Cubase 4 Beta

Confluencer .NET 0.4 Beta 5 Jinwoo Min 

Confluencer.NET is a graphical front-end client for Confluence written in C# and .Net.

Feature highlights:

* View pages with tree structure
* Add, Edit, remove pages
* Move pages using Drag & Drop
* Preview page in a tab
* Connect and manage multiple Confluence sites
* View news

New to. Free download of Confluencer .NET 0.4 Beta 5, size 71.18 Mb.


AXIGEN Mail Server for Linux 7.4 Beta GECAD TECHNOLOGIES 

AXIGEN Mail Server is a powerful and secure messaging solution available for Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Slackware, Fedora etc), BSD and Solaris platforms. Main services: (E)SMTP, POP3, IMAP, WebMail access from PCs and mobile phones, integrated List Server, synchronization with mobile devices, centralized Web/CLI admin.New, AJAX-based WebMail. Free download of AXIGEN Mail Server for Linux 7.4 Beta, size 30.06 Mb.

Sword of Islam 0.3.5 Firaxis Games 

Medieval Middle Eastern mod based on Rhye's and Fall of Civilizations for Civilization 4: Beyond the Sword.

-Medieval Middle Eastern setting: new map, 31 civs, UUs, UPs, UHVs, tech tree, units, buildings, wonders, music etc.
-RFC features: Rise and Fall, Stability, Plague, Unique Powers, Historical Victory,. Freeware download of Sword of Islam 0.3.5, size 284.31 Mb.

Learn To Play - Battlefield 4 Edition 1.1 Peter Walsh 

This app is for entertainment purposes and is aimed at teaching you all about Battlefield 4 which is now upon us and you need to be playing!

This app has some 210 easy to follow gameplay/walkthrough/instructional videos that will soon bring you up to speed.

The app has many features that will enable you to keep fully in. Free download of Learn To Play - Battlefield 4 Edition 1.1, size 24.22 Mb.

Awesomium.CApi.NET Beta ifdefdebug 

The official Awesomium .NET wrapper targets version 4.0 and won't run under .NET 2.0 - 3.5. This wrapper targets version 2.0 and should run under all .NET versions >= 2.0. It is based on the Awesomium C API and written in C++/CLI.

From the Awesomium C API reference:
+eTzAwesomium is a software library that makes it easy to put. Freeware download of Awesomium.CApi.NET Beta, size 10.38 Mb.

Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 Training Kit - October Preview 2.0 Microsoft Coporation 

The Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 Training Kit includes presentations, hands-on labs, and demos. This content is designed to help you learn how to utilize the Visual Studio 2010 features and a variety of framework technologies including:

* C# 4.0
* Visual Basic 10
* F#
* Parallel Extensions
* Windows. Freeware download of Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 Training Kit - October Preview 2.0, size 441.52 Mb.

Ulmac 0.4.8 

Ultimate Live Music Audio Converter (Ulmac) is an all in one audio conversion tool specifically designed around the file formats used for live music trading.
Currently supports conversion of shn, flac, and wav files to mp3 or ogg, but can also be used to re-tag mp3s using the contents of a set-list.. Freeware download of Ulmac 0.4.8, size 19.59 Mb.

AXIGEN Mail Server for Windows OS Beta GECAD TECHNOLOGIES 

AXIGEN Mail Server is a powerful and secure messaging solution for organizations of all sizes. It runs on Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 operating systems and offers (E)SMTP/POP3/IMAP services, WebMail access from PCs & mobile phones, List Server, synchronization with mobile devices, centralized Web/CLI admin. New, AJAX-based. Free download of AXIGEN Mail Server for Windows OS Beta, size 20.64 Mb.

Portable Scheme Maker 1.4 Beta Mariya Fomkina 

Scheme Maker is an application designed to enable you to create cross-stitch and knitting schemes from images and photos. You can determine width and height of your scheme, the number of colors and stranded thread firm for scheme key.

<b>Fearures :</b>

New! Select any part of the image for scheme to be created. Freeware download of Portable Scheme Maker 1.4 Beta, size 10.24 Mb.

