Edurite Digital Teaching In Class

Estation Lite 1.0.0 Tilon technology 

Estation Lite is Smart School Solution; It brings to classrooms an interactive learning environment where digital teaching materials are delivered and responded on students PCs and tablets.
Digital textbooks and PC-based teaching materials can be used on tablets without any modifications.. Freeware download of Estation Lite 1.0.0, size 14.99 Mb.


Portable Celtx 2. 9. 2000 Celtx 

Celtx is the world's first all-in-one media pre-production system. It replaces 'paper & binder' pre-production with a digital approach that's more complete, simpler to work with, and easier to share.
Celtx provides full featured script writing, media rich production support and the ability to collaborate all using one piece of. Freeware download of Portable Celtx 2. 9. 2000, size 14.89 Mb.

VSR Realtime Renderer 1.0 Virtual Shape Research 

It allows the user to switch from the modeling mode to a photo-realistic environment .

In addition, the time-consuming creation of static images via batch renderer and conversion of the data for use in other visualization tools are things of the past, as a high-resolution hardcopy can be generated at any time simply by snapshotting the. Freeware download of VSR Realtime Renderer 1.0, size 4.73 Mb.

VSR Realtime Renderer Add-Ons 2.0 Virtual Shape Research 

The VSR Realtime Renderer is the fully embedded realtime rendering solution for Rhinoceros®.
It can be combined with other Rhino plug-ins such as BongoTM or with new VSR modeling and analysis plug-ins currently under development.
With the support provided by the VSR Realtime Renderer the work on the CAD model has become a lot. Freeware download of VSR Realtime Renderer Add-Ons 2.0, size 4.73 Mb.

VSR Shape 1.0 Virtual Shape Research 

VSR Shape Analysis is the fully embedded shape analysis solution for Rhinoceros®. It analyses Curves, Surfaces and Meshes for several criteria. It can be used associatively during modeling to control the quality of created and modified geometry at any time ensuring the highest possible quality level.Analyses can be saved in the Rhino 3DM. Free download of VSR Shape 1.0, size 1.95 Mb.

Sight Word Bingo 1.00 Answers 2000 Limited 

Free printable materials for sight word bingo game for classroom use: Sight words are common words that students need to learn to recognize by sight, without sounding them - in many cases they can not be sounded out, Sight word bingo is a game designed to practise recognizing and reading such words.. Freeware download of Sight Word Bingo 1.00, size 0 b.

Chinese Match: Key Words HD 1.0 Cambridge English Online Ltd. 


Match the CHINESE, PINYIN, ENGLISH WORDS or PICTURES in as few moves as possible to help Pao the Panda swat all the greedy bamboo bugs and have enough food for winter. Which Chinese Match rank can you reach?

Weve combined MATCHING & MEMORY with CHINESE CHARACTERS, PINYIN, ENGLISH,. Free download of Chinese Match: Key Words HD 1.0, size 141.56 Mb.

Edu Status HD 1.0 Brissett Associates 

Edu Status Inc. provides a SaaS based school management platform for k-12 schools. Schools enroll into this service online at edu status website.

Edu Status empowers a school community to access the platform online or via their favorite mobile device.

Each Edu Status service is called an OnDemand App. Edu Status current. Freeware download of Edu Status HD 1.0, size 11.74 Mb.

English Match: Letters, Numbers & Words HD 1.0 Cambridge English Online Ltd. 

PERFECT your ENGLISH letters, numbers and first words through PAIRS!

Match the WORDS, NUMBERS, LETTERS and PICTURES in as few moves as possible to find out your English Match Rank. Will you be a Genius?

Weve combined MATCHING and MEMORY with NUMBERS, LETTERS and WORDS to help your child or students BOOST their ENGLISH. With 8. Free download of English Match: Letters, Numbers & Words HD 1.0, size 69.52 Mb.

Hudson Digital On Demand 1.0 Hudson Music 

Hudson Digital On Demand it’s a revolutionary new way to buy, download and watch world-class library of music instruction DVDs (including the accompanying music) quickly, safely and inexpensively using an amazing new media system called the MOD Machine.

