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Midnight Movie Madness - from CD-ROM Access

CD-ROM collection of the 100 best drive-in movie classics, hosted by Gilbert Gottfried.

Hungarian for Beginners CD-ROM

A multimedia language learning CD-ROM for beginning students of Hungarian. Contains over 3,000 words and phrases recorded by native speakers.

Learning Italian on CD-ROM

A multimedia Italian CD-ROM available for online purchase, including Italian for beginners and everyday Italian. The CD contains over 6,000 words and phrases recorded by native speakers.

Space Update CD-ROM

CD-Rom with 600 MB of images and movies about the solar system, and the galaxy. "Space Weather" modules brings you today's images of the Sun in many wavelengths and the aurora from space....

CD-ROM Business Cards

Manufacturer and service provider for CD-ROM business card.

Faust Information

Global Mailing Lists on CD-ROM

Ozge Ersu Cd-Rom & Internet Development

Côte d'Azur, France based designer offers CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and internet based solutions.