Desktop Sound Tools

Sound Tools Plus 1 1 Sound2Record 

Sound Tools Plus 1.0 is software that contain all the additional tools for the recorders that available in our site. With this program you can convert, join, burn, edit, rip and much more, many types of sound files.
Supported formats are: ACM, AIF, APE, CDA, MP3, OGG, SND, VOX, WAV, WMA
Sound Tools Plus 1.0 also contains the ability to. Free download of Sound Tools Plus 1 1, size 2.25 Mb.


Miles Sound Tools 7 2 RAD Game Tools, Inc. 

Miles Sound Tools 7.2 is a package of utilities for adding sound to your games. The Miles Sound System is an API (Application Programming Interface) that is able to add 2D and 3D digital audio to your games, with streaming, environmental reverb, multistage DSP filtering and multichannel mixing. Miles Sound Tools includes all the components of the. Free download of Miles Sound Tools 7 2, size 0 b.

Desktop Info 1.10 Glenn Delahoy 

Desktop Info displays system information on your desktop in a similar way to some other desktop information tools. Unlike others, this application stays resident in memory and continues to update the display in real time.

Desktop Info about 840KB of memory and zero cpu. Looks like wallpaper. Perfect for quick identification and walk-by. Free download of Desktop Info 1.10, size 0 b.

AD Sound Tools 1.2 Adrosoft 

AD Sound Tools is a real-time software that provides effective use of your PC sound devices. It includes a signal generator, a recorder, two oscilloscopes and two spectrum analyzers. The program allows to control your recording device in time and frequency domains, record a signal to WAV file and then convert it to MP3 one. AD Sound Tools can. Free download of AD Sound Tools 1.2, size 2.56 Mb.

DialogDevil DD-1.06.8 DAIR Computer Systems 

DialogDevil is three desktop automation tools in one all sharing the same interface. You drag a small icon from DialogDevil to another program and DialogDevil intelligently auto-clicks, auto-fills, or auto-positions the window when it appears again. DialogDevil can auto-click, meaning that when the icon is dropped on a button, DialogDevil will. Free download of DialogDevil DD-1.06.8, size 629.76 Kb.

Karaoke Sound Tools 1.0.9 Power Karaoke 

Remove vocal, adjust key and tempo of karaoke songs. Karaoke Sound Tools is an easy to use software package for karaoke audio processing. It contains three modules: *Vocal remover to remove vocal parts from CD recordings o Control the amount of bass and treble processing o Remove vocals from non-centered recordings using balance o Adjust vocal. Free download of Karaoke Sound Tools 1.0.9, size 2.19 Mb.

Proteus VX E-MU Systems 

The Proteus VX is a professional desktop sound module based on the Proteus sound
modules and Emulator samplers. It has got features like Phase Locked Stereo signal path, Up to 192 kHz sample rate, 54 different filter types including multi-pole resonant filters, phasers, flangers, vocal filters and multi-parameter morphing filters, etc. This. Freeware download of Proteus VX, size 68.34 Mb.

Desktop Architect 2.11 Ken A. Foster 

The Best of The Best little desktop theme tools all wrapped up into one great program. Other than the fact that it's FREE, the outstanding features are just too numerous to list every one here. After extensively testing Desktop Architect's nearly limitless features in comparison with Microsoft Plus!, here are just a few of the remarkable options. Freeware download of Desktop Architect 2.11, size 2.08 Mb.

ArmA 2 Mod Tools 0.1 Bohemia Interactive 

Use these tools to customize the game as you want. The tool suite consists of:
- Oxygen 2 Personal Edition for ARMA II - model editing and animation package
- Visitor 3 Personal Edition for ARMA II - terrain and map editing
- TexView 2 - texture convertor and viewer
- BinPBO Personal Edition - packer
- Sound Tools - sound. Free download of ArmA 2 Mod Tools 0.1, size 34.99 Mb.

Remote Desktop Spy 13.02.01 Remote Desktop Spy 

For administrators, monitoring desktop activities going on over employee’s desktop is not an easy task. But, with the help of a professional remote desktop spy tool, this task can be performed successfully. Employee desktop live viewer is one of the most popular remote desktop spy tools available in these days. By using this employee desktop live. Free download of Remote Desktop Spy 13.02.01, size 11.43 Mb.

