E Mark Pcx File Freeware

Byte Investigator 0.1.6 byteinvestigato.sourceforge.net 

O projeto Byte Investigator do Octane Labs nasceu com a finalidade de se ter um kit de ferramentas (scripts perl) de parsing de varias estruturas do ambiente Windows (arquivos e estruturas dos file systems). Estas ferramentas poderALo ser utilizadas no cotidiano dos profissionais e pesquisadores de seguranA┬ža nas tratativas de resposta a. Freeware download of Byte Investigator 0.1.6, size 103.13 Kb.


PCX Viewer 3 2 IdeaMK 

PCX (Personal Computer eXchange) was the native file format for PC Paintbrush and before GIF, JPEG and PNG, was one of the first widely accepted DOS imaging standards. This image file format was developed by ZSoft Corporation of Marietta, Georgia, USA.

PCX is a raster image format, the file header stores metadata about the image,. Freeware download of PCX Viewer 3 2, size 10.91 Mb.

Condor2Nav 4.0 github.com 

Translator of Condor (The Competition Soaring Simulator) task to gliding navigation application (e.g. LK8000) file formats.. Freeware download of Condor2Nav 4.0, size 1.19 Mb.

Placidus Utilities 1.0.3 placidusutil.sourceforge.net 

Java utility-library for reusable java helper classes (e.g.: Log/File/Http/Jaxb/Performance/Xml/.. helpers). Javadoc for every public function are well. JUnit-testcases exist for every public function. Full downward compatibility in all future versions.. Freeware download of Placidus Utilities 1.0.3, size 36.94 Kb.

Folder Color Icon Set 1.0 ArcticLine Software 

Folder Color icon set is a must-have for any computer user who has lots of folders and would like to organize them for faster search and quick retrieval. The set of 36 color coded XP folder icons can be used to mark out file folders to make folders easier to spot.
With Microsoft Windows, you have a FREE way to change a folder color. You just. Freeware download of Folder Color Icon Set 1.0, size 456.70 Kb.

Sendtosendto 1.2.5 whyEye.org 

A Windows shell extension that lets its user easily add new entries to the SendTo folder. Just mark any file, go to the SendTo folder and click on 'Add here'. Easy like that.. Freeware download of Sendtosendto 1.2.5, size 89.09 Kb.

Midlet Photo 1.0 Midletphoto 

Crea una galleria di foto visibile direttamente sul cellulare. Seleziona le foto sul PC, scegli l'effetto per il passaggio da una foto all'altra, avvia l'esecuzione e copia il file .jad sul cellulare.

Midlet Photo 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Midlet Photo 1.0, size 0 b.

CryptUp Indigo Rose Corporation 

CryptUp secures your data. It encrypts any kind of file on any kind of medium: floppy disk, removable or fixed hard drive, USB key, etc.! CryptUp secures your e-mail attachments right away, without your having to modify your mail system. You can safely send files over your Intranet or the Internet using any mail system that supports file. Freeware download of CryptUp, size 1.21 Mb.

CodeTwo Outlook Attachment Reminder 1.1.0 CodeTwo 

CodeTwo Outlook Attachment Reminder is a free Microsoft Outlook add-on that alerts you when it seems that you have forgotten to attach a file to your message and unfortunately pressed the Send button.

The program quickly scans a content of your e-mail and if it finds predefined expressions, such as e.g. 'see file', 'attachment', it. Freeware download of CodeTwo Outlook Attachment Reminder 1.1.0, size 14.13 Mb.

MyLesson File 1.0 E-lesson 

My new Project for E-Learning.

MyLesson File 1.0 License - Academic Free License (AFL); GNU General Public License (GPL); Public Domain. Freeware download of MyLesson File 1.0, size 0 b.

febooti fileTweak Hex Editor 1 febooti software 

febooti hex editor is simple and easy to use utility, fully integrated into windows properties pages, that allows to modify file binary content in the very precise and exact way. Hex editor provides significant benefit, namely, the possibility to edit strictly specified regions of file without affecting the layout of file or content shifting, thus. Freeware download of febooti fileTweak Hex Editor 1, size 212.99 Kb.

SSuite Desktop Search Engine SSuite Office Software 

SSuite Desktop Search and Find is a useful windows desktop search engine that can find files, folders, and file content. This small application is also multi-threaded for instant search results. Advanced search features also included: search by content e.g. text, file size, date created, date accessed, and many more options...

Perform. Freeware download of SSuite Desktop Search Engine, size 5.50 Mb.

Orneta Notepad for Smartphone 2003 2.0.2 Orneta 

Orneta Notepad is a basic text editor for Windows Mobile based Smartphone's that you can use to create simple documents. The most common use for Notepad is to view or edit text (.txt) files. Editing Functionality: Selection mode can be used to select words or characters for editing purposes. Cut text to move it to a different location, or. Freeware download of Orneta Notepad for Smartphone 2003 2.0.2, size 69.20 Kb.

bxAutoZip for Outlook 1.50 BAxBEx Software 

bxAutoZip adds a new button to your Outlook message window.
Simply press the button, and all file attachments are quickly and auto- matically compressed before the message is sent. This can reduce
the size of your e-mail by up to 90%.

Downloaden Sie eine kostenlose Testversion! Download
FAQ -. Freeware download of bxAutoZip for Outlook 1.50, size 1.32 Mb.

DoublePics 5.0 DotNetFabrik 

DoublePics is an image analyzer to search for identical/duplicated and similar photos and movies. Anyone who has to deal intensively with images to compare will benefit from the advantages of DoublePics. It uses various and intelligent time-saving search algorithms to optimize the work process. The interface is divided into several windows, which. Freeware download of DoublePics 5.0, size b.

Quick Erase Rizonesoft 

When you delete a file, it isn't really gone because Windows just marks the space they occupied as being available. Anyone with a restoration or undelete program could recover them, meaning that personal data could get into the wrong hands. This is bad news if you want to purge some sensitive data like old passwords, banking details, financial. Freeware download of Quick Erase, size 1.02 Mb.

Snap e-Results Viewer 1.10.005 Snap Surveys 

This download enables colleagues and clients to view your survey results if they do not have Snap desktop survey software installed. It is completely free to download and share with colleagues and clients.

If you have created many tables and charts in Snap there is a quick and easy way to share them with colleagues and clients. You can. Freeware download of Snap e-Results Viewer 1.10.005, size 0 b.

DocFetcher Portable 1.1.6 DocFetcher Development Team 

DocFetcher portable is an Open Source desktop search application: It allows you to search the contents of files on your computer. OCo You can think of it as Google for your local files.

DocFetcher requires that you create so-called indexes for the folders you want to search in. What indexing is and how it works is explained in more. Freeware download of DocFetcher Portable 1.1.6, size 42.89 Mb.

HaxFix 4 48 Marcvn 

HaxFix is a tool that can be used to remove Haxdoor, Goldun en some SpyBanker Infections.

When you use haxfix, always make a logfile first.
The logfile is showing all services, safeboot services and notify keys, that are matching with the current haxdoor/goldun variants.
Haxfix checks for known SSDOL keys related to. Freeware download of HaxFix 4 48, size 0 b.

JChecksum 1.0 Josh Walters 

JChecksum is a free and open-source program that calculates MD2, MD5 and SHA checksums. Checksums or hash sums are values used to check data correctness. Although it has different names and uses (from cryptography to parity bit), the main principle is always the same.

Digital data is composed of zeros and ones. A checksum is a. Freeware download of JChecksum 1.0, size 18.26 Mb.