Engineering Progress Report

PROGRESS2XLS Progress Report 1.0 

PROGRESS2XLS is a program for Progress Character User Interface (CHUI) and GUI enviroment, which enables the user to export any standard progress-report to Excel without recoding anything in their program (for example we use mfgpro).. Freeware download of PROGRESS2XLS Progress Report 1.0, size 163.45 Kb.


Emera 2013 Progress Report 1.0 Projektor 

Emera Inc.s 2013 Progress Report provides an overview of Emeras affiliate companies, the companys financial highlights for 2013 and its leadership teams. The company invests in electricity generation, transmission and distribution, as well as gas transmission and utility energy services.
Explore an interactive map of the. Freeware download of Emera 2013 Progress Report 1.0, size 82.10 Mb.

SchoolHeadman 1.0 Schoolheadman 

a cross-platform suite of applications offering useful functionality for school administrations: schedule/timetable creation, grading/marking & attendance database features, progress report generation, and more

SchoolHeadman 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of SchoolHeadman 1.0, size 0 b.

A Pylab Editor 0.6.0 Pylabeditor 

This is an editor for the pylab package. This editor work with ipython shell and pylab, and it enables us to run a script file or selection lines easily. It is suitable for writing a small script for daily scientific/engineering/academic report.

A Pylab Editor 0.6.0 License - BSD License. Freeware download of A Pylab Editor 0.6.0, size 121.74 Mb.

Automatic Surfing 1.0 Autosurfing2007 

Used for automatic surfing web. The system showing progress report : Surf Hystory, Percent Load Page Success, Source Web, and Link List inside the Web Page. Web address will take automaticaly by system by random methode from Link List.

Automatic Surfing 1.0 License - Academic Free License (AFL). Freeware download of Automatic Surfing 1.0, size 0 b.

Simel Elevator Simulator 1.0 Simel 

An elevator simulator written in Java. Provides an animated display of simulation progress, report generation, and also provides for ability to take screen captures of the simulation in progress.

Simel Elevator Simulator 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Simel Elevator Simulator 1.0, size 0 b.

Happenstance 1.1 Christian Mardelli 

? HAPPENSTANCE Give Your Goals a Chance! ?

Happenstance is here to help you achieve your goals. This simple and robust app puts you in control of every single one of your goals and visually displays your progress in beautiful and vibrant colors so you can monitor your progress at a glance. Setup Checkpoints to remind you to stay on track. Free download of Happenstance 1.1, size 2.94 Mb.

CRC32 Calculator Command Line 1.1 Andrew Koupparis 

The CRC32 Calculator Command Line application will calculate the 32-bit Cyclic Redundency Check (CRC) of a given file.

CRC [/?]
CRC filename [/F /H /S /D /Bxxxx /R]

Wildcards are allowed (ex. *.*)

/F to display full filename
/H to include hidden files
/S to include system files
/D to. Freeware download of CRC32 Calculator Command Line 1.1, size 220.20 Kb.

myPM SCG Classic Midori Media 

myPM SCG Classic is an MS Windows Software Application that integrates with MS Excel to generate Project Statistics, S Curves, and Histograms. These may be used to analyse the health of your Projects.

The Problem

"I want to visually track the progress of my Project, and Gantt Charts are not the solution."

myPM SCG Starter Midori Media 

myPM SCG Starter is low cost MS Windows Software Application that integrates with MS Excel to generate Project Statistics, S Curves, and Histograms. These may be used to analyse the health of your Projects.

The Problem

"I want to visually track the progress of my Project, and Gantt Charts are not the solution."

Active Typing Tutor 4.7 TMP Software 

Use your keyboard faster than you ever imagined! With Active Typing for Windows touch typing tutor you will learn to type many times faster without typing errors. Active Typing contains a complete touch typing course with 14 chapters. In addition it has fun typing games, smart review wizard and progress graphs. Outstanding Features- Complete touch. Free download of Active Typing Tutor 4.7, size 2.11 Mb.

Qanexus 1.0.0 Florian Heine 

Qanexus automates the administration of test cases, test scripts and test results.Unlike Microsoft Word or Excel documents Qanexus maintains all the links between the different items of test documentation and ensures that relevant information is never more than a few clicks away. It's innovative, tag based organization means that reporting and. Free download of Qanexus 1.0.0, size 5.15 Mb.

