Digital Gram Scale App For Htc

60beat Blue Bathroom Scale 1.0.2 Oban US LLC 

**THIS REQUIRES 60BEAT BLUE SCALE TO FUNCTION** The 60beat Blue Bathroom Scale App is designed to wirelessly interface with with the 60beat BLUE Bathroom Scale. A simple to use tempered glass scale with an LCD readout. It also updates your weight measurements via a Bluetooth Smart Connection.

- Wirelessly sync your weight. Freeware download of 60beat Blue Bathroom Scale 1.0.2, size 2.20 Mb.


Proportional Scale 3.4 Courtney & Company 

Have you ever resized an image that resulted in image stretching or unwanted distortion. Proportional Scale App makes it easy to calculate new image dimensions and maintain the aspect ratio; leaving no distortion or stretching.

How To Use:
* Enter the dimensions of the image to be scaled.
* Change the scale ratio with slider. Free download of Proportional Scale 3.4, size 2.94 Mb.

2wice - Dot Dot Dot 1.0 2wice Arts Foundation, Inc. 

Dot Dot Dot was designed, choreographed, and scored for the digital tablet. The app combines dance, music, and interaction to arrive at a new way of representing dance on screen. Dot Dot Dot can be viewed in different registers, accessed by swiping vertically and horizontally. Seen from above, the dots on the stage trigger actions when they are. Free download of 2wice - Dot Dot Dot 1.0, size 203.42 Mb.

Evening Express 2.9.6 D C Thomson & Co Ltd 

Now you can enjoy The Evening Express with our digital version. The app allows you to browse a replica of the entire printed paper, wherever you are in the world. Read the very best in news, sport and features from Aberdeen and the surrounding areas, which you can access online via your PC or through your tablet and smartphone. The app also. Freeware download of Evening Express 2.9.6, size 13.53 Mb.

ZooPhytoImage 1. 2. 2001 ZooImage Team 

Microscope Color. A plugin to process images coming from a microscope equiped
with a digital camera. Scale must be measured separately for each picture (or
at least, for each resolution used). Colors are not supposed to be calibrated.

Scanner Color. This is very close to the PVA treatment. It works on
Jpeg color. Freeware download of ZooPhytoImage 1. 2. 2001, size 139.37 Mb.

3D Sun&Moon Compass for iPhone4 (Gyroscope enabled) 1.1 Shen Ji Pan 

StarTracker for iPhone 4S is out! Incredible fluid StarGazing experience at 60fps!
iPhone 4 exclusive! Retina display, multitask and build-in gyroscope/digital compass enabled!
It's so excited to introduce you the best 3D Sun and Moon Virtualization app on iPhone4!
This is a virtual 3D compass sphere which shows the position of Sun. Free download of 3D Sun&Moon Compass for iPhone4 (Gyroscope enabled) 1.1, size 1.26 Mb.

ABC Letter Learing - Writing, Alphabet, Spelling, Handwriting, and Phonics 1.1 Merge Mobile 

ABC Letter Learning is a comprehensive alphabet learning app which includes several activities to support letter comprehension (both upper and lowercase), phonics and real world object association using touch based learning.

In addition to fun and interactive digital activities, the app comes with a set of printable worksheets and. Free download of ABC Letter Learing - Writing, Alphabet, Spelling, Handwriting, and Phonics 1.1, size 82.52 Mb.

Barix APD 1.02 Barix AG 

Give life to your screens

Have you ever been in a shop where the Digital Signage is silent, because it interferes with the background music? Worse, have you ever been in a store where the screen is turned up loud, competing with the music and resulting in headaches for all?

Barix have the answer! Use the Barix APD app together. Freeware download of Barix APD 1.02, size 1.15 Mb.

Hersfelder Zeitung 3.1.2 Ippen Digital 

Mit der App der Hersfelder Zeitung sind Sie uber alle Nachrichten aus Hersfeld-Rotenburg, Hessen und der Welt auf dem Laufenden. Und das kostenlos.

Selbstverstandlich erfahren Sie hier auch die Top-Meldungen vom Lokalsport und Aktuelles aus Wirtschaft, Politik und den Boulevard-Rubriken.

Lokale Nachrichten, Fotos und Videos. Freeware download of Hersfelder Zeitung 3.1.2, size 5.03 Mb.

AZV Anzeigenzeitungsverlag 3.1.2 Ippen Digital 

Mit der offiziellen Webapp vom AZV Anzeigenzeitungsverlag sind Sie uber alle Nachrichten in den Regionen Erding, Markt Schwaben, Dorfen, Ebersberg sowie Grafing und dem Rest der Welt auf dem Laufenden. Und das kostenlos.

