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POWER MP3 PLAYER DESKTOP APPLICATION. Check out all the features!FEATURES * you can load your music files into your player * Drag And Drop operation is accepted * Keyboard shortcuts is enabled * Extensive documentation * Standard-Playback controls: Prev/Next/Play/Pause(multiple button states) * Volume Controls * Carefully treat on memory recycle. Free download of POWER MP3 PLAYER DESKTOP APPLICATION 1, size 82.94 Kb.


Torrent Magnifier Desktop edition 10.0.21006.1 Torrent Magnifier 

Download torrents directly using a marvelous desktop application!. Free download of Torrent Magnifier Desktop edition 10.0.21006.1, size 461.37 Kb.

BlomDESKTOP Viewer 1 2 Blomasa 

The BlomDESKTOP™ viewer is a window desktop application that allows the user to work with geospatial data offline or via an online connection. The functionality within the BlomDESKTOP™ viewer offers advanced visualisation, navigation, measurement, interrogation and exportation capabilities while having the ability to connect. Free download of BlomDESKTOP Viewer 1 2, size 29.41 Mb.

Immortal SunLight 1.0 

Immortal SunLight is a desktop application for Windows that brings all the extracts and quotations from the written works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and the Photographs of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo. Immortal SunLight includes a calendar and some useful links.. Freeware download of Immortal SunLight 1.0, size 2.23 Mb.

IM Robo 1.0.0 KGN Soft India 

This is a desktop application tool which allows you to detect, track any Yahoo Messenger's ID. You can also use it as a deny buddy tool. With tracking feature you will be notify when your victim ID is getting Online/Offline/Invisible. It checks the ID status periodically and adds in the report if there is any change in the ID status. You can use as. Free download of IM Robo 1.0.0, size 2.34 Mb.

VPNeer 1.1 VPNeer 

VPNeer is a free desktop application for Windows that helps you to connect to a VPN network easier, so you don't have to go through tedious network configuration steps.. Freeware download of VPNeer 1.1, size 1.50 Mb.

Kobo Desktop Application 1.0 

The Kobo Desktop Application lets you read, build a digital library and shop for eBooks on your computer or laptop. All you have to do is download the desktop application and install it on your computer - we support both Windows and Macintosh operating systems. Once you've installed the application, you can shop for eBooks through the desktop. Freeware download of Kobo Desktop Application 1.0, size 25.17 Mb.

Runecats Desktop Manager 2.0.3578 Runecats 

Runecats Desktop Manager is the ultimate multiple desktop application.
You can now navigate through the desktops using ctrl + 1-9 for the first 9 desktops and ctrl + X for the 10th desktop.
Runecats Desktop Manager has a button with an arrow on it, clicking on this sends RCDM to the system tray.. Freeware download of Runecats Desktop Manager 2.0.3578, size 16.95 Mb.

FileSearcher 1.3.3 Nissoft, Lab. 

FileSearcher is a full text search desktop application for Windows 2000 / XP / Vista.FileSearcher has some features which do it outstanding of other programs of such type: -Great set of functionality -The best the price/functionality ratio -Preliminary viewing of a brief snapshot of any found information during searchFileSearcher allows you to. Free download of FileSearcher 1.3.3, size 2.95 Mb.

Real Desktop Light 1 68 Schillergames 

Real Desktop Light is a useful and reliable desktop application.

Let the fascinating adventure of entering into a living three-dimensional world enchant you.

Thanks to a powerful physics-engine, your icons will behave like real objects that you can touch and move as if on a real desk.. Freeware download of Real Desktop Light 1 68, size 8.28 Mb.

PhotoMapper Desktop 10.1 Geoinformatik AG 

PhotoMapper Desktop is an add-on for the ArcGIS Desktop application that allows you to import images to your GIS layers. The add-on intends to help you increase your efficiency when dealing with images in ArcGIS.

You can simply drag and drop an image to a map location without using the GPS data from the EXIF header. In fact, the GPS data. Free download of PhotoMapper Desktop 10.1, size 0 b.

FileRenamer Windows 1.0.3983.34578 Alejandro Arbiza 

a3gd-deOaos FileRenamer is a dotNet desktop application that allows for bulk file renaming. The perfect tool for amateur or professional photographers or amateur video makers to easily organize their files through proper name structure.. Freeware download of FileRenamer Windows 1.0.3983.34578, size 31.46 Kb.

SimpleNote for Windows 0.9.4 Jordan Polaniec 

A small, lightweight desktop application for keeping a list of things to remember.. Freeware download of SimpleNote for Windows 0.9.4, size 10.48 Kb.

iBCallerID Cyberdyne Systems 

iBCallMan is a Win32 desktop application for Asterisk Opensource PBX software. Itd-deOaos currently in a mostly d-de?betad-deOao stage. A lot of work is still need to make this a production product. Id-deOaom working on the base functionality and then Id-deOaoll be adding the bells-and-whistles!. Freeware download of iBCallerID, size 209.72 Kb.

Tomighty for Windows 0.7.1 CdoTelio Cidral Junior 

Tomighty is a convenient, easy to use, eye candy desktop application that helps you organize and execute your tasks in the Pomodoro way.

The Pomodoro Technique is a simple way to boost your productivity when performing mind-consuming tasks. It helps you keep yourself focused while reducing mental exhaustion.. Free download of Tomighty for Windows 0.7.1, size 10.48 Kb.

Knit Display 1.0 Oshows 

A desktop application to organize your multi-monitior background. Choose individual images for each monitor or span a single one across them all.. Freeware download of Knit Display 1.0, size 262.14 Kb.

R2D2 Translator for Windows 1.0.0 Roger Meier 

R2D2 Translator is a small desktop application that translates ordinary test to R2D2 language.. Freeware download of R2D2 Translator for Windows 1.0.0, size 2.56 Mb.

SimpleContacts 0.9.3 Beta Jordan Polaniec 

A lightweight desktop application for keeping track of your contacts.. Freeware download of SimpleContacts 0.9.3 Beta, size 12.58 Kb.

SysRose Syslog Desktop 1 BRIZ Software 

Syslog Desktop is a syslog collector designed as Windows desktop application. It allows you to review syslog messages on Windows PC. . Free download of SysRose Syslog Desktop 1, size 494.59 Kb.

Tray Weather Forecast 1.5 Tray Weather Ltd. 

Tray Weather Forecast is a desktop application to view a weather forecast. It is nice and simple to use.Icon in the system tray (notification area near desktop clocks) show current outdoors temperature. Click on icon bring weather forecast window to desktop.There are forecast for temperature, cloudiness, storm probability, amount of precipitation,. Free download of Tray Weather Forecast 1.5, size 1.75 Mb.