Do You Remember

AimAtSite IE Toolbar 3 AimingTech Company 

You saw an important information recently online but do not remember where. AimAtSite IE Toolbar will solve this problem. You collected a large list of favorite links and it is difficult to find something there. AimAtSite IE Toolbar will solve the problem. You would like to search most popular search engines, dictionaries and encyclopedias sites. Free download of AimAtSite IE Toolbar 3, size 457.73 Kb.


Kling Klang Studio 1 embalado GmbH & Co. KG 

Do you remember these sad old times some years ago when ringing of a mobile phone has only been single-tracked? Sounding more like the emergency room of a local hospital there has been no difference between the phone and arcade games of the early 80s, digital clocks of microwave ovens or watches with integrated scientific calculators. Fortunately,. Free download of Kling Klang Studio 1, size 9.31 Mb.

ToDo Reminder Jose Falcao 

Make a list of all the tasks you have To Do and remember.. Create a list of all your important events, anniversaries, things to do, etc. You can use it as an agenda, and then mark anything as 'done' - when it is... Define priorities and dates to do things, archive old reminders, print list, sort by date or task, and it uses whatever Date format the. Freeware download of ToDo Reminder, size 163.84 Kb.

Rewards Multiply 2.02 Computer Solution Central 

Do you remember how tedious it was to learn your multiplication tables? Memorizing all those equations can take years to master. Future math classes and many aspects of life will depend on a solid foundation in multiplication.Rewards Multiply is designed to make learning the multiplication tables as fun as it can possibly be. Flashcards are. Free download of Rewards Multiply 2.02, size 1.16 Mb.

Dream Board 1.0 Law of Attraction 

Dream Board is a program for visualization (do you remember "The Secret"?). This program helps you to create subliminal dream boards. You can add any graphic files to it to start visualization. Exposure time of each image is extremely low, the effect is called subliminal messaging, and images are being imprinted into your subconscious. Free download of Dream Board 1.0, size 1.68 Mb.

Crusaders Of Space 2 1.25 Alawar Entertainment 

Do you remember when arcade games ruled your world? When the blisters on your fingers testified to your mastery over alien hordes? Alawar Entertainment is proud to present Crusaders of Space 2, an exhilarating shooter that combines classic arcade action with modern innovations to create a gameplay experience that transcends time.You're a space. Free download of Crusaders Of Space 2 1.25, size 15.89 Mb.

Box Clock Screensaver 1.0 

Do you remember square mechanical clock with arabic numerals? Now you can enjoy this clock on your desktop with our new clock screensaver. It is designed in blue and grey colors and will really save your screen. Besides we offer you very interesting animation at background and some options. Do not hurry, feel the time! Download free clock. Freeware download of Box Clock Screensaver 1.0, size 4.29 Mb.

A Simple Unit Converter 0.97 Mark Doktor 

From time to time, we need to convert certain units and do not remember / don't know how to do this. How many kilometers is one mile? How many liters are there in a gallon? Pounds in a kilo? Feet in a meter?
That's what A Simple Unit Convertor will do for you, in a simple, fast, reliable, cost-free way. It has all the units you can. Freeware download of A Simple Unit Converter 0.97, size 0 b.

Shoddy Battle Colin Fitzpatrick 

Do you remember Pokemon? There are many related products and variants across the game industry. This time we have Shoddy Battle, a little game that lets you become a Pokemon master by building your own Pokemon team and challenging other people around the world.

This application is a simple Java client that connects to a game server of. Freeware download of Shoddy Battle, size 136.19 Kb.

Bumpy Jumpy 1 2 NovaGame, Inc 

Do you remember "Bumpy" game for old consoles, do you feel some nostalgia about it ? " Bumpy" remake for PC has been released. Help main the personage the Bumpy to overcome the obstacles and collect treasures in the lost ancient city. There are spikes, fire, barriers and the other traps on the Bumpy's way from level to. Free download of Bumpy Jumpy 1 2, size 6.25 Mb.

