E71 Pinger

Friendly Pinger 5 A.Kilievich & Co. 

Friendly Pinger - is a powerful and user-friendly application for network administration, monitoring and inventory. Visualization of your computer network as a beautiful animated screen.Monitoring network devices availability.Notification when any server wakes up or goes down.Ping of all devices in parallel at once.Audit software and hardware. Free download of Friendly Pinger 5, size 2.14 Mb.


digiXMAS Blog Pinger 1.0.0 digiXMAS Limited 

digiXMAS Blog Pinger is a very fast pinging tool that that pings your blog to hundreds of services within a minute. Using latest Microsoft .NET technology, the tool brings the beatiful user interface and the powerful multithreading technology to end users.

The key features are:
- User friendly and easy-to-use user interface.

Mass Pinger 1.0 Aleksandr Vorobiev 

Mass Pinger is a lightweight application that you can use to monitor network servers and workstations.

Mass Pinger works with large networks and enables you to create computer groups. It displays the current status (online / offline) of every monitored workstation, together with the total number of ping attempts.

. Freeware download of Mass Pinger 1.0, size 0 b.

Major Pinger Alpha wjlanders 

Major Pinger is a ping tool that manages to return most important ping related information and statistics.

Now, you can use Major Pinger to quickly ping a website and check its availability, or determine when it will be available in case it's down.

. Freeware download of Major Pinger Alpha, size 0 b.

Auto Pinger 2.0.0 Service Master Software 

Auto Pinger is a handy application designed to help you detect the network connections that are broken by pinging the remote devices. The program allows you to add multiple devices by entering the IP address or the host name in the database.

This program intends to help network administrators to monitor multiple devices with less effort.. Free download of Auto Pinger 2.0.0, size 0 b.

HELIUM PINGer 0.97 M.Zeman 

HELIUM PINGer is a lightweight application that was designed in order to provide you with a simple means of checking IP addresses and tracing domains with a couple of clicks.

The software can handle lists with IP addresses that will be checked in moments.

. Free download of HELIUM PINGer 0.97, size 0 b.

Easy Addy Pinger Ray Crutchens 

Easy Addy Pinger was developed as an easy-to-use and very simple tool that can help system administrators ping IP addresses.

All you have to do for the program to work is input the IP you want to test and press the "Ping" button. The program will do the rest.

. Freeware download of Easy Addy Pinger, size 0 b.

digiXMAS Blog Pinger .NET 1.0.0 digiXMAS.com 

digiXMAS Blog Pinger .NET is designed to help you easily ping hundreds of services in just a few minutes.

Using latest Microsoft .NET technology, the tool brings the beatiful user interface and the powerful multithreading technology to end users.

. Free download of digiXMAS Blog Pinger .NET 1.0.0, size 0 b.

Network Pinger Gonzalo Ferreira 

Network Pinger is a handy and reliable utility designed for network ping and traceroute. Network Pinger includes several powerful and useful tools for those who work in network or systems administration everyday or for those who simply need to use it occasionally.

Not only there is a very powerful mass ping tool with browsing automation. Free download of Network Pinger, size 0 b.

Pinger 1.1 ALSEDI 

ALSEDI Pinger is a small FREEWARE utility displaying connection status to specified site/host. It uses standard Ping (ICMP) protocol to check host availability, so it can be used to monitor connection status to any site, like google.com or any computer in your home/office network.. Freeware download of Pinger 1.1, size 205.03 Kb.

EZ Pinger 1.01.061220 Maximum Output Software 

EZ Pinger is a network monitoring and management tool for testing Internet and local hosts via Ping, TCP connections, Windows services, Windows shares, and web servers via HTTP. When a host goes offline or comes online alerts can be sent via email, on-screen popup, HTTP, or EZ Pinger can launch external programs in response to online / offline. Free download of EZ Pinger 1.01.061220, size 1.56 Mb.

Konst Pinger 1.25 VisualSoft 

Konst Pinger is a program for ping and trace internet host. Ping host that you choice. Show results in graph mode. Change delay time for pinging. Store hosts in a file. Minimized to system tray and background mode ping. Trace route to host. WhoIs support with advanced futures. Write result to log file by host name or into one. Customize limit. Freeware download of Konst Pinger 1.25, size 964.61 Kb.

Aceconvert DVD To Nokia E71 4.0 Aceconvert 

The Suite includes All Files,DVD,CD,SVCD and VCD to Nokia E71 Video Converter. The Nokia E71 Video Converter lets you easily and quickly convert all popular video formats like AVI, MPG, MPEG, DAT, MOV, ASF,FLV to Nokia E71 video (MP4 format). And the Kingconvert to Nokia E71 helps you convert any Files,DVD,CD,VCD to Nokia E71 movie with high. Free download of Aceconvert DVD To Nokia E71 4.0, size 20.97 Mb.

Super SEO Software 3 73 MMG Software Ltd 

Super SEO Pinger - Get your site in the top of Google in a matter of minutes! This software can index your website then ping it to make sure you appear first for your keyword. It can index a website in a matter of hours or even minutes!. Freeware download of Super SEO Software 3 73, size 452.61 Kb.

bossdetector 0.5.1 kaliy 

bossdetector is a small, Java based application designed to offer users a simple pinger. You can ping some host with specified period and send you the message about any changes via e-mail, jabber or sms.
for WindowsAll

. Freeware download of bossdetector 0.5.1, size 0 b.

Server Pinger 1.0 Dojotech Software 

Server Pinger does just what it says on the tin. It will ping a list of servers and report the elapsed time. It does this on a user-configurable interval from 15 minutes to every 5 seconds.By default, it will ping the server based on URL and port 80 for websites, but it will work on any port or server name (including IP address). You can create and. Freeware download of Server Pinger 1.0, size 1.22 Mb.

X3 LanObserver 1.0 X3lanobserver 

Set of various network observing and searching services (FTP indexer, SMB indexer, gameserver pinger and history logger, web interface for search and management) mainly for LAN-Parties. Technologies: C#, ASP.NET, IIS, MSSQL, Access, TCPIP

X3 LanObserver 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of X3 LanObserver 1.0, size 0 b.

SuperScan 3.0 Foundstone, Inc 

SuperScan is a powerful connect-based TCP port scanner, pinger and hostname resolver. Multithreaded and asynchronous techniques make this program extremely fast and versatile.
Key Features

Perform ping scans and port scans using any IP range.
Use a text file to extract addresses from.
Scan any port range from a built-in. Freeware download of SuperScan 3.0, size 241.17 Kb.

LandlordBG.com Properties Local Pinger 1.0 LandlordBG.com 

LandlordBG.com Bulgarian Properties Local Pinger is a small tool pinging servers on timer. The applicaton was developed for the LandlordBG.co.uk bulgarian property real estate agency Bulgaria who agreed to share it free. Please visit www.landlordbg.com for more details.. Freeware download of LandlordBG.com Properties Local Pinger 1.0, size 304.09 Kb.

Rocket Pinger 1.5 Cheapest Web Software 

Drive Instant Massive Traffic To Your Sites The FREE, Easy and Completely Automated Way! Experience the little-known strategy to effortlessly get your Web pages into the Search Engines within mere days! The Shockingly Simple and FREE Way To Explode Your Website Traffic and Sales! Rocket Pinger is the Full Featured, Comletely AutomatedFree Traffic. Free download of Rocket Pinger 1.5, size 115.34 Kb.