Dark Matter Sub Space Coolest Galaxythemes

Dark Matter 1.0 Darkmatter 

Dark Matter is an arcade style, multi-player space game, programmed in C/C++. It will feature support for 2-4 players. Dark Matter, is being developed using the Haff Game Engine (HGE) which provides 2D capabilities in 3D via DirectX.

Dark Matter 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Dark Matter 1.0, size 0 b.


run and survive 1.0 runandsurvive.sourceforge.net 

Earth is fallen, humanity is near extinguish, commander, our warship is trapped in a sub space, we need escape before the androids found us. pygame and numpy are needed for running this game!. Freeware download of run and survive 1.0, size 15.58 Kb.

Dark Solar System 2006 Icon Empire 

In cosmology, dark energy is a hypothetical form of energy which
permeates all of space and has strong negative pressure. According to
the theory of relativity, the effect of such a negative pressure is
qualitatively similar to a force acting in opposition to gravity at
large scales. Invoking such an effect is currently the. Freeware download of Dark Solar System 2006, size 551.94 Kb.

Dark Solar System Screensaver 1.0 Icon Empire. 

Dark Solar System is a 3D, animated screensaver for Windows. This screensaver shows all planets of our solar system, including SaturndlDLs rings. It makes you able to know about dark matter and dark energy in our planet system.

At the beginning of March 2006, the satellite of China National Space Administration, DARKSTAR started. Freeware download of Dark Solar System Screensaver 1.0, size 555.75 Kb.

Qix Galaxy: Space Adventure 1.0.33 zGames 

Qix Galaxy is a Sci-fi Space Adventure arcade game based on the classic QIX game by TAITO.

Captain Gordon finds himself on the super-modern research spaceship NGC-123 in a galaxy far, far away. He is on a mission with very peaceful goals: mapping the galaxy, looking for Dark Matter. Unfortunately he finds much more than he was looking. Freeware download of Qix Galaxy: Space Adventure 1.0.33, size 82.21 Mb.

Cheese Matter 1.0.0 Mobisoft 

Cheese Matter is a very simple and straightforward multiplayer shoot-em-up game that can be played by two people in close physical proximity to each other, using either iPhone or iPod Touch devices which have built-in Bluetooth.

The story is ....

The Secret Service is trying to keep the discovery of dark matter a secret from. Freeware download of Cheese Matter 1.0.0, size 6.50 Mb.

Eufloria HD 1.3.0 Omni Systems Limited 

** Apple Best Game of 2012 Runner Up ** Achieved #1 Paid App and Top Ten Games Worldwide
** Universal App: Supports iPhone/iPad ** BAFTA and IGF award nominated

Experience Eufloria, an incredibly addictive ambient strategy game that anyone can play! Explore a beautifully realized universe rendered in a style that is unique and. Free download of Eufloria HD 1.3.0, size 152.04 Mb.

Astronomy Suite 2000 5.01 Coeli Software Products 

Coeli Stella 2000 is an astronomy suite that includes a full-featured planetarium, an observing log and list builder, Coeli Time Line (also known as Stella BC), a live ephemeris, location browser, and sophisticated searches embracing planets, comets, DSOs, and up to 300,000 stars. Planetarium effects include scintillation, extinction, refraction,. Free download of Astronomy Suite 2000 5.01, size 4.20 Mb.

Abstract Dance Screensaver 1.0 Kelebrindae 

Abstract Dance Screensaver puts rhythm to your desktop.

This unique screensaver will definitely take you miles away from the typical idea of a screensaver. It will not display very complex animations, nor will display breath taking landscapes or cute creatures.
This one will put your screen to dance. But again, don’t. Freeware download of Abstract Dance Screensaver 1.0, size 1.33 Mb.

Celestial Harvest 1.0.2 Arctica Software 

Our universe is in trouble.

For billions of years it has been expanding like a balloon. Distances between stars and galaxies have grown larger and larger. There is no longer enough energy for new stars to be born.

Something has to be done or all that will be left is void.

Project "Celestial Harvest" has. Free download of Celestial Harvest 1.0.2, size 22.33 Mb.

Chandra Xray 1.0 Smithsonian Institution 

From exploding stars to black holes to clusters of galaxies, explore recent science highlights from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory. This app provides a selection of Chandras astronomical images to zoom into, share, and learn about. Drawing directly from our database of Chandra observations, the Chandra team will be increasing the selection, and. Freeware download of Chandra Xray 1.0, size 19.08 Mb.

