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FAQ & Help Composer 2.0 Microguru Corporation 

FAQ Composer is an authoring tool to compose and generate Frequently Asked Questions and Help Topics in HTML, XML, Text and Windows Help Formats. Generate indexed FAQs for your website for multiple products/services or create Windows Help files (.chm). Share content among several products and services. Organize and index FAQs and topics by. Free download of FAQ & Help Composer 2.0, size 1.02 Mb.


Spyder MySpace Friend Adder 2. 2. 2010 Falkor Inc. 

The only MySpace social network browser exclusively developed for Mac OS X. An intuitive user interface allows you to control powerful features effortlessly. The new version of Spyder is the ultimate solution for musicians, producers, photographers, advertising professionals, small business owners and everyone else that needs to market or interact. Free download of Spyder MySpace Friend Adder 2. 2. 2010, size 4.93 Mb.

di-base read Fast Alignment Search Tool drfast.sourceforge.net 

Fast Alignment Search Tool for di-base reads (color-space; AB SOLiD). A complementary program for the popular Illumina read mappers mrFAST and mrsFAST.. Freeware download of di-base read Fast Alignment Search Tool, size 50.99 Kb.

Knowledge Base 2.9.91 DoyleSoft 

Knowledge Base is easy to use, has a straight forward design, has a handy Search feature, and works great on networks! You can also easily change the database path inside or outside of Knowledge Base.. Free download of Knowledge Base 2.9.91, size 10.55 Mb.

Super Fax Search 1.80 flashemailcast.com 

The Super Fax Search is a targeted fax number search application. You can easily and quickly build your own business fax number lists base on one or more keywords. The Super Fax Search is designed to seach fax number matching your query. Just type your keywords, Super Fax Search will spider the Internet and extract fax number that you really need.. Free download of Super Fax Search 1.80, size 1.85 Mb.

WebSeeker 6.0 Blue Squirrel 

In a single search, you can combine the knowledge base of several Internet search engines pinpointing the exact information you need with WebSeeker. Whether you're looking for travel information, sport scores, news, books, scrapbooking items, music, home improvement tips, cars, clip art, software, genealogy, etc. WebSeeker makes searching the Web. Free download of WebSeeker 6.0, size 3.56 Mb.

DoyleSoft Knowledge Base Software DoyleSoft 

DoyleSoft Knowledge Base Software is easy to use, has a straight forward design, has a robust search engine, and works great on networks! You can also easily change the database path inside or outside of Knowledge Base to use multiple databases. Knowledge Base is perfect for: dental, medical, veterinary, legal, High-tech, and financial offices. At. Free download of DoyleSoft Knowledge Base Software, size 13.51 Mb.

AA Search Engine 20080921 finity.se 

AASE(Anarchy Advantage Search Engine) is a search engine that reorders search results with base in the habits of its users. By measuring user activity on the search engine result page the search engine constantly improves the search results.. Freeware download of AA Search Engine 20080921, size 240.62 Kb.

System Center Monitoring Pack for SQL Server Base Appliance Microsoft 

System Center Monitoring Pack for SQL Server Base Appliance is a package designed to enable you to search and find various kinds of SQL Server Appliances in your network.

You will also be able to differentiate them from other Windows Servers and manage the appliances more easily.

. Free download of System Center Monitoring Pack for SQL Server Base Appliance, size 0 b.

Base Feeder for Recipes 3.0 SiteAll Technologies 

Base Feeder is an easy-to-use software tool to help you create and submit your Google Base items in a fraction of the time and effort it takes if you were to do it by hand. Google Base is a place where you can easily submit all types of content, which will be searchable on Google. You can describe any item you post with attributes, which will help. Free download of Base Feeder for Recipes 3.0, size 1.57 Mb.

Delphi Knowledge Base 1.5 Baltsoft 

Delphi Knowledge Base is a unique collection of Delphi tips and articles where Delphi programmers can find ideas, solutions and share their experience. Everyone of us occasionally experience what it is when you can not find the right way of solving the problem and how much time it takes. But have you ever thought that maybe thousands of people. Free download of Delphi Knowledge Base 1.5, size 19.39 Mb.

Instant Cafe Feeder 3.0.31 1 Jump 2 

Instant Cafe is a Google Base / Google Products Search Feed Generator for CafePress Basic and Premium Shops. It is, however, much more, as Instant Cafe allows you to shape a feed into any format you wish, which gives it many more uses. With Instant Cafe you can make Yahoo! Sitemaps, affiliate datafeeds, HTML pages, CSVs for use with iMacros - the. Freeware download of Instant Cafe Feeder 3.0.31, size 6.44 Mb.

IndexerX - Printer Spooler Text Indexer 1.0 indexerx.sourceforge.net 

IndexerX is a configurable Java daemon,based on Design Patterns models,used to capture printed documents from Linux spooler,and index the text content in a Data Base,for further tokens search with its integrated search engine.Developed @ ESIB-USJ.. Freeware download of IndexerX - Printer Spooler Text Indexer 1.0, size 7.17 Mb.

An Open Source Knowledge Base System b.0.0.2 Openkbs 

ALPHA open source, web based, platform independent knowledge base system. Extensively search-able, Versatile and easy to use. easy to set up and administer. Comment hover links let you read in an AJAX generated hover window, the comments to an article in the main list view without having to go to the comments page. Password protected user accounts,. Freeware download of An Open Source Knowledge Base System b.0.0.2, size 2.83 Mb.

Easy File Delete And Search 2011.01.14 Viktor Benei 

Easy File Delete And Search is a small, easy to use application specially designed to help you make some space in your hard drive or search multiple directories.

You have to specify target directory/directories, optionally set some filters (file extensions, subfolder search, file size and the type of the search: you interested in the. Freeware download of Easy File Delete And Search 2011.01.14, size 0 b.

Windows Search 4.0 for windows 940157 Microsoft Corporation. 

Windows Search 4.0 is an updated component of Windows that enables instant search on your computer.

WS4 lets you perform an instant search of your computer. WS4 helps you find and preview documents, e-mail messages, music files, photos, and other items on the computer. Please refer to the Knowledge base article KB940157 for a full. Free download of Windows Search 4.0 for windows 940157, size 5.52 Mb.

English Russian dictionary DictU 1.2 Alexey Ulianov 

Simple, fast, offline Russian English dictionary, with a lot of futures.
* Base contains 450 000 words
* Transcription
* swype to close gestures
* Search
* History
* Favarites
* List of English personal names
* Opportunity to choose the font size
* List of irregular verbs
* Translate from the. Freeware download of English Russian dictionary DictU 1.2, size 10.38 Mb.

Erafone 0.1.0 Michael Wu 

Check out the latest promotions and campaigns.
Browse the online products catalog.
Search outlets by city or area.
Check any nearby outlets base on current location.
Sign-up for Erafone member or check member details.
Search products.
. Freeware download of Erafone 0.1.0, size 3.98 Mb.

Handy Weather Wallpapers 1.0 Galia Aviram 


- Select base background from your camera or the native photo library.
- Export image to your native photo folder.
- You can customize 2 lines of text, perfect in case you lose your device.
- Real Time weather data, you can search any place using our interface.
- Customize appearance of text
- works in. Free download of Handy Weather Wallpapers 1.0, size 943.72 Kb.

Health CIS 1.1 HadNoIdea 

A map-based catalog of drug stores, meds, clinics, dentistries, ERs, med labs and donor centers in Russia and CIS.

The main application features are: location based search on map, quick dial system and regularly updated data base.

Application functions:
- easy map searh
- one touch dial
- sorting by service. Freeware download of Health CIS 1.1, size 3.15 Mb.