Daemon Tool Lite

DAEMON Tools Lite for Mac 1.0 beta DT Soft Ltd 

First DAEMON Tools solution for mounting CD/DVD disc images on Mac. Get basic DAEMON Tools Lite features in free beta version.

Mount CD/DVD disc images

DAEMON Tools Lite for Mac enables you to mount up to 4 CD/DVD disc images of the following disc formats: *.b5t, *.b6t, *.bwt, *.ccd, *.cdi, *.cue, *.isz, *.iso, *.isz, *.mds,. Free download of DAEMON Tools Lite for Mac 1.0 beta, size 1.93 Mb.


Symbion Daemon Tool 0.9.4 sdt.sourceforge.net 

Symbion Daemon Tool is a daemon master tool. It runs and monitors other daemons, restart it when necessary. If a daemon supports SDT then it can communicate with it and it can be controlled through it.. Freeware download of Symbion Daemon Tool 0.9.4, size 23.73 Kb.

DAEMON Tools Toolbar DT Soft Ltd 

-Get quick access to DAEMON Tools Lite features
-Set your one or several locations and get forecasts with new Weather gadget
-Listen to you favourite radiostations with DAEMON Toolbar radio player
-Translate words and text easily with ne. Freeware download of DAEMON Tools Toolbar, size 1.89 Mb.

DAEMON Tools Lite 5.0.1 Disc Soft Ltd 

DAEMON Tools Lite enables you to emulate up to 4 CD/DVD/HDD virtual drives on your PC. Virtual drives will appear in your OS just like real ones. Select a virtual drive, then choose a disc image you want to mount. Find the created virtual drive with. Freeware download of DAEMON Tools Lite 5.0.1, size 13.22 Mb.

INF-Tool Lite 6.3d Inner-Smile.com 

Check out this alternative to huge and/or complicated, expensive installation programs! INF-Tool Lite is a setup program which creates today's SMALLEST setup packages possible for an unbeatable price: It's FREE!! Great especially for Internet or common network distribution since it saves download times drastically. It also supports Windows internal. Freeware download of INF-Tool Lite 6.3d, size 1.62 Mb.

Math Tool Lite Mike Lg 

Perform linear interpolation between 2 known values. There is an example for reference.

•For more features, consider downloading "Math Tool", by Mike Lg

Updated version 1.3 now includes:
• Minor UI enhancements
• Sound Effects
• This is the Lite version of "Math. Freeware download of Math Tool Lite, size 1.05 Mb.

CCTV Camera Tool Lite 3.1 Maven Apps 

CCTV Camera Tool is the ultimate digital toolbox for CCTV system designers and installers. Do you know what pixel density you need to capture a license plate? What about a face? Have you forgotten your cameras default username and password? CCTV Camera Tool now includes our CCTV Logins Tool allowing you access to dozens of cameras default username,. Freeware download of CCTV Camera Tool Lite 3.1, size 3.04 Mb.

XML UI Builder for Airplay SDK Iberlynx Mobile Solutions, S.L. 

XML UI Builder Tool is a developer command line tool for Windows operating system (Mac OS X version available too). It can be used to create user interfaces (.group files) in Mobile applications development with Airplay SDK, using xml user interface files. With xml files, it is possible develop user interfaces files, more easy and fast, with schema. Freeware download of XML UI Builder for Airplay SDK, size 2.40 Mb.

Media Center Mount Image 1.8 Mikinho 

Mount Image is a simple add-in for Windows 7 Media Center for displaying and mounting disc image files (i.e. ISOs) from the native interface, either Movie Library or Video Library. Most people recommend either 3rd party video libraries (Media Browser, OML, MyMovies, ...) and generally those are the easiest, but I thought I'd share another option. Freeware download of Media Center Mount Image 1.8, size 408.94 Kb.

Child Care Tool Lite 1.0 G.P. Imports, Inc. 

Finally a detailed thought and designed and app to record your child's statistics for future reference and to share with professionals!
Forget about counting on your memory or paper notes to remember vital information of your child! Now you can record, reference and compare all of your info in one easy to use app!
Some of the main. Freeware download of Child Care Tool Lite 1.0, size 2.94 Mb.

Star Syslog Daemon Lite 3. 5. 2001 The Star Software Company 

Star SysLog Daemon Lite is GUI based syslog server which can receive, log and display Syslog messages from all syslog enabled device such as router, firewall or switch.

