Cool Type Master 1600 Full Verson

Altsoft Font Type Master 1 5 Altsoft, n.v. 

Altsoft Font Type Master is a Microsoft .NET Framework based software product for editing fonts and converting between different font formats. It is based on Altsoft FTMBase class library. It is a fully-functional GUI application implementing basic and advanced routines for processing fonts. It can be useful for font designers and end users. Free download of Altsoft Font Type Master 1 5, size 5.06 Mb.


Dreamscape Analysis 2.20 Direct Logic Systems 

Dreamscape Analysis enables you to type in a full description of your dream so that it can interpret your dream. Each word in your description goes through several analyses in order to extract the meaning or the lack of meaning pertaining to your dream.. Free download of Dreamscape Analysis 2.20, size 0 b.

FTMaster 1 5 Altsoft 

Altsoft FTMaster (Font Type Master) is an application for font designing, editing and converting. It is completely based on Altsoft FTMBase .NET API which provides a comprehensive set of classes and methods dealing with a variety of modern font formats. Managed .NET component for font convertion is also available.. Free download of FTMaster 1 5, size 0 b.

Chase Burger 1.0.0 Liaoran Chen 

Parkour is often very cool type, but today's game is recommended for everyone but it is a pixel theme Parkour, come to challenge, to see how far you can run it! ! When the money reaches a certain time you can also upgrade your skills oh ~ ~. Freeware download of Chase Burger 1.0.0, size 20.34 Mb.

Hologram Projector: Airplanes 1.0.1 Boiled Goose 

Take to the skies with Hologram Projector: Airplanes!

Includes many cool airplanes and other flying machines to view with cool holographic effects!

- Full 3D models of real airplanes, helicopters and drones.
- General Aviation, WWII Fighters, Modern Jets and more! Bombers, fighters and casual flyers!
. Freeware download of Hologram Projector: Airplanes 1.0.1, size 23.07 Mb.

QOrder for iPad 2.07 BLogic Systems 

QOrder is a tableside ordering POS application for all type of restaurants - Full or Quick Service.
It helps to enhance customer service, increase your revenue and cut costs.

- Faster Service
- Save time
- Eliminate ordering mistakes at the table
- Easy to use
- Reduce labor cost
- Increase Table. Freeware download of QOrder for iPad 2.07, size 2.52 Mb.

Okdo Word Merger 2.3 Okdo Software 

Okdo Word Merger is a simple multiple Word RTF documents merge tool which allow you to merge multiple MS Word(*.doc, *.docx, *.docm) and RTF(*.rtf) files into one single master file. All original features like page layout, image positioning and text font etc.are kept intact in the generated output files after merge. By using this Okdo Word Merger. Free download of Okdo Word Merger 2.3, size 2.43 Mb.

Table Master 2.1 Urs Eberle 

Table Master creates HTML tables from CSV data files. The tables can be formatted using any valid HTML format or CSS style definitions.
Table Master is not a click-and-run program but a tool for hand-coding web designers. Knowledge of HTML and CSS is indispensable! The configuration is done manually in a cfg file using any text editor.

SQL Backup Master Key Metric Software, LLC. 

Back up your SQL Server databases to the cloud - for FREE. SQL Backup Master lets you back up your SQL Server databases to cloud drive services such as Amazon S3, Dropbox, and Google Drive. It also supports FTP, as well as local and network drives.

SQL Backup Master makes it easy to send compressed (and optionally encrypted) SQL Server. Freeware download of SQL Backup Master, size 5.79 Mb.

RapidSpell Desktop Java 2 Keyoti - Java Spell Checker 

Add dialog and as-you-type spell checking to any GUI/nonGUI textual Java application (email, word processor etc) with a couple of lines of code. Can also be used on servers to provide spell checking functionality. A clean API and no native code mean a rapid and simple implementation task. Uses, combined or separate customisable 140,000 word U.S.. Free download of RapidSpell Desktop Java 2, size 4.09 Mb.