Hudson Digital On Demand allows you to order any product anytime you. Freeware download of Hudson Digital On Demand 1.0, size 6.30 Mb.

Digital Challenge ETCAI Products 

Digital Challenge consists of twelve activities to assist teaching basic digital circuit concepts. Virtual breadboarding of simple digital circuits is included.
The activities are designed to supplement classroom lecture, textbook lessons, and laboratory exercises.

Exercise Topics: Binary Counting, Octal Counting, Hexadecimal. Free download of Digital Challenge, size 3.53 Mb.

Big Faceless PDF Library 2.10 BFO (Big Faceless Organization) 

The Big Faceless PDF Library is a Java class library for creating PDF documents. The Extended Edition offers the ability to create and edit AcroForms, PDF's answer to the HTML form. Like HTML forms, PDF forms can contain text boxes, radio buttons, and can call JavaScript functions. The Extended Edition also includes a PDF reader for importing and. Free download of Big Faceless PDF Library 2.10, size 6.82 Mb.

Digital-Clay 8. 7. 1930 Digital-Clay 

Digital-Clay is a smart application engine for rapidly building enterprise class desktop, Web and Outlook-integrated applications.

Digital-Clay uses visual tools to create custom solutions fast without requiring code. Solutions built with Digital-Clay are dynamic solutions ensuring enterprises can easily incorporate changes and add. Free download of Digital-Clay 8. 7. 1930, size 52.34 Mb.

LogicWorks 5.0.2 Capilano Computing Systems Ltd. 

LogicWorks is an interactive circuit design tool intended for teaching and learning digital logic. No other software tool makes digital design easier, faster or more interactive than LogicWorks.

The package gives you the power, speed and flexibility to create and test an unlimited number of circuit elements on-screen. This means that. Free download of LogicWorks 5.0.2, size 20.53 Mb.

Teaching Unit Generators 1.0 

TUGs (Teaching Unit GeneratorS) is a collection of unit generators that may be useful for teaching real-time digital sound synthesis and processing in C.. Freeware download of Teaching Unit Generators 1.0, size 100.57 Kb.

Effective Teaching 0001 jbreen 

This app is designed to give teachers ideas. Ideas to start classes for "Do Nows", getting to know your students, setting up class rules, to getting students into groups, and inspiring teaching practice.. Free download of Effective Teaching 0001, size 4.40 Mb.

English Class 4 Italian Kids 1.0 MARCO RIVOTELLA 

Welcome to the English Class for Italian Kids for iPad!

This application was designed to provide an immediate and friendly tool to teachers and parents for teaching the linguistic bases for the pronunciation of English words to Italian children in pre-school and school ages.

Using a game approach, the App will help our. Free download of English Class 4 Italian Kids 1.0, size 195.04 Mb.

CyberMatrix Class Scheduler 6.00 CyberMatrix Corporation, Inc. 

CyberMatrix Class Scheduler is a simple to use single or multi-user application that helps students and school administrators to quickly schedule student classes. The software can be used by schools and other institutions that must create class schedules. Class Scheduler can be used by a single teacher or by a group of students to schedule classes.. Free download of CyberMatrix Class Scheduler 6.00, size 4.83 Mb.

Curve Pilot for Mac 1.00 Two Pilots 

Curve Pilot designed for teaching the basics of color corrections of images created by a digital camera or scanner. The traditional image editors use the curve method for color correction. The drawback of this method is that you don't always understand in which direction you should move certain curve. Curve Pilot offers you a revolutionary new. Free download of Curve Pilot for Mac 1.00, size 2.33 Mb.

Focus on Mechanical Toys Focus Educational Software 

This easy-to-use resource is perfect for whole class DT whiteboard teaching and individual study.

Structured to encourage students of all abilities to conduct their own investigations into the basic principles of mechanisms, this simple-to-use learning aid includes sections covering:

- Types of motion
- Cams and. Free download of Focus on Mechanical Toys, size 70.88 Mb.

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