Dots Per Inch Calculator

Change dpi Anas Benslimane 

Change dpi is a lightweight, yet handy application that provides you with a simple method for changing the dots-per-inch rate of a picture.

Change dpi supports JPEG and JPG images only and is very easy to use. Simply browse for the desired picture, change its dimensions and save the output to your computer.

. Freeware download of Change dpi, size 0 b.


PDF Colibri Dojocode 

PDF Colibri is a handy and reliable utility designed to convert scanned documents to Color, Grayscale or Black& White.

PDF Colibri also allows users to customize the DPI (dots per inch) settings. The application is completely portable, which means you will be able to run it from a removable drive without applying changed to registry. Free download of PDF Colibri, size 0 b.

Auto Tech Toolbox 1.1 Jamie Fraser 

**Professional Automotive Technicians and Vehicle Enthusiasts!**

Auto Tech Toolbox puts valuable technical tools right in your pocket! Currently we have a comprehensive Serpentine Belt Routing Guide and a free Tire Rev Per Mile Calculator with more tools to be added in a future

Serpentine Belt Routing Guide

Ever. Freeware download of Auto Tech Toolbox 1.1, size 17.41 Mb.

Effective Resolution Converter 1.0 Chuck Scoggins 

Enter the current resolution (pixels per inch) of a digital photo and the your desired use resolution and this app will give you the effective resolution in pixels and inches.. Free download of Effective Resolution Converter 1.0, size 104.86 Kb.

Pixel Meter Garvit Gupta 

Pixel Meter lets you measure the number of pixels per inch of your screen. Measure the PPI of any display on the go!. Freeware download of Pixel Meter, size 1.05 Mb.

Mihov DPI to Pixel Calculator 2.0 Miha Psenica 

When you resize an image you change the number of pixels. In computer world this is how it is done - there is no inches or centimetres. But when you print out an image the printer uses a resolution that is expressed in DPI (dots per inch). Setting up DPI or the inch size for screen images makes little or no sense. And when an image is printed you. Freeware download of Mihov DPI to Pixel Calculator 2.0, size 209.92 Kb.

Knitting Wizard 1.1.2 Black Cat Systems 

Create your own custom knitting grids and diagrams. Complete control over the diagram characteristics: Number stitches and rows per inch. Total number of stitches and rows. Selection of paper size. Optionally print out row and stitch numbers.. Free download of Knitting Wizard 1.1.2, size 1.05 Mb.

Full Image Info 1.1 

Full Image Info is an easy to use program targeted to view and retrieve information about images and photos taken with digital cameras. Many common image formats are supported including JPEG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, JPEG2000, PCX, CUR, ICO, PNG, TGA, PXM, and a variety of information can be retrieved about each, including resolution, width, height and. Free download of Full Image Info 1.1, size 1.21 Mb.

Apis - Macro Recorder 2.2.3 Mavrsoft 

While working people do a lot of similar actions, repeatedly clicking the same buttons; we constantly write the same sentences, filling in these or those forms.We asked a small web-design company to record all actions they perform. On looking through these steps we were extremely surprised on how many sample repetitions people do. After analyzing. Free download of Apis - Macro Recorder 2.2.3, size 5.67 Mb.

ConnectCode Free Barcode Font 5.0 ConnectCode Pte Ltd 

ConnectCode Free Barcode Fonts is a generous barcode package that offers three robust barcodes commonly used - Code 39 , Industrial 2of5 and Postnet. This package enables the creation of compliant barcodes for mailing labels, products tagging, inventory control and supply chain management.

The versatility of using fonts allows barcode. Freeware download of ConnectCode Free Barcode Font 5.0, size 2.02 Mb.

Plot2PDF 1.64.2108 Torro-Softworks GmbH 

Just open your CAD file in Plot2PDF, select the Export/PDF function and email your PDF file for fast, scalable vector viewing.Plot2PDF quickly converts your engineering drawings to Adobe PDF or DWF file formats. Runs on XP, Vista, Win7 (32- and 64- bit versions). The PDF files created by Plot2PDF are vector graphics (not raster). Vector graphics. Free download of Plot2PDF 1.64.2108, size 11.74 Mb.

