Dynamic Data Structure

Data Structure & Algorithm Library(DSAL) 1.0.51 dsal.sourceforge.net 

The Data Structure & Algorithm Library (DSAL) is a library of classical data structure and algorithm.. Freeware download of Data Structure & Algorithm Library(DSAL) 1.0.51, size 56.70 Kb.


Java Data Structure Collection 1.0.0.beta2 jdsc.sourceforge.net 

Just another data-structure library for Java.. Freeware download of Java Data Structure Collection 1.0.0.beta2, size 455.45 Kb.

Data Structure & Algorithm Library(DSAL) 1.0.52 Dsal 

The Data Structure & Algorithm Library (DSAL) is a library of classical data structure and algorithm.

no exception, and ability to work without exception, exception safety, template interface, flexible choice, programming by contract, no library to link, STL similar, support multi-compiler, support multi-platform

Data. Freeware download of Data Structure & Algorithm Library(DSAL) 1.0.52, size 69.94 Kb.

Dynamic Data Wiki 1.0 Dynamicdatawiki 

Dynamic Data Wiki is a wikiwiki website that makes adding data and viewing data easy for the wiki user. Instead of the content being only page based, users can add more data to a set, edit data, and query data to view custom tables.

Dynamic Data Wiki 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Dynamic Data Wiki 1.0, size 0 b.

AlgoExplorer 1.0 Algoexplorer 

AlgoExplorer is a dynamic data structures viewer for Java.
It allows the visualization of data structure of a Java program, allowing you to see how objects, handled by the algorithms, interact with each other and how they are related and linked.

AlgoExplorer 1.0 License - GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3). Freeware download of AlgoExplorer 1.0, size 0 b.

JMP 9.0.2 Sas 

JMP brings dynamic data visualization and deep analytics to desktops around the world. Interactive and easy to use, JMP makes data exploration and discoveries visual, informs decision making, and helps you communicate your findings to others.

With JMP you’ll make discoveries – and decisions – faster than. Free download of JMP 9.0.2, size 0 b.

AppWrap web frontend to workgroup data 0.14 Appwrap 

AppWrap is a web GUI front end to DB back end, making it easy for users to maintain and track dynamic data; easy for admins to increase the scope of data included. Improvement over sharing files among a workgroup, needing gobal 7x24 access.

AppWrap web frontend to workgroup data 0.14 License - GNU General Public License version 2.0. Freeware download of AppWrap web frontend to workgroup data 0.14, size 359.11 Kb.

Polaris 1.0 DS Software 

POLARIS features:-Friendly user interface-Capability to configure data structure and its presentation in application -Capability to create optional links between various lists-Registration of multi-level hierarchy for all lists-Capability to define additional list and additional fields in all lists-Administrative definitions of lists views,. Free download of Polaris 1.0, size 121.62 Mb.

Boundary Representation Library 1.0 breplibrary.sourceforge.net 

Implementation of a topological data structure for representing the boundary (surface) of a 3D solid. A core layer on top of which e.g. CSG operations or 3D model topology fixers can be build. Includes a CSG sample application.. Freeware download of Boundary Representation Library 1.0, size 53.09 Kb.

ESBTL 1.0.beta01 esbtl.sourceforge.net 

ESBTL (Easy Structural Biology Template Library) is a lightweight C++ library that allows the handling of PDB data and provides a data structure suitable for geometric analysis and advanced constructions.. Freeware download of ESBTL 1.0.beta01, size 125.56 Kb.

Extended Root Tree 183 nix.ch 

Distributed Balanced Tree (distributed b-tree): A distributed data-structure, where the data is accessed with get(key), put(key, value), delete(key), getNext(key), getPrev(key) - can be used as foundation for distributed databases, filessystems, P2P.. Freeware download of Extended Root Tree 183, size 6.16 Mb.

Half-Edge Library b.0.5 halfedgelib.sourceforge.net 

HalfEdgeLib is a simple to use implementation of this popular data structure, which enables quick and easy adjacency queries, topologic verifiability and iterator-based traversals. Some geometric and topological manipulation algorithms are now available,. Freeware download of Half-Edge Library b.0.5, size 1.74 Mb.

jasperberry 002 jasperberry.sourceforge.net 

Small and simple java library for working with Jasper Reports dynamically, enabling dynamic column creation and dynamic data sets using Apache DynaBeans. Project is developed by people at small software company called Softberries www.softberries.com. Freeware download of jasperberry 002, size 48.65 Kb.

jIntersect 2009.03.31 jintersect.sourceforge.net 

jIntersect is an OLAP like Java algorithm that takes a JDBC ResultSet as input and returns a data structure with all possible intersections, combinations and permutations of the data, pre-summarized at multiple levels for quick access.. Freeware download of jIntersect 2009.03.31, size 40.18 Kb.

LSHKIT 0.2.1 lshkit.sourceforge.net 

This library implements several locality sensitive hashing(LSH) based algorithms, including indexing data structure for high dimensional spaces and metric spaces, sketch constructions and set embedding algorithms.. Freeware download of LSHKIT 0.2.1, size 101.39 Kb.

OF - Opposite Face 032008 ofmesh.sourceforge.net 

A topological data structure to handle 2D, surfaces and 3D simplicial meshes. This data structure is implemented in C++ using templates. It is based on Corner-Table and CGAL data structure.. Freeware download of OF - Opposite Face 032008, size 47.22 Kb.

PCGenDM 134 pcgendm.sourceforge.net 

PCGen Data Manipulation/Management - For the manipulation/management of the data sets (list files) and data structure (directory tree) used within PCGen.. Freeware download of PCGenDM 134, size 93.09 Kb.

pygraph 1.0 pynetwork.sourceforge.net 

Python library for a fast and flexible graph data structure.. Freeware download of pygraph 1.0, size 153.73 Kb.

SHE - Singular Handle-Edge 032008 she.sourceforge.net 

A topological data structure to handle 2D simplicial meshes (using the Morse operators published by authors). This data structure is implemented using C++ and it is based on the classical Half-Edge. This code started in 2002 and it has been used in many. Freeware download of SHE - Singular Handle-Edge 032008, size 38.58 Kb.

Snow: a deserialization library 0.2 java-snow.sourceforge.net 

Snow is a library which allows to deserialize complex data structure from a simple source in a configurable manner.. Freeware download of Snow: a deserialization library 0.2, size 232.53 Kb.