Data Structuredata Structure

MySQL Backup Tool 

Backup tool for MySQL to automatically / manually create sql dump files, for data, table structure, functions and stored procs. Can run via the task manager for backups on a regular base. Backup can be zipped with a password and saved on a server.. Freeware download of MySQL Backup Tool, size 1.71 Mb.


MySQL Dump Splitter 1.0 Dump-split 

This project takes a MySql (currently) dump file and converts the data and structure from each table into a separate file. The files are then compressed and tar archived.

MySQL Dump Splitter 1.0 License - BSD License. Freeware download of MySQL Dump Splitter 1.0, size 0 b.

Cross-Database Comparator Lite 7 dbBalance Ltd. 

Cross-Database Comparator Lite is a single integrated working environment to compare database data and structure across any database types. DBBalance`s products take the "pain" out of cross database data and structure comparison shortening and simplifying processes. Cross-Database Comparator Lite includes comparison reports in XML and. Free download of Cross-Database Comparator Lite 7, size 5.55 Mb.

BFRM 2.0 BFRM Team 

BFRM was specially created to be a comprehensive implementation of sparse statistical models. It was built for high-dimensional data analysis, structure discovery and prediction.

The framework of sparse latent factor modelling coupled with sparse regression and anova for multivariate data is relevant in many exploratory and predictive. Free download of BFRM 2.0, size 0 b.

phpframe-workxml 1.0 Phpframeworkxml 

The phpframe-workxml is a PHP framework written to make it simple to setup the website structure. It splits all the parts of development: data, modulation, structure, layout and styling in different parts. This way everyone would be able to do the trick.

phpframe-workxml 1.0 License - PHP License; W3C License. Freeware download of phpframe-workxml 1.0, size 0 b.

BFRM for Windows 2.0 BFRM Team 

BFRM is a comprehensive implementation of sparse statistical models for high-dimensional data analysis, structure discovery and prediction.

The framework of sparse latent factor modelling coupled with sparse regression and anova for multivariate data is relevant in many exploratory and predictive problems with very high-dimensional. Free download of BFRM for Windows 2.0, size 408.94 Kb.

RPG Calculator Toolkit 0.11 

RPGCalc is a calculation engine designed to allow user/developers to model RPG systems and create tools like GM assistants and character generator. Using Scheme for math and XML+Xpath for data and structure any system can be modeled.. Freeware download of RPG Calculator Toolkit 0.11, size 1.70 Mb.

EngInSite MySQL Client Luckasoft 

Defining and managing the database-structure, importing data, editing data is now as simple ascan be. For designers with only a basic grasp of databases, this program is the way to go, withoutthe need for SQL gurus.What makes EngInSite MySQL Client a cut above the rest? Just look at the following features:- Very fast retrieval of data- Manage. Free download of EngInSite MySQL Client, size 2.56 Mb.

Mnova 6.1.2001 MestReLab Research 

Mnova is a software suite designed for the handling of Analytical Chemistry data in a multiplatform (Windows, Mac, Linux) environment. Its Graphical User Interface is Powerpoint-like and it currently incorporates plugins for the handling of NMR and LC/GC/MS data, although it has been designed to extend to other analytical techniques. Mnova can be. Free download of Mnova 6.1.2001, size 64.38 Mb.

HPC Structure 1.0 Hpcstructure 

HPC structure is an alternative user interface to the genetics software 'structure' (Pritchard) specifically geared to remotely access the structure core on a HPC and interact with the Generation Challenge Program middleware to access molecular data.

HPC Structure 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of HPC Structure 1.0, size 0 b.

Shift Scheduler Continuous Excel 12 Bizpep 

The Shift Scheduler will build a roster structure to your specifications, allocate staff automatically, and generate a printable roster, all at the click of a button. It is compact and user friendly allowing you to add staff and shifts (maximum 150) with ease. Default values for continuous shifts mean that the only shift data required is the start. Free download of Shift Scheduler Continuous Excel 12, size 256.00 Kb.

Ascii2Bean 1.0 Ascii2bean 

Code generators & general purpose classes used to produce Java artifacts needed to easily parse contents of any ASCII data file, its rows being converted to beans. Changes to data file structure will not break runtime mapping of columns to bean fields.

