and the converter gives you the other two.. Freeware download of Ohms_law_converter, size 1.05 Mb.

Perfect Anagram shuboarder 

Mobile \ Productivity

Perfect Anagram is a tool designed to quickly give you the valid exact anagrams of a series of jumbled letters.

Use Perfect Anagram to get answers to puzzles, pub quiz questions, computer games and more! - Use at your own discretion ;). Freeware download of Perfect Anagram, size 1.05 Mb.

RedCard pokerdude 

Mobile \ Sports

Very simple app displaying Yellow Card and Red Card. For the high tech football referee or more likely just to have fun at the pub.. Freeware download of RedCard, size 1.05 Mb.

Res Phone 7 Chris Cowen 

Mobile \ Productivity

Res Phone 7 is a Resistor Color Code converter, Series/Parallel calculator, and Ohm's Law calculator. Great for engineering beginners and professionals.

Simply slide the colors representing the different bands of a resistor to find the resistor value for the color sequence.

For series/parallel calculations type in resistor. Free download of Res Phone 7, size 1.05 Mb.

Shove Ha'Penny Web Surfaces 

Mobile \ Entertainment

Shove Ha'Penny is a fun family orientated pub game from the UK. Play takes place on a board with the objective being to ‘shove' coins such that they come to a halt between the parallel lines painted on the board. The game can be played by 1 or 2 players (or teams) with play lasting around a half hour or longer, depending on the skill sof the. Free download of Shove Ha'Penny, size 1.05 Mb.