Drawing Application For Mobile

LightWallet for Windows 1.1.5 Oleg Derevenetz 

LightWallet is a open source lightweight J2ME personal finance management application for mobile phones.. Free download of LightWallet for Windows 1.1.5, size 73.40 Kb.


Sketsa SVG Editor 5.3.2 KIYUT 

Sketsa is a cross platform vector drawing application based on SVG. Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is a graphics format and technology based on XML developed by W3C. With Sketsa, you can create vector graphics that can be scaled and printed at any resolution, without losing detail or clarity. You also can get instant visual feedback on what you. Free download of Sketsa SVG Editor 5.3.2, size 11.23 Mb.

IQ Vibrate 1.0 IQ-mobile 

Maybe you have already guessed by reading its name: IQ Vibrate is a java software application for mobile phones designed to ... Vibrate.What can you do with it? Well, you could use it for four main purposes: phone massager (especially the Pulse-Vibration function) vibration and backlight tester for your new phone battery life tester: if you have. Free download of IQ Vibrate 1.0, size 50.18 Kb.

MoCa (Mobile Care) 1.0 Mocamobile 

MoCa is a remote medical diagnostics application for mobile phones. It is built on top of the Google Android platform, and is geared towards the needs of health organizations in developing nations.

MoCa (Mobile Care) 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of MoCa (Mobile Care) 1.0, size 0 b.

YAGDT - Yet Another Graph Drawing Tool 1.0 Yagdt 

yagdt (Yet Another Graph Drawing Tool) is a plugin-based graph drawing application & distributed graph storage engine.

YAGDT - Yet Another Graph Drawing Tool 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of YAGDT - Yet Another Graph Drawing Tool 1.0, size 0 b.

Craynes 1.1 Crayens 

Crayens is a drawing application especially designed for younger children, ages 2+. It has a toddler-oriented usability: instead of a mouse pointer, you get a huge crayon. Instead of a color pallete, you simply tap the keyboard to change colors.

As long as your kid doesn’t spill his orange juice on the keyboard, it’s. Free download of Craynes 1.1, size 0 b.

BankTree Mobile 1.2.5 BankTree 

BankTree Mobile is a mobile app available on the iPhone and iPad that runs stand alone or with the popular BankTree personal finance desktop application:

BankTree Mobile has the following features
Run stand alone or with the desktop application
View your net worth across all accounts
Supports multiple currencies

Guess My Drawing!!! 1.0 Shahryar Khan 

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Best Drawing Application available on the App Store!

Guess my Drawing!

Play with Friends on iPhone and iPod Touch!
Game Center Integration!
Can play more than one game with a. Freeware download of Guess My Drawing!!! 1.0, size 2.31 Mb.

How To Draw - Ultimate Video Guide For Drawing 1.0 Ashok Dubal 

How To Draw is the best video guide for you to learn drawing.

Application Includes:
- Drawing For Beginners
- Advanced Drawing
- Drawing For Kids
- Draw Cartoon Character
- Draw a Scenery
- Draw a Dragon
- How to Draw Anime/Manga
- Tips & Techniques

Get Your Copy today. Free download of How To Draw - Ultimate Video Guide For Drawing 1.0, size 3.25 Mb.

KVAL News Mobile 1.36.0 Fisher Interactive Network LLC 

The Eugene, OR and Springfield, OR news experience you've been waiting for is finally here!

Get the latest local news, sports and weather wherever you go with the KVAL Mobile Local News application. KVAL Mobile Local News takes the best features from KVAL.com and rolls them into a mobile experience that is a must on your iPhone and iPod. Freeware download of KVAL News Mobile 1.36.0, size 10.80 Mb.

Learn Drawing - Step By Step Video Guide To Learn Drawing 1.0 Perceptive Soft Solutions 

How To Draw is the ultimate video guide for you to learn drawing.

Application Includes:
- Drawing For Beginners
- Advanced Drawing
- Drawing For Kids
- Draw Eyes
- Draw Lips
- Draw Face
- Draw Flowers
- Sketch
- Draw Cartoon Character
- Draw a Scenery
- Draw a Dragon
- How to. Free download of Learn Drawing - Step By Step Video Guide To Learn Drawing 1.0, size 3.15 Mb.

Drawing Pad! Joomlazy software 

Drawing pad is a drawing application that allows you to sketch, paint or draw with your fingers.
Featuring an advanced color selector, undo, redo, brush, sticker and frame with a simple yet deep interface, it is a powerful tool for creating original artwork on your Windows phone.

More than 40 tutorials provide step-by-step,. Free download of Drawing Pad!, size 18.87 Mb.

Elevator-Job submission 1 Main Lobby 

Job scheduling application for mobile employees for the repair and maintenance of elevators in high-rise buildings. Job instructions are submitted at office and displayed on the engineer’s mobile phone. Details include address & location of elevator, job details and report back system. . Freeware download of Elevator-Job submission 1, size 20.48 Kb.

PowerDraw 3.0 Tekhnelogos 

PowerCAD is a free drawing application which you can easily draw any type of drawing. PowerCad is designed in between CAD and Desktop Publishing style, so you can use the ease of DTP with the power of cad core.
Using mouse actions or control methods to handle drawings.
Drawing line, polyline, rectangle, polygon, bezier, circle,. Freeware download of PowerDraw 3.0, size 7.67 Mb.

Ambereh 1.0 Ambereh 

Ambereh is a simple and easy-to-use drawing application with online and offline capabilities. In solo mode, you have a great set of tools for artistic drawing, like anti-aliased brushes, brushes with custom bitmaps, full opacity support, circles drawing, auto-circles for softneing edges, blur and smudge for giving the detailed touches for your. Freeware download of Ambereh 1.0, size 7.63 Mb.

SmartDraw 2010 3 2 SmartDraw 

SmartDraw is a drawing application to design business graphics, diagrams and charts of all kinds. The program improves communication, organization, management and planning by drawing any processes. If you know Microsoft’s Visio, this program will be familiar to you. The application also has tutorials to help.

It includes many. Free download of SmartDraw 2010 3 2, size 0 b.

Moccatroller 1 8 Gamblin Software 

Moccatroller is a remote desktop/remote control application for mobile devices, supporting bluetooth and internet connections.

Moccatroller has two parts: a Java application that runs on your PC or laptop, and a J2ME application that runs on your phone or PDA. The PC application requires a Java Runtime Environment, available for free. Freeware download of Moccatroller 1 8, size 71.04 Mb.

EarthPaint 1. 3. 2001 EarthPlot Software 

EarthPaint is an ideal and easy-to-use painting and drawing application for creating graphic overlays for Google Earth. Just launch Google Earth and zoom into the geographical area you wish to work on, and then open your EarthPaint program which will provide you with the choice of synchronizing its view with the current one displayed by Google. Freeware download of EarthPaint 1. 3. 2001, size 26.11 Mb.

GEONExT 1 74 GEONExT Group 

Clearly designed as an aiding tool for teaching Mathematics at any level – from elementary to high school -, GEONExT is a fine drawing application that will help teachers and students alike in generating high-quality mathematical visualizations that, in some cases, would not be possible to create and share with the class otherwise.
. Freeware download of GEONExT 1 74, size 9.69 Mb.

Bridj SMS 1.0.1 Bridj 

This lead to the development of Bridj SMS Desktop Application and Mobile Application. Even in your bathroom, you can now send your customized messages.
You can purchase as low as 50 credits to recharge your account and it will be valid for one year. Higher recharge rates are also available.. Freeware download of Bridj SMS 1.0.1, size 67.65 Mb.