Data Entry Operation Mac Software

ElegantJ EntryMask Bean 1.1 Elegant MicroWeb Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

The ready made validation logic solution for accurate data entry from ElegantJBeans, ElegantJ Entry Mask offers a complete range of entry field masking be it two digits after decimal point or date in a specified format. ElegantJ EntryMask checks data on keystroke. The range of masking ElegantJ EntryMask JavaBean supports include numerals,. Free download of ElegantJ EntryMask Bean 1.1, size 608.17 Kb.


Eclipse FieldViewer 1.0.0 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

Eclipse FieldViewer is a structured viewer component that displays data entry fields for model objects in a user defined, form based layout.. Freeware download of Eclipse FieldViewer 1.0.0, size 65.96 Kb.

phpGroups 1.0 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

Data entry and information processing software. Freeware download of phpGroups 1.0, size 255.74 Kb.

TableTag 0.2 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

TableTag is JSP tag library intended to build simple data entry pages, like ASP.NET's DataGrid. It has plugable renderers for table, rows and columns, event driven data handling, and data feeding based on java.util.List.. Freeware download of TableTag 0.2, size 5.14 Mb.

trialCODE 08 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

Trial Criteria Online Data Entry (trialCODE): a Java-based user interface that codifies eligibility requirements used to automate the screening of potential subjects to clinical trials.. Freeware download of trialCODE 08, size 1.45 Mb.

IWE (Inline Web Entry) for SQL Server 1.0 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

IWE is a framework 2.0 web application that provides automatic web data entry for tables in a Microsoft SQL Server database. Just config the database connection string in the web.config file of the web site and thats all, start editing your tables.. Freeware download of IWE (Inline Web Entry) for SQL Server 1.0, size 98.89 Kb.

Plasmid Entry Form 1.2 

Education \ Science

A GUI program to create the plasmid database forms for BGME lab. This program presents user with a data entry form for entering plasmid information and automatically converts DNA sequence to protein, aligns it, and creates text output file.. Freeware download of Plasmid Entry Form 1.2, size 27.61 Kb.

SuiteGM 1.0 

Games \ Role Playing

Java & XML desktop application. ANY paper & dice RPG game system can easily be added through easy to use data entry forms. Initially d20 and MERP/Rolemaster, with the tools to make it easy for others to add other game systems as optional module plugi. Freeware download of SuiteGM 1.0, size 674.35 Kb.

Nennius Application Engine 1.0 Nennius 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

Nennius, an advanced, object-oriented application engine for building PHP applications. Provides MVC framework for building all aspects of a data entry application including searching and filtering, lookup columns and more.

Nennius Application Engine 1.0 License - Apache Software License. Freeware download of Nennius Application Engine 1.0, size 1.28 Mb.

Password Manager Mac 1.3 Palacesoft 

Security & Privacy \ Password Managers

Password Manager Mac is an advanced application designed to enable you to easily manage your passwords. Whoever you are, certainly have confidential data, especially you are an active person in the internet world. Currently you probably have at least dozens of different login and password to remember. Like password for e-mail, PIN for credit cards,. Free download of Password Manager Mac 1.3, size 3.60 Mb.

REIGNN 1.0.0 DatabaseAce 

Business \ Information Database

DatabaseAce REIGNN generates sophisticated and intuitive user interfaces based on the structure of external databases. REIGNN delivers advanced business intelligence, centralized data management and rapid application development capabilities for nearly any database.The product first maps an external database's schema, then writes it to disk as a. Free download of REIGNN 1.0.0, size 27.82 Mb.

SQL Web Grid Editor 2.0 Developer Utility 

Web Development \ Java & JavaScript

SQL Web Grid Editor is a cross-browser grid component designed to display, edit and sort tabular data from database. Made in JavaScript, the grid content can be imported from Xml/Ajax/Json data source. Methods for converting database to Xml are giving for PHP/MySQL and .Net/SQL-Server users. Grid design controlled by Cascading Style Sheet (CSS).. Free download of SQL Web Grid Editor 2.0, size 160.77 Kb.

RealtyJuggler Real Estate Software 10 RealOrganized, Inc. 

Business \ Vertical Markets

Real Estate Software for Realtors and other real estate professionals. 90 day FREE Trial. Works on Palm Powered PDA's so you can use it on the go. Effortlessly track closings, listings, buyers, sellers, prospects, lockboxes and more. Automatic tasks and reminders will create a punch-list of common agent activities such as putting up riders, taking. Free download of RealtyJuggler Real Estate Software 10, size 1.98 Mb.

Ektron CMS300 4.8 Ektron, Inc. 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

Ektron CMS300 is a browser-based content management solution that lets business and technical users easily author and manage XML and HTML content. It strictly enforces content and Web page layout and delivers content to multiple sites and devices. Features include our eWebEditPro+XML editor, content check-in/out, flexible workflows, approval. Free download of Ektron CMS300 4.8, size 79.09 Mb.

SQLBoss Developer 1.6 

Business \ Misc. Inf. Tools

SQLBoss Developer and the upcoming SQLBoss Layouter from SQLBoss Inc. provide you with a complete database and content management system for many (11) SQL databases. SQLBoss Developer is a tool for rapid database development on remote hosts. It helps you to create and change databases, tables and columns and to manage the content within web-enabled. Free download of SQLBoss Developer 1.6, size 0 b.

FmPro Migrator 5.86 .com Solutions Inc. 

Development \ Visual Basic

FmPro Migrator quickly and accurately migrates FileMaker Pro database structure and data to MySQL, Oracle, Access, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, OpenBase, PostgreSQL, FrontBase, SQLite and Valentina.

-- Converts Access Forms/Reports, Relationships, Value Lists, Queries and Visual Basic to FileMaker 11
-- Converts Visual FoxPro projects. Free download of FmPro Migrator 5.86, size 45.00 Mb.

MarketBuddy MacOSX 3.0 Excel Software 

Business \ Vertical Markets

Market any product on the Internet. MarketBuddy can reduce the human effort required to market any product or service using the power and worldwide reach of the Internet. It stores and organizes marketing contact information, then automates common marketing activities.

Present Groups, Contacts, Documents, Emails and Setup panels in one. Free download of MarketBuddy MacOSX 3.0, size 24.20 Mb.

BiblioteQ for Mac OS X 6 45 Alexis Megas 

Multimedia \ Misc. Audio

BiblioteQ strives to be a complete and thorough library management suite. The application is supported on numerous platforms, including FreeBSD, Linux, OS X, Solaris, and Windows. Installers are available for OS X and Windows.
For some categories, BiblioteQ provides a mechanism for querying the Library of Congress, or any other Z39.50-capable. Freeware download of BiblioteQ for Mac OS X 6 45, size 12.27 Mb.

MIE Accounting Software 1 MIE Solutions 

Business \ Finance

MIE Trak Accounting Software by MIE Solutions is an advanced, full featured and easy to use Accounting System offering a comprehensive array of accounting modules, which include Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Income Statements, Balance Sheets, Invoicing, and Purchasing. With MIE Trak computerized accounting, it becomes much. Free download of MIE Accounting Software 1, size 114.17 Mb.

Studiometry for Mac OS X 9.0.3 Oranged Software, LLC 

Business \ Project Management

Studiometry is a powerful business management tool that oversees projects from start to finish. Whether you’re managing contacts, generating estimates, tracking work, or billing clients, Studiometry provides you with an organized overview of your daily business activities. After six years of non-stop development, Studiometry 7.0 is our most. Free download of Studiometry for Mac OS X 9.0.3, size 30.62 Mb.