Dbms Mini Projects Using Sql

Excel Tool SQL Query 10.6.28 Excel-Tool 

The software is a add-in for Excel that allows you to query using SQL within the Excel application itself. It can run a SQL Query on an Excel Spreadsheet. You may use the SQL statement every day to search the data in ACCESS, and then import the data in ACCESS to EXCEL, handwriting SQL sentences searching is both time-wasting and it's a hard. Free download of Excel Tool SQL Query 10.6.28, size 2.74 Mb.


sprintr 1.0 Sprintr 

sprintr is a web-based tool for managing projects using the Agile methodology with scrum. The tool will be written in ASP.NET with C# and support two types of database engines, MySQL and SQL Server 2005.

sprintr 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of sprintr 1.0, size 0 b.

SQL Data Sets Yohz Software 

SQL Data Sets lets you save the results of your database queries in a single file called a 'package’, which can be opened by anyone using SQL Data Sets, or the FREE SQL Data Sets Viewer, without the need to install any other software. Of course, you can also protect your package files with passwords, to prevent unauthorised access.

Web Chart Creator 3 Ankord Development Group 

Web Chart Creator is your tool for fast creation of dynamic 3D charts for the Internet/Intranet projects using databases of any type. The charts are created with a simple visual editor. It has a friendly and intuitive interface designed for both beginners and advanced users. To publish a chart you have to copy the CGI-program and several files to. Free download of Web Chart Creator 3, size 2.16 Mb.

AdeptTracker Professional 3 12 WANGTUO Company, Inc. 

AdeptTracker is a comprehensive and easy-to-use project management software product which allows professionals to schedule, track, and analyze projects using critical path analysis capabilities. The advanced tool supports flexible and powerful Resource Leveling functionality to manage resources of complex projects, including a powerful Gantt Chart. Free download of AdeptTracker Professional 3 12, size 4.54 Mb.

Internal SQL Library b.1.01 isqllibrary.sourceforge.net 

A tool to query arrays in memory using SQL.It groups the arrays in tables and returns arrays as result set.It can be used in spreadsheets, as a script language library and everywhere is needed an interactive tool to query data in memory.. Freeware download of Internal SQL Library b.1.01, size 1.33 Mb.

SQL Tagger 0.3 sites.google.com 

Edit audio file tags using SQL. Reads audio files in a directory, loads the tags into an SQLite database, accepts SQL queries acting on this database, then (optionally) writes changes back out to the audio files.. Freeware download of SQL Tagger 0.3, size 5.55 Kb.

SQL Cache Daemon 4 sqlcached.sourceforge.net 

Sqlcached is a memory cache daemon, inspired by memcached, but offering more granular control by using SQL interface instead of key-value pairs.. Freeware download of SQL Cache Daemon 4, size 26.01 Kb.

SQL File Finder 1.0 Sqlfilefinder 

This software will let you search your files by using SQL command.

SQL File Finder 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of SQL File Finder 1.0, size 0 b.

Lexpa InnoSetup for VS2005 1.1 Lexpa, Inc. 

Lexpa is an Inno Setup integration for Visual Studio that allows you to create and build Inno Setup projects using the Visual Studio 2005. With Lexpa, you can create excellent Inno Setup based installers right within the Visual Studio 2005 getting all benefits of the common integrated environment.Key features included into the current version of. Free download of Lexpa InnoSetup for VS2005 1.1, size 1.74 Mb.

WBS Chart Pro Critical Tools, Inc. 

WBS Chart Pro is project management software used to plan and display projects using a tree-style diagram known as a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Chart. WBS charts display the structure of a project showing how the project is broken down into summary and detail levels. WBS Chart Pro is both a standalone planning program and an add-on to Microsoft. Free download of WBS Chart Pro, size 3.36 Mb.

Plastic Canvas Design Studio 2.0.05 M&R Technologies, Inc. 