Ascii2Bean 1.0 License - Apache Software License. Freeware download of Ascii2Bean 1.0, size 0 b.

Active Disk Editor 7.0.15 LSoft Technologies Inc. 

Disk Editor tool uses a simple, low-level disk viewer which displays information in binary and text modes at the same time. You can use this view to analyze the contents of data storage structure elements such as: Hard disk drives, Floppy drives, Partitions, Other objects. The Main Features: Enhanced template view; Side-by-side Compare and Edit;. Freeware download of Active Disk Editor 7.0.15, size 23.06 Mb.

PDF Converter RustemSoft 1.00.7 RustemSoft 

RustemSoft presents the 'file to PDF' conversion software, named PDF Converter that accomplishes conversion, formatting, PDF content merging, font settings, text coloring and other PDF tasks. It generates PDF document from a data source like CSV, Excel, delimited text file, MS Access database, MS Word doc/docx files, and database (ODBC/Oracle/SQL. Free download of PDF Converter RustemSoft 1.00.7, size 1.11 Mb.

JWTM (Web Tree Menu) 1.1.003 s.r.l. 

JWTM (Drop Down Menu) is a tree java menu applet, a comprehensive solution for website navigation.JWTM is browser-independent and highly-configurable, it could be easily customized to fit your website needs and to achieve an unlimited variety of menu appearances. JWTM let you generate tree menus with unlimited number of nested submenus, various. Free download of JWTM (Web Tree Menu) 1.1.003, size 305.15 Kb.

Daisy System Light EN 1 55 XCube Software SRL 

Daisy System Light is a powerful and reliable solution designed to enabe you to easily and intuitively analyze economic and financial data. Alongside the management software in use and what is now commonly called a data warehouse, or simply a multidimensional system. Daisy System Light is a sophisticated tool able to "extract" and then. Free download of Daisy System Light EN 1 55, size 11.38 Mb.

Security Revisor for Windows Servers 2.0 Lanetis Software 

Security Revisor for Windows Servers is a powerful set of backup, security and reporting tools that are invaluable to administrators of Windows servers. Using this software, administrators can easily and reliably backup Active Directory or SAM data and create a complete image which is then stored on the local computer. The image will contain all. Free download of Security Revisor for Windows Servers 2.0, size 4.36 Mb.

IDA ClassInformer PlugIn 106 Classinformer 

IDA Pro Win32 class vftable finder, fixer, and lister plug-in.

Scans MSVC 32bit target IDA IDBs for vftables with C++ RTTI, and MFC RTCI type data.
Places structure defs, names, labels, and comments to make more sense of class vftables ("Virtual Function Table").
Creates a handy list window for browsing.

AllMyNotes Organizer Portable 2.72 Vladonai Software 

Using All My Notes Organizer Portable all of your important private docs is safely hidden away from prying eyes! Just assign a password for your data file, and AllMyNotes Organizer will encrypt it using a 1800-bit key. This is the best and secure way to have all your Notes with you on the go. Blazing fast built-in database-driven storage file,. Free download of AllMyNotes Organizer Portable 2.72, size 4.49 Mb.

DreamCoder for Oracle DBA Mentat Technologies 

DreamCoder for Oracle is a powerful Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and administration tool for Oracle Databases. With the intuitive DreamCoder's GUI increase your code quality and reduce the development process time.DreamCoder for Oracle you will easily be able to build and execute queries, build and execute scripts, compile and debug SQL. Free download of DreamCoder for Oracle DBA, size 13.61 Mb.

Data Structuredata Structure Web Results


Good old fashional artificial intelligence with a modern twist. A program to organize arbitrary kind of data into structure of nodes and interconnections.

A directory using ODP data and structure, with sponsored links added. There is a choice of versions for Germany, the Netherlands, UK and the US.

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Kernel Novell - Data Recovery Software

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EDB Data Recovery

Recover Data Engineers include a new high-tech in EDB data recovery software to recover EDB data instantly with its entire elements (Emails, Contacts, Calendars, Task, Notes, Journals & so on)....

The Data Bank

Biographical information on the android Data.

International Relations Data Page

Site lists international and domestic resources for data sets. Data subjects range from confliict and cooperation to environmental topics.