Encryption And Decryption For Bluetooth Freeware

Encryption And Decryption 2.0 Encryption And Decryption.com 

Encryption freeware that allows you to protect the privacy of your email messages, instant messages, chat messages, documents, sensitive files by encrypting them with AES 256-bit key encryption. Encryption and Decryption is encryption freeware for a wide range of users who need to keep and transfer private information in a secure way. Once the. Freeware download of Encryption And Decryption 2.0, size 4.53 Mb.


HTML Encrypter 2.0 Alpha 1.0 Stefan Cosma 

HTML Encrypter is an encryption and decryption application developed in the open source language, Java. The following algorithms are used to encrypt and decrypt the HTML source code: - Blowfish - AES - TEA - Rabbit - MARC 4 - Escape/Unescape Functions The algorithms are written in JavaScript. In addition to the encryption and decryption. Freeware download of HTML Encrypter 2.0 Alpha 1.0, size 440.32 Kb.

PIDGIN-GPG 0.1.beta pidgin-gpg.sourceforge.net 

A plugin written in C which allow GNUPG encryption and decryption in PIDGIN tested on FreeBSD 6.2 it is compatible with licq and ayttm. Freeware download of PIDGIN-GPG 0.1.beta, size 21.00 Kb.

enQrypt 32 Enqrypt 

A simple demonstrative command line tool which can do both file encryption and decryption . It is based on OpenSSL and can support AES / DES / 3DES / BLOWFISH / RC4 cipher algorithms with ECB / CBC / CFB / OFB chaining modes (ECB only for RC4).

A clear example for how to work with OpenSSL crypto library, Able to build in both Windows and. Freeware download of enQrypt 32, size 56.37 Kb.

gpg-mime-filter 1.0 Gpg-mime-filter 

Ruby script framework for the encryption and decryption of email according the GPG/MIME Format (RFC 3156). It can be used for e.g. for Apple' Mail as replacement for GPGMail.

gpg-mime-filter 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of gpg-mime-filter 1.0, size 0 b.

GaimPG 1.0 Gaimpg 

GaimPG is a plugin for the Instant Messanger Gaim, which provides Signing, Encryption and Decryption of messages via the gpgme library.

GaimPG 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of GaimPG 1.0, size 0 b.

G.V.D. - Data Encrypt & Decrypt Gian Utilities 

G.V.D. - Data Encrypt & Decrypt is a handy and reliable utility designed for text encryption and decryption.

G.V.D. - Data Encrypt & Decrypt is very easy to use. Just enter the text and press 'Encrypt'.

. Freeware download of G.V.D. - Data Encrypt & Decrypt, size 0 b.

talkLock 1.0 talklock.sourceforge.net 

talkLock is voice encryption software for your cell phone. talkLock includes a server component so that you own all points of encryption and decryption of your communications.. Freeware download of talkLock 1.0, size 7.21 Kb.

Cryptographic disk driver for FreeBSD 1.1 vncrypt.sourceforge.net 

This is cryptographic disk driver for FreeBSD. It provides transparent encryption and decryption of selected devices. It is based on vn(4).. Freeware download of Cryptographic disk driver for FreeBSD 1.1, size 23.59 Kb.

GPG-Crypter 0.3.5 gpg-crypter.sourceforge.net 

GPG-Crypter is a GTK+ frontend to GPG and it is intended to de- and encrypt text into ASCII-armored gpg-ciphers. It provides textboxes to enter plaintext or ciphers. File encryption and decryption is available since version 0.2.. Freeware download of GPG-Crypter 0.3.5, size 108.14 Kb.

sanesigner 1.0 Sanesigner 

sanesigner is a high level digital signature api component. it support generating and verifying digital signatures as well as encryption and decryption using public keys, and lots of other features in between.

sanesigner 1.0 License - Affero GNU Public License. Freeware download of sanesigner 1.0, size 0 b.

JBJF Encryption/Decryption Tool 1.1.0 adymlincoln 

JBJF Encryption/Decryption Tool is a lightweight and easy to use application designed to help you encrypt text using a key string.

Featuring an intuitive interface, JBJF Encryption/Decryption Tool allows you to set the key string and encrypt any text with just a few clicks.

. Freeware download of JBJF Encryption/Decryption Tool 1.1.0, size 0 b.

ABox - File Packer 1.6 Build 01600 David Aguirre Grazio 

ABox - File Packer, is a lightweight, and flexible application that lets you quickly and easily compress and decompress files and folder trees to save storage space, reduce e-mail-transmission time or protect sensitive data using the encryption and decryption features.
There are plenty of solid compression utilities to choose from, but this. Freeware download of ABox - File Packer 1.6 Build 01600, size 890.25 Kb.

SSuite Agnot StrongBox Security 2.2.1 SSuite Office Software 

Now this is what I call real security!... You may use any one of nineteen, industrial and military strength, encryption ciphers to secure your most precious private information.

There is BlowFish, TwoFish, CAST-128, Cast-256, DES, 3DES, ICE, Thin ICE, ICE2, IDEA, MARS, Misty1, RC2, RC4, RC5, RC6, Rijndael(AES), Serpent, and last but. Freeware download of SSuite Agnot StrongBox Security 2.2.1, size 4.89 Mb.

XBoft Folder Lock 1.1 Chengdu Xiaobo Software Co., Ltd. 

XBoft Folder Lock is a secure and easy-to-use file/folder encryption software. The software is simple and easy to use, powerful and convenient. The encrypted data file is protected from viewing, modifying, moving, copying, and deleting. The software is extremely fast and is especially suitable for encrypting large files or large folders.

OCriptDecript Omar Pessoa 

OCriptDecript was developed as an easy-to-use and accessible piece of software that allows you to encrypt your files. File decryption is also possible.

Now, you can make use of this handy tool to keep all your data secure by easily encrypting it.

. Freeware download of OCriptDecript, size 0 b.

Secure Flash - LockLizard SWF Security Player 1. 1. 2008 LockLizard Limited 

LockLizard SWF Flash security player software with DRM controls. View SWF files protected with Lizard Flashguard Flash Security. Note that publishers of secure SWF files may have implemented DRM controls to stop copying, stop printing, stop decompiling, and expire content to protect copyright and prevent intellectual property theft. Secure flash. Freeware download of Secure Flash - LockLizard SWF Security Player 1. 1. 2008, size 7.43 Mb.

Cold Fusion URL Encryption 1.0 cfurlencrypt.sourceforge.net 

This project is designed to further enhance a method of encrypting URL variables in Cold Fusion Applications. The application itself is not the main bulk of the project. The main bulk of the project is the encryption and decryption routines that go on i. Freeware download of Cold Fusion URL Encryption 1.0, size 6.72 Kb.

Secure web viewer - LockLizard Protector 2.0.9 LockLizard Limited 

Web content security viewer software with DRM controls by LockLizard. View HSF files protected with LockLizard Protector Web Content Security. No useless passwords to enter in order to view secure web content. Free DRM download to view secure web files. Note that publishers of protected web content may have implemented DRM controls to stop copying,. Freeware download of Secure web viewer - LockLizard Protector 2.0.9, size 1.57 Mb.

LockLizard PDF DRM - secure PDC viewer 2.5 LockLizard Limited 

PDF DRM viewer - PDF document security viewer software with DRM controls by LockLizard. View PDC documents protected with Lizard Safeguard PDF Security. No useless passwords to enter in order to view secure pdf files. Free DRM download to view pdf secure documents. Note that publishers of protected documents may have implemented pdf controls to. Freeware download of LockLizard PDF DRM - secure PDC viewer 2.5, size 7.11 Mb.