New 7 Wonders 3D Screensaver v. 1 1 NewOpenWorld Foundation 

Do you remember the "old" 7 Wonders of the World? It is very sad to know that most of those magnificent places don't exist anymore. Did you follow the nominations and final results of the so-called "New 7 Wonders"?

The New 7 Wonders 3D Screensaver is a great opportunity to get to know those new world. Freeware download of New 7 Wonders 3D Screensaver v. 1 1, size 1.54 Mb.

Moon 3D Space Tour screensaver FP Software lab 

"A small step for man but a giant leap for mankind" Do you remember those words? That is what Neil Armstrong said when he stepped on the Moon surface. Would you like to feel like an astronaut going to our satellite for the first time?

Moon 3D Space Tour Screensaver will bring our natural satellite to your desktop.

Kaleidoscopia Screensaver 1.0 Keleb's Code Corner 

Do you remember your first Kaleidoscope?
Almost everybody owned one at some stage in his or her lives. At least, in my hometown, they were very popular and were a real crowd pleaser, especially for kids.
I remember spending hours staring at the little hole and watching as everything changed inside as you turned it manually.

. Freeware download of Kaleidoscopia Screensaver 1.0, size 3.97 Mb.

CellFighter ScreenSaver 1 1 BriskLogic 

Do you remember those computer games from many years ago? When the first computer games appeared?
Can you still feel the excitement that you got from fighting against space invaders, aliens and such?
And do you still remember how awful those graphics were, formed by a few pixels, and hard to distinguish shapes?
Some of you might. Free download of CellFighter ScreenSaver 1 1, size 14.72 Mb.

Spirex screen saver 2 25 OzoneSoft 

Do you remember playing with Spirograph? Did you like drawing all kinds of circles, curves and strange images?

Spirex Screen Saver brings a Spirograph to your screen.

This unique screen saver will make you remember those good old days when you spent hours playing drawing circles of different sizes and shapes. But now it. Freeware download of Spirex screen saver 2 25, size 1.46 Mb.

Rolling Fall 1.0 

Do you remember the classic physics game Splitter? Here’s another game with knife. Cut the proper chains and at the right time to get all zombies knocked over. Puzzles get harder. Use your mouse to cut the chains Kill all zombies. Have fun!. Freeware download of Rolling Fall 1.0, size 2.65 Mb.

Super Mario Kuribo Shoe 1.0 Mario City Games 

Do you remember the green jumping shoe from Super Mario 3? Do you liked the funny jumping stuff? Now you can jump on over the enemies. This funny game idea is very simple and easy just use the mouse to slide th screen. Use space button or right mouse button to raise jumping height.. Freeware download of Super Mario Kuribo Shoe 1.0, size 10.03 Mb.

Flash flip book template of Bubbles 1.0 

Do you remember bubbles float around you when you are a child? Children love those shining bubbles, and the bubbles style of flash flip book template reminds you your little happy time. As many other templates, this bubbles style template pack is totally for free. We provide pre-design templates for flash flip books, magazines, albums, catalogs,. Freeware download of Flash flip book template of Bubbles 1.0, size 2.90 Mb.

Bumpy Go 1.0 Game Creativo 

Do you remember Bumpy game for old consoles, do you feel some nostalgia about it ? Bumpy remake for PC has been released. Help main the personage the Bumpy to overcome the obstacles and collect treasures in the lost ancient city. There are spikes, fire, barriers and the other traps on the Bumpy way from level to level. This game will test not only. Freeware download of Bumpy Go 1.0, size 6.25 Mb.

3D Calendar Jose Falcao 

3D Calendar is a simple and useful software that allows you to create a list of all the tasks you have to do and remember.

Use this accessible software to quickly create a list of all your important events, anniversaries etc.

. Free download of 3D Calendar, size 0 b.