Edit Size Game To Motorola

SokoTool 1.0 Sokotool 

SokoTool is a Java program for solve or edit the game of Sokoban.It is cool,and I will Continues to try hard to cause it to be more intelligent .

Level solver, Level editor

SokoTool 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of SokoTool 1.0, size 0 b.


Same Game for Windows 1.0 Zxsamegame 

zxSameGame is a game like KDE SameGame or Gnome SameGnome games, but released for Windows platform under .NET Framework. You can select game size, game animations and graphic bitmap for the game.

Same Game for Windows 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Same Game for Windows 1.0, size 0 b.

Realm Crafter 2 41 Solstar Games 

The Realm Crafter game engine is the heart of the MMORPG development system. The engine creates the virtual game world and the behavior of everything in it. It generates 3D images and handles the network communications. The Realm Crafter engine is designed to be modular, meaning it is broken down into smaller units thus making it easier for you to. Free download of Realm Crafter 2 41, size 346.97 Mb.

Jacky Bomb 2.5.119 Tech Vision 

The game was created specifically for the PKade (the late Planet Klik's arcade). The game then hibernated for a couple of years until Mårten so kind to respond to the suggestion from TechVision that a re-launch of the game would be a great idea. Therefore Mårten has given TechVision the opportunity to edit the game and. Freeware download of Jacky Bomb 2.5.119, size 92.00 Mb.

Labyrinth 3D 1.17 Bangless 

*** Maze game based on real 3D model ***

Welcome to Labyrinth 3D!

Touch the white ball and make the best time to exit the labyrinth.

Lose yourself in a colorful labyrinth and, if you dare, find the exit of a 50x50 - 2500 cells maze (full version). Challenge your sense of direction and try to post the best time on. Freeware download of Labyrinth 3D 1.17, size 24.01 Mb.

Touch4: FS5 (FREE) 2.6.2 FlipSide5, Inc. 

Touch4 is the easiest to use and most fun 4-in-a-row game on the planet!

Touch4 is a fun, free app that lets you play the classic game....Gameplay is simple but satisfying, and Touch4 offers ample customization options, everything from different-size game boards to multiple AI skill levels.
4 out of 5 Stars

Pixel Grease - Easy Image Editor 2 MiRaGe Audio Visual Media 

Pixel Grease provides you with a quick way to resize and optimize digital pictures for uploading to web sites, attaching to email or importing into any kind of document which might benefit from reduced picture sizes. It can convert from one picture format to another and can create multiple images of different sizes, file types and compression. Free download of Pixel Grease - Easy Image Editor 2, size 5.16 Mb.

Mac Barcode Scanner Software Barcode label maker software 

Mac barcode scanner software is excellent utility to generate customized assets tags, ribbons in different size, dimensions, colors, fonts. Download mac barcode sticker producer application effectively saves created high quality images in major file formats such as jpeg, jpg, png, gif, tiff, wmf, emf, exif etc on your computer. Freeware mac barcode. Free download of Mac Barcode Scanner Software, size 2.09 Mb.

Name Card Design Name card design 

Easy to operate Name Card Design software gives you ability to generate colorful, impressive, standard, wonderful looking, personalized and amazing business visiting cards in 2D and linear fonts just in few clicks of mouse with your fewer efforts. Professionally developed Name Card Design program facilitates you to produce high resolution and. Free download of Name Card Design, size 10.80 Mb.

CGoban 1 1.9.14 cgoban1.sourceforge.net 

The CGoban 1 program is a Unix-based client for connection to internet go server that use protocols similar to the one used by IGS, the Internet Go Server. It also functions as a SGF (Smart Game Format) browser that lets you view and edit go game records.. Freeware download of CGoban 1 1.9.14, size 417.69 Kb.

Gameplay Time Tracker 1.4.1 mik61 

Gameplay Time Tracker - using this program you can learn how much time you spend on your favorite computer video games!

Key features of application

Last gameplay information: which video game title have you played recently and for how long?
Statistics for all games you have played (total runs count, last gameplay. Freeware download of Gameplay Time Tracker 1.4.1, size 1.53 Mb.

Quick Memory Editor 4.2 softcows.com 

Quick Memory Editor is a powerful game cheating tool that can search and edit game data in memory easily.It can search and edit any type of game data such as integer, floating point number, string and uncertain data like blood in game King of Fights.You can use it to toggle infinite health, ammo and lives to make you like a superman in your. Free download of Quick Memory Editor 4.2, size 1.47 Mb.

Nuke Pack for Pocket Tanks Deluxe 1 1 BlitWise Productions, LLC 

Nuke Pack for Pocket Tanks Deluxe:

Nuke: The hardest hitting weapon in the game, even if ,medium explosion size.

Mega Nuke: Not quite as powerful as the Nuke but huge explosion size.

Pillow Fight: Exploding feathers for splash damage with direct damage on impact.

Sink and Swim: The enemy tank. Freeware download of Nuke Pack for Pocket Tanks Deluxe 1 1, size 32.38 Mb.

Teeter Edit Kepso 

Teeter Edit allows you to create different levels by modifying certain text files for "Teeter" game.
It provides a useful graphical interface to create the new text files.
You can choose several graphical elements such as : balls, holes, vertical and horizontal walls. After you finish to create the level, Teeter Edit allows. Freeware download of Teeter Edit, size 16.33 Mb.

Europa Universalis Game Tools 0.7.4 eug.sourceforge.net 

Java library and application to edit Europa Universalis Game files.. Freeware download of Europa Universalis Game Tools 0.7.4, size 249.05 Kb.

Tical - another falling-blocks game 32 tical.sourceforge.net 

Tical is yet another falling-blocks game with freely adjustable field size and a "wrap-around-mode" where the left and right borders of the field are virtually connected.. Freeware download of Tical - another falling-blocks game 32, size 605.77 Kb.

Stock Market Simulation Game 1.0 Stockmarketgame 

A web based simulated stock exchange game for a class room size group of players lasting on average two hours. This game teaches basic buy and sell strategies of the stock market without going into to much detail for the players.

Stock Market Simulation Game 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Stock Market Simulation Game 1.0, size 0 b.

SRecordizer 1.0 BeenLunar 

SRecordizer is a lightweight application that was created in order to help you quickly edit and create Motorola S-Record files.

The program also comes with a neat function for checking the S19 files for errors and having the file hash calculated automatically.

. Free download of SRecordizer 1.0, size 0 b.

Chaos Game New David J. Eck 

Chaos Game was created as an accessible and easy way to generate fractals. A Chaos Game is determined by a set of two or more "maps".

Each map represents an image of the unit square, which is shown in white in the applet. Select an example from the "Examples" menu or add individual "maps" using the "Add. Free download of Chaos Game New, size 0 b.

SivModeler The Sivart 

SivModeler was created as an accessible and useful tool that can help you convert and edit game models.

SivModeler is a tool that will make and edit models for your Game Maker 3D games. The program can be used to import OBJ, D3D, X create shapes, edit UV maps and export D3D models.

. Freeware download of SivModeler, size 0 b.