Estore Gift Registry Module Designer Freeware

Christmas Gift Registry 1.0 

The Christmas Gift Registry is a web based system that allows users to view and maintain their Gift List. Users can add, delete & update their own list as well as add, view & claim gifts for other users. The system also does random name draws among users. Freeware download of Christmas Gift Registry 1.0, size 94.44 Kb.


Hudson's Bay Gift Registry 1.3 Hudson's Bay Company 

Hudson's Bay, Canada's gift registry offers you the ultimate registry tool! Planning for that big day or going to that big day as a guest? Create, manage or find a registry, it has never been quicker or easier to get that perfect gift!

Available on Mobile and Tablet.

Congratulations! Hudsons Bay gift registry has created the. Freeware download of Hudson's Bay Gift Registry 1.3, size 24.43 Mb.

Hudson's Bay Gift Registry for iPad 1.3 Hudson's Bay Company 

Hudson's Bay, Canada's gift registry offers you the ultimate registry tool! Planning for that big day or going to that big day as a guest? Create, manage or find a registry, it has never been quicker or easier to get that perfect gift!

Available on Mobile and Tablet.

Congratulations! Hudsons Bay gift registry has created the. Freeware download of Hudson's Bay Gift Registry for iPad 1.3, size 24.96 Mb.

FRSGiftRegistry 1. 7. 2000 Fourth Ray Software 

FRSGiftRegistry allows retail storeowners to maintain a gift registry. The application is intended for storeowners who currently are, or would like to start, maintaining a baby, bridal, house warming, birthday, or other kind of gift registry. A registry is a document maintained by the store. It lists a person's name, his or her event date, and a. Free download of FRSGiftRegistry 1. 7. 2000, size 3.38 Mb.

Azadi 1.0 Jason Ravel 

Ever wish there was a way to show your friends things you would like as gifts? Azadi helps you do just that!

Just take a pic of whatever item you'd like to add to your gift registry and Azadi shares the picture and location with your friends.. Free download of Azadi 1.0, size 15.62 Mb.

Centurion Mall 3.0 Conor Information Technologies (PTY) LTD 

The Centurion Mall app provides visitors to the mall the ability to find the perfect gift idea via our Gift Ideas section. You can also create your very own Gift Registry by simply scanning any bar code of any product in any store in the mall. This Wish List can easily be shared with your friends and loved ones.

Centurion Mall is. Freeware download of Centurion Mall 3.0, size 5.98 Mb.

Registry Life 1.30 ChemTable Software 

Registry Life is a utility designed to improve system performance by fixing errors, defragmenting, and compressing the registry. Unlike similar freeware tools, Registry Life offers registry cleanup and optimization in a single tool. The registry cleanup tool scans the registry for a wide variety of problems and fixes them all at once. For example,. Freeware download of Registry Life 1.30, size 10.00 Mb.

Keystroke POS Software 7.0 Specialized Business Solutions 

The POS module can be fine-tuned to optimize speed and collect all pertinent information necessary for you business. Sales invoices & receipts, layaways, sales orders, service orders, quotes, on hold, gift registry, and recurring charges. Fast item entry by barcode scan, manual entry, or Quick Search lookup. Fast integrated payment processing. Free download of Keystroke POS Software 7.0, size 71.16 Mb.

MAS Heavy Metal E-Commerce Platform 11 Make-a-Store, Inc. 

Ecommerce shopping cart software and content management for UNIX, Windows, and OS X servers; Management tools for eBay,, and Yahoo! seamlessly integrated for true online business marketing and sales. 100% Customizable template driven front-end plus powerful online management tools and data export/import features for real-time and 3rd. Free download of MAS Heavy Metal E-Commerce Platform 11, size 5.19 Mb.

Wondershare Registry Defrag 2.0.2 Wondershare Software Co., Ltd. 