LAeMail Lowrie Associates Ltd 

Simple to use, quick and efficient - use LAeMail to send text and HTML emails to an unlimited list of recipients.


- Sends both text and HTML mail
- Full email list processing including the removal of duplicates
- Validation during mailing with a full progress report showing successful sends and. Freeware download of LAeMail, size 1.53 Mb.

Time for Tables 1 1 EDUPRO 

Time for Tables' original multiplication games and exercises, will help your kids to master their tables in a fun, non-violent and interactive atmosphere. Time for Tables makes multiplication fun and easy with 5 interactive and challenging games, interactive workbook section to generate an unlimited number of worksheets, accuracy and speed. Free download of Time for Tables 1 1, size 37.46 Mb.

LicielRsync 0.1.9 Alpha 1.0 class101 

LicielRsync is a multi-threaded GUI (Graphical User Interface) for Rsync on Windows. LicielRsync is used to synchronize folders, files and make backups with fast incremental file transfers. FEATURES: A· Multi-threaded interface for Rsync on Windows A· Comfortable management of different versions of Rsync A· Not only locked to the redistributed. Freeware download of LicielRsync 0.1.9 Alpha 1.0, size 2.52 Mb.

A2z Campus Cybrosys Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 

A2z Campus is a complete campus administration software that manages all complex task of college automation. This campus erp suite helps an institute to meet all their administrative and academic tasks. This reduces the manpower requirement, cost and waste of time enabling the administrator, teachers and office bearers to maximize their. Free download of A2z Campus, size 12.06 Mb.

TrackStudio Scheduler Service 1.0 Beta ArtfulBits 

Many people point out that several tasks are often repeated in the development process. For example:

* our System Administrators always have several repeated tasks: "Check backups of our internal servers", "Free our File server disk space ", "Burn backup files on DVDs", etc.
* our Project Managers also. Free download of TrackStudio Scheduler Service 1.0 Beta, size 157.29 Kb.

Elements (Periodic Table) Study Buddy 1.0 Ronald Bell 

Elements Study Buddy is a fun and effective Periodic Table study tool designed to help you learn the full Periodic Table of Elements.

Some of Elements Study Buddy's features include:

Test mode: A multiple-choice test that evaluates your knowledge of the Periodic Table. Your progress is saved after every question, so that you. Free download of Elements (Periodic Table) Study Buddy 1.0, size 419.43 Kb.

GRE Flash Cards HD 1.4 TapToLearn Software 

The top GRE Flash Cards App on the App Store!
Now comes with reminders and a learning planner!
Free now for a limited period of time!

The GRE Flash Cards App HD now comes with reminders and a learning plan to select how many words you want to learn per day. With notification badges that indicate the remaining words you. Freeware download of GRE Flash Cards HD 1.4, size 24.12 Mb.

HendryxSkis 1.0 Joachim Cohen 

We at HendryxSkis have made an app for the ski-geek that secretly (... or not) resides in every dedicated ski enthusiast.

Find out the properties of all our skis, where on the mountain they are made to perform their best and which ski best suits your kind of skiing.

Do you call your self a ski fanatic? Then you can dig around. Freeware download of HendryxSkis 1.0, size 155.19 Mb.

Engineering Progress Report Web Results

Topological Quantum Field Theory, a Progress Report

A brief introduction to Topological Quantum Field Theory as well as a description of recent progress made in the field is presented. I concentrate mainly on the connection between...

Center for American Progress

A think tank offering policy proposals, talking points, events, news and columns. Weekly email newsletter Progress Report.

Sailor-S Productions-fandubbing

Project to dub Sailor Moon R: The movie with audition calls and progress report. Also includes lyrics and a music video.

2dF QSo Redshift Survey (2QZ)

An Anglo-Australian collaboration surveying 740 square degrees of high-galactic lattiude sky. Contains spectroscopic data release, results, progress report, and input catalogue, survey members, and...

4th East Asian Games in Macau 2005

Progress report, the list of sports, facilities.

Lay a Brick

Former model trying to build a dream house in Italy. Background stories, humor and photographs, plus a progress report.

University of North Texas: Feral Cat Rescue Group

A “trap-treat-release” program with the ultimate goal of reducing the cat population on campus. Information about the cats, meetings and progress report.