Deartifactal Plug For After Effect

After Effect Pro mRubik 

After Effect Pro (with Photo Map*) is a compelling and powerful photo editing app that brings you all the photo editing tools you need. From applying filters to improve your photos to fixing red eye or even brightness adjustments, and much more can be done using Image Editor. Our goal in this app is to offer you an user friendly and fast interface. Freeware download of After Effect Pro, size 2.10 Mb.


Hypnotic Game 3.7 BUNE 

The motion after-effect is a visual illusion experienced after viewing a moving visual stimulus for a time (seconds to minutes) with stationary eyes, and then fixating a stationary stimulus. The stationary stimulus appears to move in the opposite direction to the original (physically moving) stimulus.

The motion aftereffect is believed. Freeware download of Hypnotic Game 3.7, size 3.77 Mb.

Hypnotic Game Pro 3.3 BUNE 

The motion after-effect is a visual illusion experienced after viewing a moving visual stimulus for a time (seconds to minutes) with stationary eyes, and then fixating a stationary stimulus. The stationary stimulus appears to move in the opposite direction to the original (physically moving) stimulus.

The motion aftereffect is believed. Free download of Hypnotic Game Pro 3.3, size 6.08 Mb.

Hypnotic Hallucination - Mind Blowing Illusion 1.0 FunVid Apps LLC 

FunVid Apps has perfected the HALLUCINOGENIC type, Motion After-Effect illusion with Hypnotic Hallucination. Through the use of optimal visual and audio stimulus, Hypnotic Hallucination creates the ULTIMATE DISCONNECT between your VISION AND BRAIN.

This is the definitive vision illusion app.

Simply follow these. Free download of Hypnotic Hallucination - Mind Blowing Illusion 1.0, size 8.39 Mb.

Luxand Echo FX Lite 1.0 Luxand Development 

Enhance your videos with an echo effect for free! Echo FX Lite enables Adobe After Effect to add video echo to your clips. Three custom parameters control how your echo looks. Echo FX Lite can produce impressive visual effects, turning an ordinary video into a stunning clip.Echo FX Lite makes adding echoes a matter of a few mouse clicks. Just. Freeware download of Luxand Echo FX Lite 1.0, size 885.76 Kb.

ParticleIllusion For After Effect 3.0 wondertouch, LLC 

ParticleIllusion for After Effects is the plug-in version of particleIllusion 3.0, the standalone particle effects application from wondertouch. With particleIllusion for After Effects you can create a huge variety of visual effects and motion graphics elements. Using its existing preset libraries of over 2800 effects you can easily. Free download of ParticleIllusion For After Effect 3.0, size 2.11 Mb.

Sapphire Plug-ins for Adobe After 5.0 GenArts 

Sapphire Plugins is a package of image processing and synthesis effects for use with Adobe After Effects and compatible products. It includes over 220 plug−ins, each with many options and parameters which can be adjusted and animated for an unlimited range of results.

Sapphire Plug-ins should work on the. Free download of Sapphire Plug-ins for Adobe After 5.0, size 25.29 Mb.

AEwriter New Nick Fox-Gieg 

AEwriter is a Java-based application that helps you create, in an original manner, keyframe data that you cause in After Effects.

he cursor movements will shape the data and as soon as the simulation is finished, a JSX script will be created and it can generate those keyframes and solids in After Effects.

. Free download of AEwriter New, size 0 b.

After Effects CS5: Core Concepts 

Adobe's After Effects CS5 is the industry-leading motion graphics software that powers animations across all media including the web, on TV and in feature films. Join visual artist/musician and trainer Richard Lainhart in this detailed exploration of everything you need to know about the powerful animation tools in After Effects. Free download of After Effects CS5: Core Concepts, size 749.73 Mb.

Windows Media Player Plus! 2 1 BM-productions 

Windows Media Player Plus is a plug-in that adds the following user interface and playback enhancements to Windows Media Player:

* Tag Editor Plus: an alternative for Windows Media Player's Advanced Tag Editor. Tag Editor Plus works on Windows Media Player 12 too, where the original Advanced Tag Editor has been removed.

BonusTools - 2 1 Autodesk. Inc. 