Naturlich erfahren Sie in Ihrer lokalen Wochenzeitung auch die Top-Meldungen vom Lokalsport und Aktuelles aus. Freeware download of AZV Anzeigenzeitungsverlag 3.1.2, size 4.30 Mb.

Hue LIFX Scintillator 1.4 Flaming Pear Software 

Design your own animated light effects for Philips Hue and LIFX bulbs! Just choose a mode, a palette, and bulbs right away the room comes to life with changing color.

Scintillator includes lots of effects and color palettes to get you started. Change them or make your own with the couldnt-be-simpler editors.

Setting a mood,. Free download of Hue LIFX Scintillator 1.4, size 7.65 Mb.

KURIER VERLAG 3.1.2 Ippen Digital 

Mit der Webapp der Wochenzeitung KURIER VERLAG sind Sie uber alles aus Memmingen, Mindelheim, Deutschland und dem Rest der Welt auf dem Laufenden. Und das kostenlos.

Selbstverstandlich erfahren Sie in der Wochenzeitung auch die Top-Meldungen vom Lokalsport und Aktuelles aus Wirtschaft, Politik und den Boulevard-Rubriken.

KyotoSakura 1.1 Yasuji Murakami 

This application indicate direction beautiful cherry blossoms at Kyoto in Japan ,using GPS and electric compass device which is internalized iPhone 3GS or later and iPad3G. Distance from present location is calculated.

25 places GEO data are included.
-Heian jin gu
-Kiyomizu dera
-Tetsugaku no michi
-kyoto Gyoen

Question Bridge: Black Males 1.0.3 Uncharted Digital, Inc. 

Question Bridge: Black Males is a platform for black men of all ages and backgrounds to ask and candidly respond to questions that are rarely discussed in public. To connect with a wide audience, the project takes on many forms; an art installation, educational curriculum, community engagement program, and interactive digital experience.

HealtHub Bodyfat 1.0 HealtHub 

The HealtHub Body Fat app works along with HealtHub digital scale series to display wirelessly transferred data on your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad.

HealtHub stores your health information and present them in intuitive ways to help you understand, analyze and improve over time. The HealtHub app supports iCloud for syncing between your. Freeware download of HealtHub Bodyfat 1.0, size 2.10 Mb.

Best Buy pc app 3.3.628.1 Best Buy 

Best Buy pc app brings you the latest in digital software, games and services. Once it's installed, all you need to do is explore and select the applications you want from our large selection of continuously updated digital content. Discover and choose from the latest games, software and more. Best Buy pc app is your inside track for exclusive. Freeware download of Best Buy pc app 3.3.628.1, size 5.98 Mb.

Home Brew Buddy 1 2 Eagle Air Australia Pty. Ltd. 

The most accurate way of mixing the fuel at home, use a inexpensive kitchen digital scale. I have found this is the best way to mix fuel and to compare prices with factory blends. New improved version now includes cost calculation for instant comparison! And it's FREE! Home Brew Buddy was developed by John Fitter from Eagle Air Australia.

Digital Live Tile Clock for Windows 8 gishtaki 

Digital Live Tile Clock for Windows 8 is a practical tool for creating a digital clock that can be displayed on your Start Screen. The app lets you change the clock format, color, font type and other settings in order to create a personalized tile.

It supports glass effects and can change the contrast between the font and the background. Free download of Digital Live Tile Clock for Windows 8, size 0 b.

10 Second Stroke Scale 1.0 EM Gladiators LLC 

Welcome to 10-Second Stroke Scale! This is a free app available for world-wide download. Its purpose is to increase use and documentation of the NIH Stroke Scale. This app has a unique way of getting the NIHSS into your medical notes! You do the NIHSS at the bedside on the device, and once complete, you can upload your results to our server. Once. Freeware download of 10 Second Stroke Scale 1.0, size 838.86 Kb.

1st Grade Digital Workbooks - Space Board Level One Series 1.1.6 NeoLithix, LLC 

NeoLithix First Grade Space Board iPad App contains 12 great digital workbooks (Learning Modules), plus two BONUS digital workbooks for added fun & learning. First-grade age children (+ older children remedially) can hand-write in these workbooks countless times "digitally" using a stylus, rather than just once using "write-once. Free download of 1st Grade Digital Workbooks - Space Board Level One Series 1.1.6, size 51.59 Mb.