A new and useful software for your computers. It is a freeware for download and use program. With Star Event Log Agent Free Suite, it can manage Windows-based Servers.. Freeware download of Star Syslog Daemon Lite 3. 5. 2001, size 3.39 Mb.

32 Lite Removal Tool 1.0 Security Stronghold 

32 Lite Removal Tool will neutralize and remove all 32 Lite entries running on a scanned system. It will also make sure that malicious processes are no longer running and that they won't return when you reboot your computer. Clean your computer now from the 32 Lite infection using this simple removal tool. for WindowsXP, Vista, 7

. Free download of 32 Lite Removal Tool 1.0, size 0 b.

Media Studio Lite 1.0 OutSoft 

Media Studio Lite is an easy to use multimedia converting tool. The Lite version contains: 1) CD Audio Extractor (CD Ripper) - Extract audio tracks from CD Audio, and export them to varius formats. - Convert 4 files at once contemporarily for accelerate speed. - Find and download metadata from 2 different online database. - Find and download album. Free download of Media Studio Lite 1.0, size 2.72 Mb.

SwiftCompare lite 1.3 Oorja Software 

SwiftCompare lite is a free file compare and folder synchronization tool for Windows. Compare and merge any type of files (including binary files), folders or drives using this freeware file compare tool.

A light version of SwiftCompare, SwiftCompare lite is very useful for business people, programmers, web developers, travelers who. Freeware download of SwiftCompare lite 1.3, size 2.88 Mb.

K-Lite Codec Tweak Tool 5.0.5 Codec Guide 

K-Lite Codec Tweak Tool is a free comprehensive toolkit that offers you a large selection of utilities designed to help you manage all the audio and video codecs installed on your system. Among other tasks, you can enable and disable many DirectShow filters, DirectX Media Objects, ACM/VFW codecs, or back up and restore your codec settings.
. Freeware download of K-Lite Codec Tweak Tool 5.0.5, size 68.62 Mb.

Star Syslog Daemon Lite Free Suite 3.5.2001 The Star Software Company 

Star SysLog Daemon Lite is a syslog server. It can receive, log and display Syslog messages from all syslog enabled device. Star SysLog Daemon Lite is based on internet standard protocol, which is specified by RFC 3164. Requirement : [Operating System] 1. Microsoft Windows XP 2. Microsoft Windows 2000 Server and Professional with SP4 3. Microsoft. Freeware download of Star Syslog Daemon Lite Free Suite 3.5.2001, size 2.39 Mb.

Multilizer Lite for Developers 2009_7.2.2 1.0 Multilizer (Rex Partners Oy) 

Multilizer Lite for Developers is an easy-to-use tool for localizing software developed with the most common software development tools. Multilizer Lite for Developers enables localization of standard Windows binaries (.exe, .ocs, .dll, ...), VCL binaries (binaries compiled with Delphi/C++Builder), Visual Studio .NET solutions and projects,. Free download of Multilizer Lite for Developers 2009_7.2.2 1.0, size 13.55 Mb.

Multilizer Lite for Documents 2009_7.2.2 1.0 Multilizer (Rex Partners Oy) 

Multilizer Lite for Documents is an easy-to-use tool for localizing documents in the most common document formats. Multilizer Lite for Documents enables localization of typical text documents, such as HTML (.html, .htm, .php, .asp, etc.) including embedded scripts (JScript for example), XML (.xml, .svg, and all others), and any other text files. Free download of Multilizer Lite for Documents 2009_7.2.2 1.0, size 3.76 Mb.

Helpinator Lite 3.6.4 Major Mind Software 

Helpinator Lite is a useful and efficient tool for creating and publishing of Help file documents.

Helpinator eliminates double-work that you have to do using regular help authoring tools and simplifies complex tasks.

You can compile professinally looking help files in 4 different formats, in multiple languages and for. Free download of Helpinator Lite 3.6.4, size 0 b.

SQL Manager 2011 Lite for Oracle EMS Software Development 

SQL Manager Lite for Oracle is free yet powerful development tool for Oracle Database Server administration.

EMS SQL Manager Lite for Oracle works with any Oracle versions from 8.1.7 to 10g and supports all Oracle objects and all Oracle data types including the new BINARY_FLOAT and BINARY_DOUBLE types, and others.

EMS SQL. Free download of SQL Manager 2011 Lite for Oracle, size 0 b.