SFPlayer 1.0.2 sonic at work 

The SFPlayer is a very simple SoundFont 2 player. With this plugin you will be able to play SoundFont 2 multisamples without having an expensive softwaresampler. It can be trigger with a MIDI track or a MIDI keyboard. The SFPlayer provides some capabilities to manipulate the sound e.g. with its 24dB low-pass filter and its MIDI syncable Delay FX.. Freeware download of SFPlayer 1.0.2, size 1.13 Mb.

RaceChrono2AVI 0.4 beta Ledogme 

RaceChrono2AVI is a freeware Windows program, that generates a video overlay with gauges from RaceChrono export file.

The gauges are totally customizable, so you can have your own look and feel! Only a video editing software is needed for merging the actual race video and the RaceChrono2AVI generated overlay video.. Freeware download of RaceChrono2AVI 0.4 beta, size 5.55 Mb.

m3uCopy werner007 

m3uCopy is a frontend to copy audiotracks from m3u-playlist to any mountable device (mp3-player, hd). Tracks can be converted to other audio format and/or normalized. Optionaly creating a bash script for later use. The interface is developed with gambas.. Freeware download of m3uCopy , size 7.70 Mb.

FallingUp 0.0.4 beta Erif Software 

This is a twist on the traditional "falling tetronimos" game. It starts out simple, but every level gives you a different perspective. The game supports a "soft" drop (if drop is followed by either left or right, then the piece will attempt to slide left or right as soon as it hits bottom). Falling Up will have you giggling with. Freeware download of FallingUp 0.0.4 beta, size 51.56 Mb.

pixize 1.4 beta wareconsult GmbH & Co KG 

With pixize you can resize, rotate and compress your pictures. The batch-image-processor gives you the ability to change the size and rotation of complete picture archives. You can choose between 3 types of rotation (90&deg;, 180&deg; and 270&deg;) and different levels of compression. In addition you can change the compression of single. Free download of pixize 1.4 beta, size 1.37 Mb.

Notepad Extra ++ 0.02 Mehtab's Production 

Notepad Extra is a modern textpad. It&rsquo;s dynamic and user-friendly in every possible way. It&rsquo;s fully written in VB.NET (A High-Level Programming Language). The best thing about Notepad Extra is its syntax highlighting and its open source.
&middot; Rich GUI
&middot; Dynamic and User-Friendly

Mission Tweeker Mission Tweeker 

IL-2 1946 WWII Flight simulator mission tweeking utility. This utility allows fast easy access to change a Co-op mission parameters without having to open the FMB or use more sophisticated mission building utilities. IL-2 1946 WWII Flight is an open source project.. Freeware download of Mission Tweeker, size 0 b.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 Beta 1 Adobe Systems 

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom answers the digital photographer's call for a workflow application that allows photographers to quickly work with raw format images. With Lightroom you can manage all of your photographs; showcase them in print, dynamic slideshows, and interactive Web galleries that are a simple to produce.
Lightroom's cross platform. Free download of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 Beta 1, size 145.75 Mb.

WordPress .4 Beta 3 Free Software Foundation, Inc. 

WordPress is a free and useful state-of-the-art semantic personal publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards and usability. WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time. More simply, WordPress is what you use when you want to work with your blogging software, not fight it. To get started with WordPress, set it up on a. Freeware download of WordPress .4 Beta 3, size 2.31 Mb.

AutoConfig Pro 2.4 Beta 1.0 Mohammed Khair 

This is a Windows GUI application written in Python 2.7, used for Telnet and SSH into multiple Cisco Routers, Switches and Firewalls to send configuration commands. It will automate the tasks for Cisco network engineers and reduce the administrative overhead for repetitive tasks such as SNMP config, changing usernames, adding tacacs config etc. The. Freeware download of AutoConfig Pro 2.4 Beta 1.0, size 21.18 Mb.

Zattoo 4.0.4 Beta 1.0 Zattoo Inc. 

Zattoo application was designed to be a program that does not need complements or complex requisites to offer good and free TV. You will be able to enjoy TV on Internet with Zattoo. Through Zattoo you will be able to see the main channels in Spain, England, France, Germany and Poland, with a high image quality and with complete screen. It is worth. Freeware download of Zattoo 4.0.4 Beta 1.0, size 15.41 Mb.