Eduation Softwares Freeware

KC Softwares Toolbar KC Softwares 

KC Softwares Toolbar offers you several opportunities to keep up-to-date with the latest news and announcements about software. You will be able to check out your favorite web places quickly and easily, using the integrated search engine. Also, you are allowed to customize this toolbar in order to meet your requirements.. Freeware download of KC Softwares Toolbar, size 2.11 Mb.


softwares for phylogenetic trees 1.1.0 

TreeSoft is a collection of softwares that build or manipulate phylogenetic trees.. Freeware download of softwares for phylogenetic trees 1.1.0, size 114.05 Kb.

A Softwares' Music Player 2010 Asmusicplayer 

A Softwares' Music Player is an efficient & compact audio player with a cool and
simple interface. Drag-drop and shell menu integration makes it more easy to play
or add music files.

Music files can be added easily to player as:
> Right click to folder or drive (where music files are located)
>. Freeware download of A Softwares' Music Player 2010, size 1.62 Mb.

BaseUIX 1.0.5 Hasaranga 

BaseUIX is a GUI framework that allows you to customize the look and feel of your softwares by using custom themed controls and windows. It fully supports alpha blended PNGs and has a highly modular code, making it very easy to use and create new controls. BaseUIX is entirely coded in C++.

You can download it for free by using the menu. Freeware download of BaseUIX 1.0.5, size 566.23 Kb.

Nasser flv player 1.0 Nasser Professional 

Nasser has already written his name with golden words in software development arena with the way he develops different kinds of softwares. Nasser’s FLV player is another wonder from Nasser’s magical brain for software development. And it is undoubtedly going to create history as a quality product. Nasser’s FLV Player. Freeware download of Nasser flv player 1.0, size 0 b.

maker85 Toolbar 6 4 maker85 

Download your favorite movies, games, softwares, operating systems, wallpapers and etc. everything is FREE here to download! This toolbar helps you stay connected to the website. You can choose from a multitude of applications and products from a wide range.. Freeware download of maker85 Toolbar 6 4, size 0 b.

WampServer 2 2 Romain Bourdon (Roms) 

WampServer is a collection of web development tools and softwares. The application contains Apache Web Server, MySQL Database Management System & PHP Programming Language. This program provides an environment for developing web pages and applications.. Freeware download of WampServer 2 2, size 25.48 Mb.

MusicSphere 1.0.0010 PIONEER CORPORATION 

MusicSphere iTunes plug-in softwares will analyze the entire music library and create specialized playlist based on various musical attributes such as feeling (bright, energetic, gloomy, relaxing calm), rhythm pattern, Beats Per Minute (BPM), year of the song and/or date added to the device.. Freeware download of MusicSphere 1.0.0010, size 13.21 Mb.

EZ Punch Clock 1.0 Alpha Geek 

EZ Punch Clock may look like other Bundy Softwares out there, but look at the features and you might find those options you have been wanting in other Bundy Softwares (or didn't know you needed).. EZ Punch Clock brings you the security you need in low cost Bundy Software products that is easy to use. Employees are given an ID for security. Freeware download of EZ Punch Clock 1.0, size 20.03 Mb.

F-CRC Calculator 0.60 Fulgore 

Most of the internet users regularly download files, softwares, games, movies or other content from the internet. But when they try to run, open or install these programs they found that the file is corrupted. This type of problem normally occurs in the files of larger sizes. And the cause behind this problem is slow or unreliable internet. Freeware download of F-CRC Calculator 0.60, size 34.00 Mb.

BigLux 0.3.2 

Software to help blind people for the use of Linux and all other softwares under Linux, language FRENCH. Freeware download of BigLux 0.3.2, size 1.25 Mb.

Blue Potato Compile 0.01.20040518 

This Project will provide some documentations and softwares which will be useful for students who is learning computer sicence.I want, firstly, to provide a C compiler, then writen a book basis on the compiler.The book will be written in Chinese.. Freeware download of Blue Potato Compile 0.01.20040518, size 2.70 Kb.

BSPG, an opensource Balanced Scorecard b 

BSPG is a complete Balanced Scorecard environment comparable to many similar commercial softwares for measurement-based management, running on PostgreSQL. Manages a company strategy, through objectives, measures and targets...many reports and graphics, d. Freeware download of BSPG, an opensource Balanced Scorecard b, size 9.41 Mb.

ConnectCode Software Box Shot Maker 1.0 

ConnectCode Software Box Shot Maker creates realistic images of 3D boxes for your softwares using three image files. You can adjust the box orientation, box and camera position. Despite being opensource, the tool delivers professional results.. Freeware download of ConnectCode Software Box Shot Maker 1.0, size 315.95 Kb.

FinancialBase 0.13 

Base classes for financial softwares, mainly in C#. Freeware download of FinancialBase 0.13, size 35.94 Kb.

LightOpenCMS 1.0 

LightOpenCMS is a new CMS that in difference from other CMS softwares have the CMS and the CMS admin in different packages. The CMS is a normal PHP5 script using MySQL and the Admin is a Jar archive.. Freeware download of LightOpenCMS 1.0, size 224.57 Kb.

Link2Cam rc.0.01.alpha 

Link2Cam is a PC application and a directshow pushsource filter, written in Delphi, that allows the use of Linksys IP Cameras with IM softwares such as Skype or MSN Messenger. Freeware download of Link2Cam rc.0.01.alpha, size 1.36 Mb.

Live Midi Router 1.0 

Live Midi Router was designed to provide musicians a solution to drive live music softwares such as soft synths, soundfont players, instrument emulators etc.. from midi controllers on linux operating systems running alsa and jack.. Freeware download of Live Midi Router 1.0, size 129.25 Kb.

M_Ordinateur OS rc 

The free french operating system, Open Source, OpenSUSE based, good-looking, eye-candy, modern, design, easy to use, branded with the best Open Source softwares... (also available in different languages). Freeware download of M_Ordinateur OS rc, size 14.13 Mb.

NinjaFirewall 1.0.5 

NinjaFirewall is a powerful firewall software designed to protect all your PHP applications: custom scripts, shopping cart softwares (osCommerce, VirtueMart...), CMS applications (Joomla, WordPress...). -Specifically designed for shared hosting accounts.-Easy to setup; your PHP scripts do not require modifications.-Works with any PHP applications,. Freeware download of NinjaFirewall 1.0.5, size 105.50 Kb.