Quick Access Folders & Files 2.2 TallSoft 

Quick Access Folders & Files is an efficient desktop enhancement tool and a powerful explorer assistant . it could greatly increase the speed when users open or access folders/files/web sites (single or in batch ) or execute programs . Moreover, It could also do this automatically when system startup, or hotkey executions, etc .
You can. Free download of Quick Access Folders & Files 2.2, size 1.98 Mb.

Capture .NET Free 6.8.3396 fish 

(All-In-One/Multlanguage/Portable)An exquisite, powerful and multifunctional desktop utility. Includes many helpful tools: Capture screen/Capture color/Screen ruler/Font Manager/Windows Spy/Privacy eraser/Converter/BackupExpert/Alarm Clock/Post It/Screen Calender/World Clock/System Tweak... and much more. A standalone tool that does not require. Freeware download of Capture .NET Free 6.8.3396, size 610.30 Kb.

iceProjector 1 5 Flashants Inc. 

IceProjector creates Rich Intenet Desktop Applications. It simply makes the rectangle windows disappeared so that Flash movies animate in transparent background (windowless) style. The result movies, featured with anti-alias edge support for Win2000/XP and the unique Clean Edge technology from Flashants, guarantee the best animation quality and. Free download of iceProjector 1 5, size 97.98 Mb.

Apple Remote Desktop 3. 5. 2001 Apple Inc. 

Apple Remote Desktop with real-time screen sharing is the ideal desktop management solution for education, businesses, and professionals on the go. It gives you the power to manage Mac systems from anywhere on your network or remotely across the Internet.
Apple Remote Desktop can reduce administrative costs and enhance productivity in any. Free download of Apple Remote Desktop 3. 5. 2001, size 21.50 Mb.

Capture .NET Pro v2 10.8.3835 fish 

An integrated, multi-functional, powerful and general-purpose System, Design, File, Desktop and Develop utility tool. Includes many helpful tools: Capture screen/Capture color/Screen ruler/Font Manager/Windows Spy/Privacy eraser/System Tweak/Converter/BackupExpert/Device Manager/Alarm Clock/Post It/Screen Calender/Screen Reminder/Screen Pencil/File. Free download of Capture .NET Pro v2 10.8.3835, size 996.15 Kb.

Fast MIDI to MP3 Converter 6.0 

Are you a musician looking for a hassle-free way to convert your MIDI music into wider-supported audio formats? Do you want to be able to share your music with your friends? Is your label waiting for a demo disk, but all you have for now is a bunch of MID files? There is a tool that will most likely become your must-have for all of your MIDI to MP3. Free download of Fast MIDI to MP3 Converter 6.0, size 7.65 Mb.

One Click Screensaver 2012 

Want to prevent your computing-session from unsolicited or accidental access? Screen savers allow you to hide information while you are away from your desktop. This small program installs a button to the Windows quick launch toolbar. Simply clicking the screen saver icon immediately brings your screen saver to the front. You may want to set up a. Free download of One Click Screensaver 2012, size 806.91 Kb.

Guild for Linux 1.0 Quang Vo Dang 

This user guide is meant as an introductory guide for a user to use a modern personal computer (PC) running the Linux operating system. The main aim is to provide a self-learning guide on how to use a modern Linux desktop system. It assumes that the user has no prior knowledge of Linux or PC usage.
After going through the guide the reader. Free download of Guild for Linux 1.0, size 25.69 Mb.

WebMonitorDummy 1.0 ksoft 

WebMonitorDummy is an easy utility to monitor your web sites uptime from your desktop, helping to ensure your sites stay online and active. WebMonitorDummy does this by periodically checking your web sites for a defined piece of text or html. If the target text is not found within the content of the page, indicating the site may be down,. Free download of WebMonitorDummy 1.0, size 813.78 Kb.

comobuy 1.0.2364 comocom GmbH 

comobuy is a new, simple and useful application for each eBay buyer. The comobuy FREE Windows software is checked and officially certified by eBay.
The key features of the comobuy eBay tool are:
the ebay item advanced search within all the regional eBay websites;
all search queries with criteria are stored for future items finding. Freeware download of comobuy 1.0.2364, size 22.72 Mb.