Duplicate Public Folder Remover

Public Folder Watcher ArtfulBits Inc 

Public Folder Watcher (PFW) is an add-on for Microsoft Outlook enabling support of notifications about changes in Exchange Public Folders and providing a status of unread email messages. It works similar to standard Outlook email notifications, but also has several additional features that may be useful for those who use Public Folders.


Exchange Public Folder to SharePoint 3.2 Exchange Public Folder to SharePoint 

The Globally leading company PCVITA Software presents a grandstanding migration tool Exchange Public Folder to SharePoint for collaboration on huge industrial platform. Follow few easies steps & perform hassle free migration to SharePoint in effortless manner. Eliminate data loss or down time & perform bulky hierarchical migrations to. Free download of Exchange Public Folder to SharePoint 3.2, size 3.57 Mb.

PCBooster Free Empty Folder Remover 7.3.2 PCBooster, Inc. 

Although empty folders/directories do not actually take up much harddisk space, but leaving them in your PC & letting them pile up makes no sense but to clutter your disk, waste your searching & managing time and make you system somehow messy. PCBooster Free Empty Folder Remover can help you find hundreds of empty folders recursively below. Freeware download of PCBooster Free Empty Folder Remover 7.3.2, size 711.55 Kb.

Free Empty Folder Delete 4.4.2 FreeEmptyFolderDelete, Inc. 

There are many instances where empty folders are available in Windows, these can occur when you have moved files to different location and forgot to delete the folders or when you uninstall programs. Free Empty Folder Delete is a handy empty folder remover tool designed to find and delete these empty folders including subfolders. It shows you the. Freeware download of Free Empty Folder Delete 4.4.2, size 702.27 Kb.

PCMate Free Empty Folder Delete 6.6.4 PCMateFreeSystemCare Inc. 

PCMate Free Empty Folder Delete is a tiny and free empty folder remover designed to quickly locate & delete empty directories (include empty sub-folders) recursively below a given start folder and shows the result marked with different icons in a well arranged tree. Likewise, folders that have files of zero file size are also deleted.

KBase for Outlook 2 kalmstrom.com Outlook Solutions 

KBase for Outlook is a knowledge base that runs completely in an Exchange Public folder.No extra windows - knowledge base available right inside Outlook. No new client installation. An environment that users already knows. Off-line possibilities. Ease of use. Works with all versions of MS Outlook. Rich text, html and attached files can be used in. Free download of KBase for Outlook 2, size 8.96 Mb.

PostToNote 1.1 IvaSoft 

There is a known feature of MS Exchange 2000 server in that, a message sent from the Internet to public folder is received in the format of the Post form (in Exchange 5.X it is received as the Message form). See XADM: Mail to a Public Folder Is Set as IPM.Post Instead of IPM.Note (Q292484) MS article for details.PostToNote for Exchange 2000. Free download of PostToNote 1.1, size 27.65 Kb.

Public Folder Migration Tool 1.0 pfmigration.sourceforge.net 

This software tool migrates Microsoft Exchange Public Folder data to SharePoint web site. It is a self contained executable and very easy to use. I now want to share with others to refined and customized as needed.. Freeware download of Public Folder Migration Tool 1.0, size 543.80 Kb.

PCVITA Exchange Public Folder to Office 365 3 1 SharePoint Migration 

Public Folders are built on the center messaging platform of Exchange Server, which allow additional capabilities for e-mailing directly. Within Public Folders, a user can easily share contact information, documents, calendars, discussions, and archive e-mail messages through a familiar client interface. Sometime a business user needs to transfer. Free download of PCVITA Exchange Public Folder to Office 365 3 1, size 4.07 Mb.

Yet Another Duplicate File Remover 1.0 yadfr.sourceforge.net 

Another duplicate file finder/remover. But this one is ULTRA FAST, safe, easy to use and of course free and open source.. Freeware download of Yet Another Duplicate File Remover 1.0, size 143.09 Kb.

Zero Zipper 1.0.4 Build 3 Skwire Empire 

The Zero Zipper application was developed to be a small, easy to use tool that will allow you to duplicate a folder / file structure as zero-byte files and then create a zip from them.

. Free download of Zero Zipper 1.0.4 Build 3, size 0 b.

Watch Folders 4.0.4042.30111 Sperry Software 

Do you need to be notified when someone changes something in a public folder? Now you can automatically get notified when an item in a public folder or shared mailbox changes. Easily keep track of changes in a multi-user environment, or when using an additional shared mailbox.

The add-in will prompt you (or send an email) for any of the. Free download of Watch Folders 4.0.4042.30111, size 0 b.

PostToNote for MS Exchange 2000 1.1 Ivasoft.biz 

There is known feature of MS Exchange 2000 server that a message sent from the Internet to public folder is received in the format of the Post form (in Exchange 5.X it is received as Message form). PostToNote for Exchange 2000 application lets eliminate this problem. It changes the messageclass property of ingoing message from IPM.Post to IPM.Note. Free download of PostToNote for MS Exchange 2000 1.1, size 0 b.

Outlook Security Hash Generator New Microsoft 

In previous versions of Outlook, security settings could be customized by using the Exchange Server security form, then publishing the settings in a form in an Exchange Public Folder.

In Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, you can configure the same security options by using new Group Policy settings. The new security settings are available. Free download of Outlook Security Hash Generator New, size 0 b.

My Image Resizer 2.01 Construction Software 

Put your images in a public folder and My Image Resizer resizes them instantly

. Free download of My Image Resizer 2.01, size 0 b.

Recovery Files – Exchange Public Folder 14.01.01 Exchange Public Folder Recovery 

Kernel for Exchange Recovery software provides the ideal way to fix all sorts of EDB file error in almost every situation. What is more special about this edb file recovery utility is its two modes of recovery- Standard Scan and Advanced Scan that makes the process of file recover quite smoother. In fact, an additional advanced setting option. Free download of Recovery Files – Exchange Public Folder 14.01.01, size 12.69 Mb.

Pub1.EDB Recovery 2.6 Pub1.EDB Recovery 

Do you want to recover pub1.EDB File? So just make use of InFixi Pub1.EDB Recovery Software to repair pub1 EDB file and recover public folder without making changes. By taking help of public folder recovery Software you can recover pub1.EDB File or Convert pub1.EDB to PST with email properties- To, Cc, BCC, Date and Time in just few minutes. InFixi. Free download of Pub1.EDB Recovery 2.6, size 2.96 Mb.

Duplicate Text Finder & Remover 1.1 Tahionic 

We strongly recommend you the best text finder and remover! Duplicate Text Finder & Remover does not require being installed or uninstalled. Just download the program and run it. It is really small and it has low requirements. Runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.. Freeware download of Duplicate Text Finder & Remover 1.1, size 1.06 Mb.

PFDAVAdmin 2.8 Microsoft 

The tool checks the permissions status of each public and mailbox folder and corrects any problems found. The ability to bulk export/import the permissions and replica lists make this tool invaluable in achieving greater productivity in managing public folders.

The program can also reports content information of each public folder and. Free download of PFDAVAdmin 2.8, size 0 b.

PCTuneUp Free Empty Folder Delete 4.2.4 PCTuneUp, Inc. 

You might think that searching and deleting empty directories is a trivial thing, but once you have hundreds of them it gets really exhausting. PCTuneUp Free Empty Folder Delete is a handy empty folder remover tool designed to find and delete empty folders including subfolders with different delete modes.

Most of the times, the empty. Freeware download of PCTuneUp Free Empty Folder Delete 4.2.4, size 476.29 Kb.