Disk Space Magic 1.0 Green Parrots Software 

Nowadays, we are using really huge drives to store our documents, photos or videos. However, despite their size, we often end up with low disk space warnings when trying to store our valuable data. Furthermore, it is not obvious what has taken up all the disk space.Disk Space Magic comes to the rescue! Instantly, you get a disk space usage map,. Free download of Disk Space Magic 1.0, size 717.81 Kb.

Dark Destiny 1.0 darkdestiny.at 

Dark Destiny is a turn-based online space strategy game playable in internet browsers. The game tries to draw the players attention to long-term strategic decisions and extensive diplomacy.. Freeware download of Dark Destiny 1.0, size 49.55 Mb.

Electro-Nick - The Dark Side Of The Third Planet 2.0 3PLET Publishing 

Tunguska Constellation: Electro-Nick - The Dark Side Of The Third Planet
While taking a retrofuturistic trip around the third planet (one loop lasts 33 minutes 33 seconds sharp) you'll go back to your child's dreams of space exploration and breathtaking journeys, cinematic images and fragments of your memories...
Take your protein pills. Freeware download of Electro-Nick - The Dark Side Of The Third Planet 2.0, size 73.92 Mb.

Electro-Nick - The Dark Side Of The Third Planet HD 2.0 3PLET Publishing 

Tunguska Constellation: Electro-Nick - The Dark Side Of The Third Planet
While taking a retrofuturistic trip around the third planet (one loop lasts 33 minutes 33 seconds sharp) you'll go back to your child's dreams of space exploration and breathtaking journeys, cinematic images and fragments of your memories...
Take your protein pills. Freeware download of Electro-Nick - The Dark Side Of The Third Planet HD 2.0, size 75.60 Mb.

Star Blaze 1 Gladiators Software 

Star Blaze is a space shooter game, featuring amazing visual effects and high quality graphics.Crush your enemies in the depths of the space, deadly grounds, dark ocean waters and reach the core of the Retulla planet. Fight enemy hordes and mighty bosses. See the ruins of lost civilizations, the beauty of the underwater and the horrible underground. Free download of Star Blaze 1, size 13.98 Mb.

Galaxy 3D Space Tour 1.1 FP Software lab. 

If you look up into the sky on a clear dark night, far from the intrusive glow of street lights, you'll see a faint band of starlight running across the heavens - The Milky Way. It's actually the disk of our own galaxy - seen from our own perspective. But what if we leave our Solar System and the Galaxy on a fantastic space ship and look back to. Free download of Galaxy 3D Space Tour 1.1, size 1.05 Mb.

TrashCanWiper 2.2 JuiceSoft 

Disk space never seems to be enough. No matter what you do or how you try, files grow on your disk, consuming more and more space each day. And Trash Can WiperOaois a perfect solution for this problem.There are many sweepers, cleaners and evidence eliminators on the market, all of them can clean some garbage, but it never helps. When you have no. Free download of TrashCanWiper 2.2, size 4.64 Mb.

FldrSize Khomsan Phongphisansakun 

With FldrSize, you can get an overview of disk space usage inside a particular folder, for example, which sub-folder occupied most space in the folder.

All you have to do is provide the exact location of the folder you want to analyze and FldrSize will do the rest in a jiffy.

. Free download of FldrSize, size 0 b.

Lumina Transportation Stock Icons 1.0 Iconshock 

These beautiful visual objects are great quality icons, a great resume of human innovation in the transportation matter from earth (and sea) to the sky (and space). You will find icons which represent the most known ways of transportation from some kinds of airplanes, cars, and even animal track transporting, including traffic signs and. Free download of Lumina Transportation Stock Icons 1.0, size 1.05 Mb.

Dark Matter Sub Space Coolest Galaxythemes Web Results

UK Dark Matter Collaboration

UK search for Galactic WIMP dark matter.

Discussion about Dark Matter

An informative radio transcript of two scientists talking about dark matter.

White Dwarfs Shed Light on Dark Matter

Report (March 23/01) of astronomical evidence suggesting white dwarf stars are a potential source for dark matter. Findings also contribute to stellar evolution theory.

The Picasso Project; A Dark Matter Search Experiment

The PICASSO project: A Dark Matter Search Experiment based on a Superheated Droplet Detector.

EPOLA: A New Approach to the Fine Structure of Matter and Space

A physical theory on space, matter and radiation: "empty" space is full of tiny particles.

Dark Energy and the Microwave Background

Theory and measurements of sizes of fluctuations of cosmic microwave background agree with omega=1 giving a strong evidence for dark matter.

Primer on Dark Matter

Very concise illustrated overview with links to relevant topics and sub-topics.