Easy Art

Shape Art 1.00.7 Data Product Services Ltd. 

Shape Art, the fun and easy way for your children to create fantastic artwork, mosaics and animations!Shape Art is an adaptation of a very old program I wrote for the Atari 8 Bit computers many many years ago, which was published on the Atari Magazine (Actually the first program I ever got published). With my children now at school, my eldest came. Free download of Shape Art 1.00.7, size 1.76 Mb.


GeniuX Art 1 35 XTeam Software Solution / Luce Digitale 

GeniuX ART ® is a standalone software easy to use for layout, comics and digital painting. The artificial intelligence system allows you to use XAI BRAIN pencils, brushes, digital pens that reproduce the behavior of their real counterparts, thanks to full support of the graphic pen.

The software contains a rich library of. Free download of GeniuX Art 1 35, size 155.41 Mb.

Crayola Art Start 1 5 Core Learning 

Crayola® Art Start is an easy to learn draw and paint program that targets beginner level users. The program is loaded with fun features and resources that encourage artistic exploration. Parents, caregivers, and teachers will appreciate the Activity Guide, User Manual, and Program Tour included with the software.. Free download of Crayola Art Start 1 5, size 0 b.

ART Ringtone Maker 1.0 SoftArtStudio 

ART Ringtone Maker is a handy and reliable application designed to produce ringtones in five easy-to-follow steps.

ART Ringtone Maker allows users to visually select the part of the song to be converted into a ringtone, as well as to configure ID3 tags and various audio effects.

. Free download of ART Ringtone Maker 1.0, size 0 b.

Easy Photo Mosaic Maker Home Edition 12.0 EZMOSAIC COM.LTD. 

Easy Photo Mosaic Maker Home Edition is a useful art application which allows you to create mosaic files from your photo collections (made of thousands of small pictures).

You might already have seen photo mosaics in commercials, magazines and other marketing media. It can be used as personal projects too, poster / yearbook / mural. Free download of Easy Photo Mosaic Maker Home Edition 12.0, size 0 b.

Art Block Cure for Android 1.1.3 Art Block Cure 

ART BLOCK. A horrible thing, isn't it? Now and then you might sit there looking at an empty paper with absolutely no idea what to fill it with. Maybe your imagination is assaulted with all kinds of sceneries and characters, but when you try to draw you're dissatisfied with each end result. Perhaps you feel you're not good enough or unexpectedly. Free download of Art Block Cure for Android 1.1.3, size 2 b.

Art-Copy Business 7.6 Jetsoft Development 

Art-Copy Business interacts with your scanners manufacturers software to give you an easy to use scanning software alternative. With Art-Copy Business you can use our simple copy machine style front end, with scan-to buttons that support scanning directly to printers, faxes, files, or even applications. Art-Copy Business also packs a powerful. Free download of Art-Copy Business 7.6, size 9.15 Mb.

Art-Copy Consumer 7.6 Jetsoft Development 

Art-Copy Consumer interacts with your scanners manufacturers software to give you an easy to use scanning software alternative. With Art-Copy Consumer you can use our simple one button style front end, with scan-to buttons that support scanning directly to printers, faxes, files, or even applications. Art-Copy Consumer supports your basic scanning. Free download of Art-Copy Consumer 7.6, size 9.16 Mb.

Cut2D 1 1 Vectric Limited 

Cut2D is an easy-to-use program that converts vector art into toolpaths. The program can be used by professional CNC machinists and also by novices and is applicable in a lot of machine-aided works, such as Model Engineering, Sign Making, Toy making, Woodworking, Model Aircraft parts and many others. Cut2D is based on a VCarve Pro technology and. Free download of Cut2D 1 1, size 16.20 Mb.

TwistedBrush Pro Studio 23.02 Pixarra Inc 

Digital paint software and photo editor with natural art tools. TwistedBrush Pro Studio has one of the most versatile and powerful brush engines in existence, yet it as designed from day one to be easy to use. TwistedBrush has more than 5,000 brushes, along with all the features that artists love to use: layers, realistic media, photo cloning,. Free download of TwistedBrush Pro Studio 23.02, size 34.91 Mb.

Pixel Art 4.0 B19 1.0 Muze Software Inc. 

