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Wired: Copy-Protected CDs Taken Back

"[BMG Germany] was faced with a backlash from consumers complaining that some of the copy-protected CDs were unplayable."

Slashdot: BMG's New Copy-Protected Audio CDs

"BMG-Entertainment started selling audio-CDs using the Cactus Data Shield, a copy-protection system developed by Midbar and Sonopress which makes it impossible to grab the music from the CD...


Provider of DVD software to play, record, edit, author and distribute digital video and audio products. Programs include WinDVD, DVD Copy.

Elaborate Bytes

CloneCD is a CD replication program, copy files from one CD to another. Program writes in Raw mode, to have full control over the output. With the correct equipment, it can make working copies of...

Lawsuit Challenges Copy-Protected CDs

"The five major record companies have been hit with a class-action lawsuit charging that new CDs designed to thwart Napster-style piracy are defective and should either be barred from sale or...

Consumers in Crossfire of Labels' War on Piracy

"The downside of copy-protected music CDs? Some won't play when consumers get them home." By Aaron Pressman. [Christian Science Monitor]

Special Report: Copy-Protected CDs

"How the labels are trying to stop you." [Rolling Stone]