Download Actionscript Code

ActionScrambler 1.0 Normedia Solutions 

ActionScrambler makes protecting your published SWF Actionscript code easier than ever. It is as easy as cutting your Actionscript code to the computer's clipboard, clicking the "Alter Actionscript Code" button and pasting the protected code back into your scripting window. Compile the SWF file and upload the protected file to your. Free download of ActionScrambler 1.0, size 2.54 Mb.


FlashEff2 ActionScript Generator 1.0 Didiaskforyouropinion 

FlashEff2 ActionScript Generator is an Adobe AIR app which generates ActionScript code for the preset effects included with the FlashEff2 component. Paste the generated ActionScript code into a script. Specify the target instance. This is set in the last line of the generated code.. Freeware download of FlashEff2 ActionScript Generator 1.0, size 2.26 Mb.

Cabron - PHP Flash Connector (Remoting) rc.110 

PHP and ActionScript code for Remoting - it allows remote invocation of PHP methods from Flash movies. No PHP extensions needed. Multilanguage support, timed deserialization. PHP 4.0.5 or above required!. Freeware download of Cabron - PHP Flash Connector (Remoting) rc.110, size 11.83 Kb.

Babygluck 1.0.2 Schade GmbH 

Mit der Babygluck-App begleitet Sie Ihre Frauenarztpraxis durch die Schwangerschaft.

Um diese personalisierte App zu nutzen, mussen Sie nach dem Download einen Code eingeben, den Ihnen Ihre Frauenarztpraxis personlich ausgibt.. Freeware download of Babygluck 1.0.2, size 1.99 Mb.

Hangman Flash Game Source Code 1.0 Inc. 

Hangman Flash Game Source Code.
You can easily install Hangman game on your webpage.
The source code of Hangman game includes an initial file *.fla which contains ActionScript code and graphics for this game.
For adding or changing any of the puzzle words it is simply a matter of changing the list in the file (*.txt)

. Free download of Hangman Flash Game Source Code 1.0, size 37.89 Kb.

secureSWF Lite 1 1 Kindisoft 

secureSWF Lite is a robust obfuscator for Macromedia Flash ActionScript. It allows you to obfuscate your ActionScript code, and prevents re-compilation and illegal code reuse. It has a well-designed user-friendly interface, and lots of other cool features.
Optimizes ActionScript and decreases the file size.
Prevents recompiling and code. Freeware download of secureSWF Lite 1 1, size 3.64 Mb.

Softek BardecodeFiler 1. 6. 2001 Softek Software Ltd 

Comprehensively reads barcodes from images and bitmaps. Supported barcodes types include Code-39, Code-128, Code-25, Codabar, EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A, UPC-E, Patch, GS1-Databar and PDF-417. Download includes code samples for DLL, OCX, COM, Java and .Net interfaces. Supports TIF, JPG, BMP, GIF, PDF and PNG files. Results can be exported to XML files. Free download of Softek BardecodeFiler 1. 6. 2001, size 6.89 Mb.

ASP Flash Contact Form 1 FlashComponents 

ASP Flash Contact Form. Simple and effective. Works with Flash CS3+. Clean ASP and Actionscript code. Each lines are commented on ASP and AS. Supports 3 different mail component (JMail, ASPEmail and CDO.Message); Supports Remote and Local SMTP Servers. Stylish mail body. Includes validation. Stylish Message Body. Note: This is only for ASP. Free download of ASP Flash Contact Form 1, size 5.12 Mb.

Puzzle Squirrel 1.0 FlashComponents 

Drag and rotate the pieces to solve the puzzle. Well structured library items and actionscript code. A readme.txt file which describes how to create your own puzzle. After you get used to it you will need no more than 45 minutes to create a puzzle of your own - about 20 mins to draw the pieces according to a scanned design, about 10 mins to chosse. Free download of Puzzle Squirrel 1.0, size 499.71 Kb.

Flash Preloader Petals Component 1.0 Mtoolsoft Pty Ltd 

Flash Preloader Petals Component is an easy and fast way to add preloader to your Flash design. It is a standard extension for Adobe Flash CS3 and CS4, Actionscript 3.0, both on Windows and Mac. Adding a preloader to your Flash is just as easy as dragging and dropping the component on the first frame of your Flash movie, there is no need for a. Free download of Flash Preloader Petals Component 1.0, size 1.03 Mb.

