Define And Use Names In Formulas

IBM Rational Requirements Composer 2.0 IBM 

Rational Requirements Composer helps teams define and use requirements effectively across the project lifecycle.
The whole team creates and uses requirements, though a business analyst may lead the effort. Better, faster requirements lead to less project rework, faster time to market, and better business outcomes.
Main Features :
. Free download of IBM Rational Requirements Composer 2.0, size 89.76 Mb.


CodeBubbles 1.0 

Code Bubbles is a front end to Eclipse designed to simplify programming by making it easy for the programmer to define and use working sets. It provides compact function-based views of the code (all backed by the underlying files) that are displayed in bubbles and that are easily moved around and manipulated on the screen. The bubbles are fully. Freeware download of CodeBubbles 1.0, size 0 b.

PyroWall - IPTables Management Interface 1.0 Pyrowall 

IPTables Firewall Management Interface- modularized policy management- sanity checks prior to policy installation- define and use objects and groups- search for objects and groups in policies- verify object and group definitions

PyroWall - IPTables Management Interface 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of PyroWall - IPTables Management Interface 1.0, size 0 b.

AntQueen 1.0 Antqueen 

AntQueen is a project to both define and use XPath expressions within Ant. 1.4.1b1

AntQueen 1.0 License - Apache Software License. Freeware download of AntQueen 1.0, size 0 b.

ZRandom 1.2 ZRandom 

ZRandom implements high quality random number generation for Microsoft Excelusing the Merssenne Twister algorithm : * Use higher quality pseudo-random numbers than the Excel RAND() and VBA Rnd() functions. * Generate random numbers from 16 discrete and continuous distributions. ZRandom implements the following discrete distributions: Uniform,. Free download of ZRandom 1.2, size 713.73 Kb.

Gorp 0.009 Gorp 

Gorp is an easy-to-use non-linear video editor primarily driven using a graphical interface. It is intended as an entry level tool for video editing, but will provide enough flexibility for more advanced users.

Currently it can read and write MPG1 and MPG2 files, and transform them on the way. The number of transforms available is. Freeware download of Gorp 0.009, size 227.14 Kb.

TransPad 2.0 SoftBattery 

With pairs of strings specified, TransPad lets you quickly copy or run one of them, and also lets you transform a text according to the pairs. Make text files called "mappers" in which pairs of strings are listed, and start to keep TransPad always running while you are computing, to do the followings.TransPad lets you switch to it's. Free download of TransPad 2.0, size 202.75 Kb. File Renamer 3.0 TODO: 

The 1-abc. File Renamer 1.0 is a software program for the Windows XP and Vista operating systems and enables its users to define how file names should look, assisting them in keeping their filing in a more organized and efficient way according to their requirements.

Users benefit from the features of the File Renamer 1.0 by. Free download of File Renamer 3.0, size 37.87 Mb.

Password Pond 1.0 Crave Worldwide, India 

Team of Crave worldwide has come up with a wonderful tool called Password Pond. Password Pond allows users to generate number of passwords in just one click. Password Pond has advanced options to plan what kind of password is needed, be it only alphabetical, only numeric, alpha-numeric and many more. If you are trying to hack someone’s. Freeware download of Password Pond 1.0, size 0 b. Utility Box 5.00 

From now on the Utility Box combines 15 powerful Windows XP / Vista / 7 cleaning and optimization tools to a powerful program that helps you to keep your system running fast and secure.

Windows and nearly all other software that is installed on it produce temporary data. Unfortunately there are not many programs that really. Free download of Utility Box 5.00, size 3.32 Mb.

SmartComGPS for UIQ 1.02 SmartCom Ltd GPS Mobile Solutions 

SmartComGPS is a GPS mapping/tracking/navigation software for Symbian smartphones. It is one of most advanced GPS mapping software on the market. SmartComGPS designed for the all Symbian phones. It is compatible with external BT GPS receivers, and internal aGPS receiver of Motorola A920/925/1000. SmartComGPS can run without GPS receiver, as. Free download of SmartComGPS for UIQ 1.02, size 293.60 Kb.

SunRav TestOfficePro 4.6 SunRav Software 

SunRav TestOfficePro is a comprehensive solution for giving tests in educational institutions and in enterprises. It consists of the following programs: tMaker for creating tests (2 types of tests, 5 types of questions, an unlimited number of questions and answer variants, several topics in one test); tTester for giving tests; tAdmin for managing. Free download of SunRav TestOfficePro 4.6, size 7.33 Mb.

Engineering Power Tools - Plus Edition 2.0.4 Engineering Power Tools Software 

As you could guess from its name, Engineering Power Tools is an engineers’ oriented application. Two version of the software are available: STANDARD EDITION and PLUS EDITION. Here, we will be covering the PLUS edition. There are no many differences between them though. The application basically consists in a huge electronic collection of. Free download of Engineering Power Tools - Plus Edition 2.0.4, size 2.08 Mb.

Greyhound Master 3 14 Greyhound Master Inc. 

Greyhound Master is the most advanced Greyhound handicapping program available! It automatically downloads race programs and race results and handicaps races based upon standard handicapping methods provided or customized handicapping based on the factors you select!

Greyhound Master supports 6 tracks : Birmingham, Bluffs Run, Derby. Free download of Greyhound Master 3 14, size 5.37 Mb.

WMI Tools AdRem Software, Inc. 

WMI Tools is a free toolkit from AdRem Software designed to access WMI information both locally and remotely.

The General Info view presents a general summary of the system. The Processes view shows a list of active processes and their resource utilization. The Services view shows a list of installed services and their associated. Freeware download of WMI Tools, size 9.32 Mb.

Helpinator Professional 3. 2. 2003 Major Mind Software 

Helpinator is a Help Authoring Tool that allows you to create help and manuals in different formats from single source. It means that you have to write help topics only once with WYSISYG editor, Helpinator will handle formatting and compilation of specific help formats. 1. Create CHM help files, manuals and documents in PDF format, Web Help and. Free download of Helpinator Professional 3. 2. 2003, size 28.96 Mb.

Account Xpress 3.8.6 Felitec Inc. 

Account Xpress is a personal finance management software for Windows loaded with features designed to help you manage your money quickly and easily. Track and reconcile transactions for virtually any kind of accounts (credit cards, savings, checking, credit line, cash, etc.). Budget management is made easy with the help of user-defined income and. Free download of Account Xpress 3.8.6, size 1.91 Mb.

Account Xpress Lite 3.8.6 Felitec Inc. 

Account Xpress Lite is a personal finance management and budget planning software loaded with features designed to help you manage your money quickly and easily. Track and reconcile transactions for virtually any kind of accounts (credit cards, savings, checking, cash, etc.). Budget management is made easy with the help of user-defined income and. Free download of Account Xpress Lite 3.8.6, size 1.51 Mb.

Baby Name Game Boy HD 1.1 

Choosing a name for a new baby can be a daunting task; traditional or original, long or short, the options are countless, and the pressure is on, for what could be one of the most important decisions in your life! Instead of having to go through long lists of alphabetically ordered names, Baby Name Game presents names in an engaging and fun way: a. Free download of Baby Name Game Boy HD 1.1, size 3.46 Mb.

QLecture SingleHerbs 1.0.1 Qpuncture, Inc 

HB Kim has been teaching CA license Board preparation class for several years in Southern CA area.

This lecture helps you to understand the major acupoints and herbs to prepare the NCCAOM and State Board test. Each class is almost 1 hour lecture.

You can choose to start from the beginning or resume from bookmarked lecture. If. Free download of QLecture SingleHerbs 1.0.1, size 1868.31 Mb.