Plastic Canvas Design Studio allows you to design your own plastic canvas projects using your computer. Its tools help you create projects from scratch, or you can convert your favorite graphics.
The software includes multimedia presentations on the CD-ROM to help beginners get started.. Free download of Plastic Canvas Design Studio 2.0.05, size 8.17 Mb.

ST-Links QMap 2.0 ST-Links Corporation 

ST-Links QMap is an ArcMap extension created for directly using SQL Server 2008 /R2 spatial tables or views as ArcMap feature layers without ArcSDE or ArcGIS Server. With ST-Links QMap, ArcMap can work directly with SQL Server 2008 / R2 spatial database.
The main features of QMap include:
1. Add SQL Server 2008 / R2 spatial tables or. Freeware download of ST-Links QMap 2.0, size 2.86 Mb.

Mind2Chart 1. 5. 2014 Mind Technologies AS. 

Mind2Chart is a powerful and easy-to-use project planning add-in that enables you to manage projects using Visual Mind. Everything you need is right at hand and the add-in is so quick and intuitive that you will focus on your tasks, not the process or tool.. Free download of Mind2Chart 1. 5. 2014, size 6.19 Mb.

GIF Base CGI 2.0 Andrey Kalita 

GIF Base CGI is your tool for fast creation of dynamic images for the Internet/Intranet projects using databases of any type (counters, baners etc.). The image projects are created with a simple visual editor. It has a friendly and intuitive interface designed for both beginners and advanced users. To publish a dynamic image you have to copy the. Free download of GIF Base CGI 2.0, size 0 b.

2Tools 232 2tools.org 

2tools is a set of online CMS maintenance tools: just one click to migrate to/from different CMS; safe configuration settings to upgrade your CMS; easy Data movement to/from DBMS, databases or tables; SQL, XML, XSLT, PHP technologies.All tools are main. Freeware download of 2Tools 232, size 203.40 Kb.

Advanced Makefile Generator 0.0.1 amakegen.sourceforge.net 

Advanced Makefile Generator (AMakeGen) is a tool allowing Dev-C++ users to compile C++ projects using Qt without the use of the command prompt.. Freeware download of Advanced Makefile Generator 0.0.1, size 11.26 Kb.

CMakeFiles 0.1.1 cmakefiles.sourceforge.net 

A collection of CMake files, biased towards projects using Fortran.. Freeware download of CMakeFiles 0.1.1, size 22.90 Kb.

DNA construction kit 1.0 dna-kit.sourceforge.net 

Simplify and speed up design processes of multimedia projects using this framework application. You may create nearly any file format out of ONE draft or create your own screenpainter application using the construction kit.. Freeware download of DNA construction kit 1.0, size 4.56 Mb.

DKIM for JavaMail 1.3 dkim-javamail.sourceforge.net 

DKIM for JavaMail is a small JAR that can be easily implemented in existing Java projects using JavaMail for sending DKIM signed emails.. Freeware download of DKIM for JavaMail 1.3, size 791.68 Kb.

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PiC Electronics Projects

Electronics Projects using PIC microcontrollers including EEPROMs, USB, LCD, wireless modules, i2c, compass, and tilt sensor. Projects may be used for educational purposes but not commercially.


Open Source - A Java web application that uses a server process to build software projects using Ant. Features a web interface, a build scheduler, and various CM repository adapters. Requires Ant,...

Snogren, John

Wide variety of works ranging from traditional illustrations and paintings to contemporary web projects using Flash. [Flash]

Subnote: As the Money is Yours and Ours

Displays of several art projects using currency.


Various interactive projects using Shockwave and other media.

Herman/Starke Photo Imaging

specialize in creating still life photographic and digital images for Advertising, collateral and editorial projects, using state-of-the-art digital photography equipment.

Heal Corporation

Details of projects using resistance related to polyunsaturated fatty acids and catalase in vitro, applied in vivo to trout model. Includes publications, charity status, facilities and contacts in...