Bonus Tools is a free collection of useful Maya scripts and plug-ins. After installing Bonus Tools, users will have a pull-down menu for easy access to the tools that cover all aspects of everyday use: general UI, modeling, animation, texturing, rendering and cloth.. Freeware download of BonusTools - 2 1, size 1.27 Mb.

PixPattern 1.0 ImageSkill Software 

PixPattern is an extremely user friendly and smart Photoshop compatible plugin for Windows designed by ImageSkill Software. It allows you to transform your photographs into a mosaic that is formed from a set of polygons differing in shape and angle. The plugin keeps the original color content of your photograph being able to keep the same color. Free download of PixPattern 1.0, size 4.88 Mb.

PhotoFrame Free 4.6.2003 onOne Software, Inc. 

PhotoFrame 4.5 Free Edition is a completely free Photoshop plug-in and will introduce you to a whole new way to improve your digital photography workflow and get outstanding results inside Photoshop CS2, CS3, CS4 or CS5. It's the easiest and fastest way to add an authentic darkroom touch with a film edge or to create beautiful albums or scrapbook. Freeware download of PhotoFrame Free 4.6.2003, size 6.71 Mb.

Hypnotron 1.5.1 Tobias Miller 

Hypnotron - Simply put, it messes with your head. Hypnotron is an optical illusion based on the famous 'Waterfall Effect'. By staring into the center of its animated patterns for 20-30 seconds, the mind will continue to process the motion, animating and distorting your view of your surroundings for several seconds afterwards. Once exclusively the. Free download of Hypnotron 1.5.1, size 14.26 Mb.

Pro Layer 1.04 Silence Co., LTD 

Ever feel like you keep repeating the same medial tasks while designing with Illustrator? Tired of constantly toggling visibility and trying to remember which layer is which? That's where Pro Layer comes in. Pro Layer takes these time-consuming tasks out of the picture. Instead of editing multiple layers one-by-one, put them all into a Pro Layer. Free download of Pro Layer 1.04, size 3.46 Mb.

Hypnotica 3D Screensaver 1 Pixel Paradox 

Be entranced by the beauty of the rotating focal object in Hypnotica 3D. Hypnosis, in itself, is just a state of mental and physical relaxation, along with a more focused sense of concentration. Hypnosis is not sleep, as is often popularly assumed. Most people find that they are more aware of smells, sounds, and feelings than usual. This. Free download of Hypnotica 3D Screensaver 1, size 1.02 Mb.

Hexprobe Hex Editor 4.3 Hexprobe System 

A professional hex editor for manipulating binary files, disk drives, and system processes. Key features are: 1.View, search, and edit any file of any size easily and quickly. Import / export C, HTML and formatted text. Convert hex to dec or dec to hex.2.Find in disk / drive and process. Find and repair problems with disk drives and processes.3.Map. Free download of Hexprobe Hex Editor 4.3, size 3.16 Mb.

David Blatner's InDesign Tips 1.0 DTP Tools 

Whether you're new to InDesign or an experienced user, there is always more to learn about this incredibly rich program. Fortunately, InDesign guru David Blatner offers up his favorite tips and tricks for getting efficient with Adobe InDesign in this new (and free!) plug-in. After you install this plug-in (it only takes a minute or so), each. Freeware download of David Blatner's InDesign Tips 1.0, size 2.11 Mb.

Scrolling LED Bitmap Generator 3. 2. 2000 Otto Schellekens 

The Scrolling LED Bitmap Generator is a small tool to create animated gifs.

Main features:
-Can directly generate animated GIF files.
-Optional generation of bitmaps that can be combined into an animated gif by a 3rd party tool to allow for even greater control over the animated gif.
-Preview with controllable update. Freeware download of Scrolling LED Bitmap Generator 3. 2. 2000, size 0 b.

Evening Meditation 3D Screensaver 1.0 Pixel Paradox 

Gaze peacefully at the burnished wood of the Paradox Pendant, as it slowly turns before a beautiful sunset on a still country lake. Feel yourself becoming one with nature, as your draw refreshing energy from your relaxed state of mind. Let the Evening Meditation 3D Screensaver help you to cast off the worries of the day and embrace the calm. Free download of Evening Meditation 3D Screensaver 1.0, size 1.57 Mb.