A2 Flash Php Photo-Gallery 1.0 AFLASHSOFT 

A2 Flash Php Multymedia Photo-Gallery is the easy way to design, organize, display, upload online fully-featured Php Flash Dynamic Photo-Gallery with thumbs. The gallery runs off advanced PHP with MySQL database, Actionscript code, No Flash PHP programming is required. Simply choose category, gallery and upload images. Thats all Features: Control. Free download of A2 Flash Php Photo-Gallery 1.0, size 40.80 Mb.

Argorha pathfinding rc 

Argorha Pathfinding is an algorithm which permit you to find your way into a polygon soup ( 3D world ) efficently by precalculating a system of sectors and portals. AStar included. Demo in Download section, code on SVN.. Freeware download of Argorha pathfinding rc, size 12.05 Mb.

freevial 1 

Freevial is a open-source free trivial game for PSP, where you can create your own questions library and play with your friends. Also you can download the code and improve it ! Colaborators are welcomed !. Freeware download of freevial 1, size 6.03 Mb.

VoiceXML : Time of Day Telephone Service 6 

Time of day service over telephone using Voicent Gateway, a VoiceXML gateway that specially designed for voice modems. A Free version is available for download at Sample code for interactive telephony applications.. Freeware download of VoiceXML : Time of Day Telephone Service 6, size 72.44 Kb.

Yamabiko 1.0 Yamabiko 

Presentation framework for Echo2 web-based GUI apps. Currently pre-alpha but compiles OK. Provides elementary support for Actions, Presentation Models and simple events. Windowing support is planned. Download the code from CVS and ge involved today!!

Yamabiko 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Freeware download of Yamabiko 1.0, size 0 b.

AS3 Sorcerer 1.01 Manitu Group 

AS3 Sorcerer is an AS3 decompiler for Windows. With AS3 Sorcerer, you can open Flash (SWF) files and see decompiled Action Script 3 (AS3) code.You can easily save the decompiled script to a single text file or into a folder structure. AS3 Sorcerer also shows vital Flash file information including contents of SWF header, Metadata and FileAttributes. Free download of AS3 Sorcerer 1.01, size 2.50 Mb.

AS3Obfuscator 1.1.1 Vaklin Radev 

Obfuscates flash actionscript source files - .AS and .FLA files, making them very hard to understand, when viewed with decompiler. Protects flash projects on source level.It is the only utility that can protect .FLA files (frame actionscript, instances, classes), along with .AS files. To do so it should work together with Flash, as flash extension.. Free download of AS3Obfuscator 1.1.1, size 4.34 Mb.

Flash Antidecompiler Pro 4.0 BIS Guard & Co 

The Flash Antidecompiler is a new generation of the flash obfuscators. It is very simple and at the same time secure enough SWF obfuscator. The Flash Antidecompiler encrypts a ready SWF file entirely without using the original ActionScript source code.

The new version is written from the scratch and supports now the all SWF standard. Free download of Flash Antidecompiler Pro 4.0, size 0 b.

DoSWF Professional 5.0.1 DoSWF co.,Ltd 

DoSWF is a professional encryption tool for Adobe Flash SWF and SWC files. Protect your actionscript and all assets, such as image, sound, movie etc. Defend current all Flash decompilers, make your Flash more secure! The key functions of DoSWF as following: -Encrypt Adobe Flash SWF and SWC files. -Obfuscate Actionscript Code. -Domain Lock and SWF. Free download of DoSWF Professional 5.0.1, size 940.03 Kb.

muSprite 0.6.5 autotelicum/Hoigaard 

muSprite is a vector graphics editor for ActionScript 3 and haXe. With it you can design graphics for buttons, icons, pointers, game elements and more for Flash 9 AS3 or haXe, Adobe AIR and Flex MXML projects. Sprites can be created in multiple layers and animated with timeline based tweens.

muSprite generates ActionScript 3 or haXe code. Freeware download of muSprite 0.6.5, size 0 b.