Free PDF to Image Converter 7.3.2 PDFSpin 

Want to embed a PDF document in a web page that will work on computers not having Adobe Acrobat Reader? Maybe you just want to convert PDF files to images for some other reason. Free PDF to Image Converter swiftly converts bulk of PDF files to single or multi-page images while retaining the layout, images, text and formatting of the original PDF. Freeware download of Free PDF to Image Converter 7.3.2, size 7.10 Mb.

ConnectCode Barcode Font Pack 9.6 ConnectCode Pte Ltd 

ConnectCode Barcode Fonts is a barcode software and fonts package that enables the creation of standard-compliant barcodes using fonts. It is trusted and highly-regarded by many fortune 500 companies and is considered to be one of the best barcode software in the market. Printing barcodes using fonts is well-known in the industry for creating the. Free download of ConnectCode Barcode Font Pack 9.6, size 12.65 Mb.

Converter for XPS Documents 1.0 

Converter for XPS Documents is a small but powerful tool that converts XPS (XML Paper Specification) documents into image files. It works by generating an image for every page of the XPS document. It lets you set the resolution of the images in DPI (dots per inch) and supports the formats PNG, JPEG, TIFF and BMP. Organizations will find this useful. Free download of Converter for XPS Documents 1.0, size 94.37 Kb.

Press Ready Image Checker 

Press Ready Image Checker is a handy and reliable application designed to verify the DPI of any photo.

The software is completely portable and very easy to use. Just browse for the photo and press 'Check'.

. Free download of Press Ready Image Checker, size 0 b.

CmdTwain 0.03 GssEziSoft 

This is a program that allows you to run your document scanner from the command line. This is useful if you are writing programs that need to scan documents without the user having to choose settings and click buttons. One click in your program is all that is needed - CmdTwain does all the setting and saves the document in a file. It should work. Free download of CmdTwain 0.03, size 398.46 Kb.

PDFill Image Writer 8.0 PlotSoft L.L.C 

PDFill Image Writer (Printer) is installed as a virtual printer driver and allows you to convert any printable document from any application which supports printing into a standard PNG, JPG, BMP, TIF, or GIF image. The converted image retains all of the information from the original file and can be easily shared and viewed without the need for the. Freeware download of PDFill Image Writer 8.0, size 9.57 Mb.

BlueFox Free PDF to JPG Converter 9.5.5 BlueFoxPDF, Inc. 

Although PDF is a great document format, it still requires PDF viewer like Adobe Acrobat Reader to open it, while JPEG can be opened, viewed, manipulated, embedded, etc. BlueFox Free PDF to JPG Converter is an efficient solution to convert PDF to JPG for varieties of purposes.

Aside from JPG format, BlueFox Free PDF to JPG Converter can. Freeware download of BlueFox Free PDF to JPG Converter 9.5.5, size 3.26 Mb.

Bravo Free PDF to JPG Converter 8.1.3 BravoPDF Co., Ltd. 

Got a PDF file that you wish were an image instead? Bravo Free PDF to JPG Converter is a simple to use, yet sophisticated file conversion utility specifically designed to convert PDF to image, retaining all graphics, drawings, diagrams, auto shapes, color, image, text and other symbols.

And the resolution of the converted images can be. Freeware download of Bravo Free PDF to JPG Converter 8.1.3, size 3.26 Mb.

Bravo Free PDF to TIFF Converter 8.3.1 BravoPDF Co., Ltd. 

In modern office people might deal with a lot of documents in PDF format, yet TIFF is more suitable for sending emails by fax or printing because it can store image data and be re-edited in such a way that no image data is lost. Bravo Free PDF to TIFF Converter can help batch convert PDF documents to TIFF images in a flash.

You are. Freeware download of Bravo Free PDF to TIFF Converter 8.3.1, size 3.26 Mb.