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GetPDF Intranet Server 3.0 GetPDF, Inc. 

GetPDF Intranet Server Edition allows your intranet users to create PDF files from any printable document. It installs a virtual printer named GetPDF, which is accessible for all intranet users. All they have to do is to click Print from their application to create PDF files.

GetPDF is a PDF creator of industrial strength, thus offering. Free download of GetPDF Intranet Server 3.0, size 1.31 Mb.


Java Email Server (JES) Eclipse plug-in 1.0.0 

The Java Email Server (JES) plug-in is an embedded instance launcher of JES (email server) under Eclipse; it's intended to help developers viewing the layout of mails sent by their application to the clients (subscription mails, etc...) in local.. Freeware download of Java Email Server (JES) Eclipse plug-in 1.0.0, size 979.98 Kb.

Son hServer Mikhail Shmelyov 

The Son hServer application was designed to work as WWW (HTTP) Internet or intranet server. It can also be used to test websites on a local machine before uploading to remote server. FEATURES: A· Son hServer serves client requests on a standard HTTP port (80). Main web document types, multimedia, VRML models, archives and other files are. Freeware download of Son hServer, size 419.84 Kb.

AJEC-Another Java Email Client 1.0 

This is a Java Email client for academic purpose. It will include the general email client features and other experimental techniques such as uncertain reasoning, HCI principles. This project is not supported now.

AJEC-Another Java Email Client 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of AJEC-Another Java Email Client 1.0, size 0 b.

Java SMTP/POP EMail Server rc 

Provide an Open Source Java Email Server that supports POP3/SMTP.. Freeware download of Java SMTP/POP EMail Server rc, size 6.33 Mb.

Open JMail Server 0.12.alpha 

Welcome to the project page of the Open JMail Server - a scalable Java email server. Features POP, SMTP, IMAP, dynamic pluggable storage design, modular protocol handling, easy XML configuration and much more.. Freeware download of Open JMail Server 0.12.alpha, size 187.49 Kb.

jes-gui 1.0.0 

A gui to administer domains, users and digest-MD5 realms for the java email server (JES).. Freeware download of jes-gui 1.0.0, size 1.79 Mb.

RealChat Software 3.5 RealChat Software 

RealChat is a revolution in java chat client server software designed to be simple and affordable! Customize practically every element from the client server aspects to the java chat user interface. It's compatible with any common browser so there's nothing for your site visitors to download. Comes with unlimited chat rooms, users and support at no. Free download of RealChat Software 3.5, size 0 b.

Advanced Email Parser Server x64 2. 2. 1976 MediaTwins s.r.o. 

Advanced Email Parser is a multifunctional and handy system for email messages processing. Advanced Email Parser makes email processing more effective, as it enables you to parse data, process and transfer it to databases or other applications automatically. Advanced Email Parser will save the lot of your time, managing received documents,. Free download of Advanced Email Parser Server x64 2. 2. 1976, size 12.90 Mb.

Esvon Java Chat/Messenger 2 Esvon LLC 

Customizable real-time java chat/messenger server software for web sites. Esvon Java Chat/Messenger has features like skins, avatar icons, pictures and sounds, multiple rooms and private messaging, administrative control, and more. Esvon Java Chat/Messenger helps you to connect with your website visitors quickly, easily and inexpensively. You can:. Free download of Esvon Java Chat/Messenger 2, size 8.45 Mb.

Java Online Gaming Real-time Engine beta.0.3 

Java based client / server online games engine & API for easy creation/running of real-time multiplayer games. Games include Battleships, Camelot, Checkers, Chess, Connect 4, Dots, Go, Octagons, Texas Hold'em Poker, Reversi, Spades, Tetris & Tic-tac-toe. Freeware download of Java Online Gaming Real-time Engine beta.0.3, size 26.03 Mb.

JDSML Image Server 1.0 

Java-based Image Server engine to organise high resolution images. The intermediate images will be generated transparently and available through defined URLs. The aim is to extended to Digital Asset Management Server. Freeware download of JDSML Image Server 1.0, size 20.41 Mb.

polliwog - Java Web Log Analyzer rc.1.1 

A Java based web server log file analyzer. Gives you detailed knowledge of what your visitors did whilst visiting your site. Provides information on human visitors, searches, search engines, site areas, pages, visit paths and more.... Freeware download of polliwog - Java Web Log Analyzer rc.1.1, size 110.78 Kb.

SFTP Lite Server 1.0 

SFTP Lite Server is a Java based SFTP server with very minimal features, based on the Jaramiko SSH libraries. The SFTP server only have a single user and password and only one home directory. It supports the minimal features of SFTP.. Freeware download of SFTP Lite Server 1.0, size 474.20 Kb.

JMMOG Server 1.0 Jmmogserver 

Open Source Java based MMOG Server. It will use JDK 6. Binaries will include server and client API. This is the first step of a complete MMORPG framework. Persistence Layer implementation will be possible in xml and on a database.

JMMOG Server 1.0 License - Public Domain. Freeware download of JMMOG Server 1.0, size 0 b.

Wrabbit FTP Server alpha5 Wrabbitftp 

A pure Java-based FTP server with a complete security structure, virtual directories/roots, object-based internal representation of files, and designed to be seemlessly cross-platform. Additional wish-list items will be posted shortly.

Wrabbit FTP Server alpha5 License - MIT License. Freeware download of Wrabbit FTP Server alpha5, size 69.65 Kb.

DWR 3.0 RC1 2.0.6 oe Walker 

DWR is a Java library that enables Java on the server and javascript in a browser to interact and call each other as simply as possible.

DWR is Easy Ajax for Java

DWR version 3.0.rc1 is the most recent development release. DWR version 2.0 is current stable release. Download them now and use DWR in your website in minutes.

SecExMail Gate 1.2 Bytefusion Ltd. 

SecExMail Gate is an email proxy server which encrypts and decrypts messages on your corporate network in real-time. This proxy server integrates with your existing corporate infrastructure and operates in conjunction with your SMTP/POP3 mail server. SecExMail Gate implements open standard encryption algorithms to create a seamless security. Freeware download of SecExMail Gate 1.2, size 3.10 Mb.

iSymphony 2 2 i9Technologies 

iSymphony, an easy-to-use, Java-based client/server software application for managing phone calls via the Open Source Asterisk platform.

Since iSymphony works with Asterisk it is agnostic to Asterisk distributions and other commercial products based on its acrhitecture. Some compatible products are PBX in a Flash (PIAF), Elastix and. Freeware download of iSymphony 2 2, size 23.88 Mb.

Outlookconnector 2.0 Alt-N Technologies 

Outlook Connector for MDaemon® Messaging Server opens up the groupware collaboration functions of Microsoft Outlook to small and mid-sized businesses by using MDaemon as the email messaging server. With Outlook Connector for MDaemon you can stay in touch with employees, co-workers, customers and vendors by sharing Outlook’s email,. Free download of Outlookconnector 2.0, size 56.54 Mb.