Dotnet Plugin For Autocad For Offline System

GLIEP 1.0 

A plugin for the VANTED system, called Glyph-based Link Exploration of Pathways (GLIEP). It helps to guide the navigation and exploration process of interconnected pathway visualization as well as insight into the overall interconnectivity.. Freeware download of GLIEP 1.0, size 103.31 Kb.


wikirat 1.0 

WikiRat is a plugin for the DokuWiki system aiming to measure the users' registered Design Rationale. It enables users to categorize their editing in the wiki by saying what kind of editing it was. It provides a view to analyze the registered data.. Freeware download of wikirat 1.0, size 6.52 Mb.

aXBench Examples 1.0 Axbenchexamples 

The aXBench (AUTOSAR extensible workbench) is a free eclipse plugin for modeling variant system architectures.

This project collects modeling examples for the aXBench without having ti deal with the source code of the aXBench.

aXBench Examples 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of aXBench Examples 1.0, size 0 b.

File attachment for miniBB 1.0 Minibbfa 

Atchment file upload plugin for miniBB forum system

File attachment for miniBB 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of File attachment for miniBB 1.0, size 0 b.

AutoCad WIX Installer 0.11 

AutoCad WIX Installer is a WIX installer with custom actions to help with the installation of AutoCAD dotNet based addins. It tries support the WIX installer and detect the Aec AutoCAD version(s) to correctly register the dotNet plugin.. Freeware download of AutoCad WIX Installer 0.11, size 19.82 Kb.

Discuz Command Prompt 40 

Discuz! Command Prompt is a plugin for Discuz! forum system that emulates the famous DOS environment, written using AJAX and PHP.. Freeware download of Discuz Command Prompt 40, size 59.28 Kb.

RegistryTool 2. 8. 4125 PC Utility, Inc. 

Registry Tool is a centralized offline Windows registry editor and Windows registry editor utility.Registry Tool operates OFFLINE by importing the Windows Registry creating a safe stand-alone Registry Tool Database file. Registry Tool Personal will import a Dat or Hive binary file and edit it only during the import process and resulting display.. Free download of RegistryTool 2. 8. 4125, size 10.74 Mb.

RainCAD / Land Illustrator 2011 Software Republic, LLP 

RainCAD™ / Land Illustrator™ is based on the AcceliCAD version of IntelliCAD from Autodsys. RainCAD™ / Land Illustrator™ requires IntelliCAD to be properly installed on the computer system to operate.
The RainCAD™ / Land Illustrator™ 2011 AcceliCAD Edition packages provide a. Free download of RainCAD / Land Illustrator 2011, size 89.47 Mb.

Exchange 2007 Server Recovery 14.05.01 Exchange 2007 Recovery 

There exist myriad reasons for exchange server corruption. Some of which are virus and spyware attacks, hard disk corruption, abrupt system shutdown, etc. Kernel for Exchange Server recovery tool helps the organizations to effectively resolve Exchange Server corruption issues. The software enables the user to extract all emails and folders of the. Free download of Exchange 2007 Server Recovery 14.05.01, size 13.00 Mb.

Windows Password Kracker 2.0 SecurityXploded 

Windows Password Kracker is the free software to recover the lost or forgotten Windows password. It can recover the original windows password from either LM (LAN Manager) or NTLM (NT LAN Manager) Hash using dictionary crack method. Though it supports only Dictionary Crack method, you can easily use tools like Crunch, Cupp to generate brute-force. Freeware download of Windows Password Kracker 2.0, size 1.90 Mb.

nFLVPlayer Nikola Dachev 

nFLVPlayer plays FlashVideo(tm) format also known as flv. This player offers common video player functionality controls. As an addition there is an OSD display, Smoothing function, and most recently accessed files/URL's list. Since version 1.1+ nFLVPlayer offers fullscreen playback and picture adjustment filters: brightness, contrast, saturation. Free download of nFLVPlayer, size 576.72 Kb.

MS Outlook Recovery 13.05.01 Outlook Recovery 

MS Outlook stores emails, contacts and other data of its users in PST file format. Outlook databases or PST files are saved in the offline system folder and exposed to many corruption threats such as virus attacks, unexpected system shutdown, fault in computer hardware and many more. Kernel for Outlook PST Repair effectively repairs PST files that. Free download of MS Outlook Recovery 13.05.01, size 5.39 Mb.

Total Commander SkyDrive File System Plugin 0.8.10 Beta ghollosy 

Total Commander SkyDrive File System Plugin will provide users with a Total Commander plugin for Windows Live SkyDrive.

With Total Commander SkyDrive File System Plugin, you will be able to quickly and easily manage files and folders. DTools is used to write Total Commander File System Plugin using .Net Framework while the SkyDrive .Net. Free download of Total Commander SkyDrive File System Plugin 0.8.10 Beta, size 0 b.

TURBO toggle 1 4 CAD Studio Inc. 

TURBO toggle is an Autocad plugin designed to switch AutoCAD to a faster mode by customizing all the relevant variables.
The TURBO toggle switches AutoCAD 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008 or 2007 to a faster mode by presetting a couple of relevant system variables. The next TURBO command switches AutoCAD back to its original status (settings).

CP-System Building Design for AutoCAD 6.11 CADDIT CAD CAM Software 

CP-System is add-on software for building design without the overhead involved in Building Information Modeling (commonly known as BIM). CP-System works with AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT (using LTX), progeCAD, BricsCAD, ZwCAD, CADopia and other IntelliCAD brands. CP-System represents a much easier, low-cost and practical approach to the needs of designers. Free download of CP-System Building Design for AutoCAD 6.11, size 173.02 Mb.

Virtual Drafter SoftSource 

A CAD System for AutoCAD and DXF Drawings

- No translation editing of AutoCAD and DXF drawings
- Easier to learn and use than AutoCAD
- Less than half the cost of AutoCAD LT


- Improved Hyperlinks

Now compatible with AutoCAD hyperlinks. Simply hold down the shift key and move. Free download of Virtual Drafter, size 8.62 Mb.

VerticesBlk 1 4 CAD Studio Inc. 

VerticesBlk is an Autocad plugin designed to enable you to insert blocks at each line or polyline vertex (also 3D; and optionally in arc midpoints)
Make your Autocad work easier with this extension! The VLX extension is Autocad specific and all you need to do is to add it to the existing plugins.. Freeware download of VerticesBlk 1 4, size 10.24 Kb.

Offline Auction House Price Check System 1.0 Wowpricecheck 

World of Warcraft - Offline Auction House Price Check System is a PHP & mySQL web application for looking up current auction house price per item.

Offline Auction House Price Check System 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Offline Auction House Price Check System 1.0, size 0 b.

Dockable/DockItem Plugin System API 1.0 Qtplugindocksys 

The QT4 Plugin Dockable/DockItem system framework allows for independant component development.Provides a framework that the developer can use to implement a plugin aware application.Uses a easy-to-visualize and well documented plugin model.

Dockable/DockItem Plugin System API 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License. Freeware download of Dockable/DockItem Plugin System API 1.0, size 181.10 Kb.

Simple Java Plugin System 1.0 Javasps 

The "Simple Java Plug-In System" is ideal for beginners, which would like to build there first extendable java application without spending to much time in the plugin system.Load easily external Java Ressources and build Objects!

Simple Java Plugin System 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Freeware download of Simple Java Plugin System 1.0, size 4.18 Kb.

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