Wondershare Registry Defrag is freeware. It works safely and fast to rebuild a streamlined and compact registry, which will take up less memory, reduce the registry access time and accelerate application response.Do you know? As the central database of your computer, Windows registry gets bloated and full of fragmentations with time. Just like your. Freeware download of Wondershare Registry Defrag 2.0.2, size 1.98 Mb.

BookLibrary search Books module 1 5 OrdaSoft 

Module for simply Book Library web site creation. The BookLibrary search Books module help you search book by different parameters.. Freeware download of BookLibrary search Books module 1 5, size 1.02 Kb.

Mobile Registry Cleaner 1.0 Systweak, Inc. 

The registry is accessed infinite number of times while you work on Windows and access various applications. Registry Cleaner can scan for orphan & invalid registry entries, and allow the user to delete them which will result in less cluttered and compact registry. Scanning and cleaning reduces the size of the registry thus making access. Freeware download of Mobile Registry Cleaner 1.0, size 813.06 Kb.

Disk and Registry Alert 2.14f SoftDD Software 

Track and view all program installations and the changes they make to your hard drive and registry. Easily track, view, and monitor any files and registry keys added or removed on your hard drive or registry. This provides a sure way to identify if any viruses or spyware were placed on your system during software installations, and also allows you. Free download of Disk and Registry Alert 2.14f, size 0 b.

Software Audit Protection Program 3.0 Allied Business Systems Inc. 

Allied published this version as freeware (no cost to the user), because as a member of the Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP) and a software developer since 1980, it realizes that a great deal of so-called piracy is often a matter of poor record keeping. While this program may not stop the hard-core pirate, Allied believes that. Freeware download of Software Audit Protection Program 3.0, size 10.49 Mb.

Babies R Us Gift Registry 1.3 Brett Meyer 

Register with Babies R Us South Africa today with this easy to use Registry App - a direct portal to all the Babies R Us products to ensure that you begin parenthood with all the essentials you need. Quick to use and easy to share with your friends.
*Create and manage your. Freeware download of Babies R Us Gift Registry 1.3, size 4.93 Mb.

Baby town Gift Registry 1.0.15 Art Pugachev 

Find an item you like in our Baby Town store, press a button on your phone to scan the barcode, and the item will be added to your registry. It's that simple! If you need help, please ask our sales associates. We're always happy to help!. Freeware download of Baby town Gift Registry 1.0.15, size 3.36 Mb.

My Wedding Companion 4.0 Five Star Software 

My Wedding Companion is an excellent wedding planner that handles all details related to your wedding.You can plan all the details related to your ceremony, budget, guests, reception, wedding attire, invitations, photographer, florist, baker, entertainment, transportation, gift registry, honeymoon, and more. You can display a task list for the. Free download of My Wedding Companion 4.0, size 6.30 Mb.

Dynamic Lines 5.0.30 Absolutist 

Free Dynamic Lines is a new variant of Lines game with different skill levels. You could also order the Personal Edition with your picture included.
Main features of the game: three levels of skill: Novice, Master, Expert; suitable for kids, as well as expert players ; a new - Dynamic - variant which requires not just thinking, but doing it. Freeware download of Dynamic Lines 5.0.30, size 32.70 Mb.

VSC PRO+ - ASP store WMD - Web Hosting 

Start with one store now, add MoreStores as you are ready to expand. Robust, easy-to-use SEO tools, marketing and promotion features, and mobile-commerce ready . Big Library of add-ons and plug-ins. Over 500 out-of-the-box features Support for categories as many you want Gift registry Related and upsell products Automatic image re-sizing Integrates. Free download of VSC PRO+ - ASP store, size 17.99 Mb.

MitoBlaster 1.0 Mitoblaster 

MitoBlaster is a traditional-appearing shooter-game. The player assumes control of a small starship to protect Earth from giant-size mitochondria who would gladly see the planet as their new home. The game takes advantage of Python module "pygame"

Freeware, Multi-platform

MitoBlaster 1.0 License - Public Domain. Freeware download of MitoBlaster 1.0, size 0 b.