Pixel Art is a tool that can provide a quick and easy way to create pixel images within minutes, and have the end result stun and surprise anyone with how clear and great it looks. All you have to to is select the square size, select the color you want to use and start drawing.. Freeware download of Pixel Art 4.0 B19 1.0, size 9.44 Mb.

Readerware for Windows 4.09 Readerware Corporation 

The easiest, fastest way to catalog your books, music and videos. Nothing else comes close. Have a large collection? The unique auto-catalog feature lets you feed in a list of ISBNs, LCCNs, UPCs or barcode scans. Readerware then does the rest, automatically searching the web and cataloging your books, music and videos. Readerware can merge. Free download of Readerware for Windows 4.09, size 2.02 Mb.

3D Spin Art Free 2.2 Inner Four, Inc. 

Let your creative side come out with 3D Spin Art Free. 3D Spin Art is based on one of our favorite childhood crafts but given a twist. Instead of using boring old paper and paint we use colored blocks. This app makes it fun and easy to create hypnotic pieces of artwork wherever and whenever.

It's the fun of the carnival in your pocket,. Freeware download of 3D Spin Art Free 2.2, size 16.57 Mb.

AA(Text-Art) Sticker Maker 1.0.2 Quan Inc. 

You can make stickers with animated Text-Art Sticker in 5 seconds!

You can create original text-face stickers for LINE, Kakao Talk, LOUNGE, etc and send them to the Apps.

3 easy steps.

1. Select sticker.
2. Select font and enter your message.
3. Send to the desired messenger app.

The sticker. Freeware download of AA(Text-Art) Sticker Maker 1.0.2, size 13.00 Mb.

AA(Text-Art) Sticker Maker for MMS 1.0.1 Quan Inc. 

You can make Stickers with animated text-art for MMS & iMesseage!

4 easy steps

1. Select background image.
2. Select font and enter your message.
3. Choose "send to MMS/iMessage"
4. Paste the image in the textbox for MMS/iMessage.

You can also download "Text-face Sticker. Freeware download of AA(Text-Art) Sticker Maker for MMS 1.0.1, size 12.90 Mb.

Awesome Art Wallpapers HD 1.0 Ru XIA 

"Awesome wallpapers" -- brian
"so cute they are!" -- cmms
"very easy as to use!" -- alcho
"It gives a new look to my ipad!" --kitty
Now $3.99 to $1.99

Awesome Art Wallpapers HD is a. Free download of Awesome Art Wallpapers HD 1.0, size 148.90 Mb.

Christian Art & Architecture - Classic Art Gallery 1.0 AlterEgo Apps 

This premium edition app contains over 200 of Christian Art's best paintings, reliefs, icons & architecture, placed into sections with thumbnails for easy browsing.

Features include:

* Browse pictures by swiping through a gallery or using the main screen thumbnail view.
* Tap, pinch and zoom any picture.
* Add a. Free download of Christian Art & Architecture - Classic Art Gallery 1.0, size 98.04 Mb.

EDGE touch (pixel art tool) 2.0.1 TAKABO SOFT 

EDGE touch is a full featured pixel art editor for the iPhone and iPod
Pixels can be drawn directly by tapping. It makes creating pixel art
enjoyable and easy anytime, anywhere.

Main Features:
- Supports from 1x1 to 320x480 pixels
- Basic drawing functions like freehand, straight line, square, ellipse,. Free download of EDGE touch (pixel art tool) 2.0.1, size 2.20 Mb.

Qixel HD : Pixel Art Painter 1.1 Frosby Studios 

Qixel HD is an iPad app that makes it super-easy for designers, pixel-lovers and retro gamers to make stylised 'qixel art' and share their designs by email, Facebook and Twitter.

Qixel is a live art project that encourages people to share their designs on the Qixel Facebook Gallery: facebook.com/qixelgallery

New in this. Free download of Qixel HD : Pixel Art Painter 1.1, size 11.53 Mb.

Beyond FTP Client 3.0.0 Automated Programming Technologies 

The Beyond FTP Client is easy to install and use, with its state of the art "explorer-like" drag and drop interface, file distributions and collections are only a few mouse clicks away. The Beyond FTP Client allows the user to define scripts, server lists, and file lists in an easy and intuitive way. The Beyond FTP Script Editor guides. Free download of Beyond FTP Client 3.0.0, size 10.07 Mb.