JavaScript FH Plus 1.0.2 

JavaScript FH Plus have the biggest collection of Java Scripts that has been published in a program, this is the ultimate source for Java Scripts. The program contains 170 finished Java Scripts, with every java effects you can think of. JavaScript FH Plus v1.0.2, the latest version of award winningJavaScript and Web tool. JavaScript FH. Free download of JavaScript FH Plus 1.0.2, size 3.69 Mb.

ePic 1.3 Epicreal Software 

ePic is a compact and easy-to-use program that has a simple user-friendly interface allowing you to start watching your photos with no additional software.Easy and fast navigation in your photo collection, through innovative 3D view mode. View your photos in a slideshow with your favorite music, by using the capabilities of 3D graphics cards you. Free download of ePic 1.3, size 6.86 Mb.

TypingMaster TypingTest 6 30 TypingMaster Inc 

TypingMaster Typing Test 6.3 is effective and useful typing software, designed with power and excellence by TypingMaster inc. With versatile features it provides you an opportunity to determine your typing accuracy and word per minute rate on your keyboard. Now you can improve your typing speed and accuracy level by practicing texts. By default it. Freeware download of TypingMaster TypingTest 6 30, size 1.89 Mb.

POS Pizza 6.10 Summit Computer Networks, Inc. 

POS Pizza is a low cost Pizza POS (point of sale system) designed for Pizza shops and sandwich shops. This software is very easy to learn and to teach to your employees. The point of sale system is designed for delivery, carry-out or dine-in type restaurant businesses. Full support for half and half toppings, caller ID, touch screen monitors,. Freeware download of POS Pizza 6.10, size 6.65 Mb.

BusinessSkinForm 7.x Almediadev 

BusinessSkinForm VCL (more than 120 components) help you to create applications with skins.Stable, multifunctional package for business applications.

-open architecture for skins
-application can have one or different skins for windows
-run-time skin change
-nonrectangular, dynamically resizable windows. Free download of BusinessSkinForm 7.x, size 9.32 Mb.

DynamicSkinForm 10.X Almediadev 

DynamicSkinForm VCL (more than 100 components) help you to create applications with skins.Stable, multifunctional package for multimedia and standard applications.Features:

-application can have one or different skins for windows
-custom skins (as WinAmp) and standard applications
-run-time skin change
-nonrectangular,. Free download of DynamicSkinForm 10.X, size b.

Pattern-Making Calculator String Codes Design 

Pattern-Making Calculator is a program designed to allow you to make simple calculations such as additions, subtractions, divisions or percentage; to more complex operations such as to convert decimals into fractions or from cm to inches and vice-versa. If you want to make a simple operation, e.g., an addition, you type the first number, then click. Freeware download of Pattern-Making Calculator, size 53.65 Mb.

IdPhotos Pro 5.0.187 PIXEL-TECH 

With this program you can modify a digital photo in order to make it meet the requirements of the international ID regulations. The program can prepare different types of IDs for thirty seven countries. It will list the basic requirements for each type of ID (full face front view, looking straight towards the camera, no expression, eyes open, no. Free download of IdPhotos Pro 5.0.187, size 46.42 Mb.

Rebel Decade 3.0 Rebel Company 

Rebel Decade (since version 1.2) is the promotional program of Rebel Company.
Rebel Decade 3.0 characteristics

Estimated ELO rating of 2300 on a Pentium 333.
Estimated ELO rating of 2500 on a Pentium 333 on each friday.

All database functions of Rebel 10.
Database of 4500 recent (grand)master games.
. Freeware download of Rebel Decade 3.0, size 2.61 Mb.

Filetopia 3 4 

Filetopia is a program used to share files with other Internet users using public key encryption, that allows you to exchange information in real time. It has a mixture of the IRC client's DCC functions, plus P2P client, message boards, collection organizer, instant messaging client, and the option to use e-mail; that is, Filetopia gives you. Freeware download of Filetopia 3 4, size 1.64 Mb.