Etracker Agent

SoonR Desktop Agent 4.0.309 SoonR 

SoonR Desktop Agent is the desktop client that works with the SoonR service. It allows you to create backups of your files and upload them to online servers, from where you can then restore them. This particular app takes a focus on providing almost real-time detection of new files and changes. Thus, the application starts uploading files to the. Freeware download of SoonR Desktop Agent 4.0.309, size 10.77 Mb.


Repast 3 1 Repast Organization for Architecture and Design (ROAD) 

The Repast Suite is a family of advanced, free, and open source agent-based modeling and simulation platforms that have collectively been under continuous development for over 10 years.

Repast Simphony is a tightly integrated, richly interactive, cross platform Java-based modeling system that runs under Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS. Freeware download of Repast 3 1, size 387.19 Mb.

Microsoft Agent Character Editor Microsoft 

MS Agent Character Editor provides more natural ways for people to communicate with their computers. Well-organized Agent’s interface allows you to control the character’s behavior. These characters are represented in their own slots that let you work with them concurrently with other running programs. The characters can speak. Freeware download of Microsoft Agent Character Editor, size 0 b.

The Mobile Agent 5 3 Prototec 

The Mobile Agent is the ultimate floor plan software.
The Mobile Agent runs on any modern Windows desktop, laptop or tablet.

You can create 2D, 3D and photo plans.

Main features:

- Calculate square footage

- Add plots, gardens and compass

- Use your company logo and colour. Free download of The Mobile Agent 5 3, size 4.62 Mb.

BehaviorSearch 0.7 Forrest Stonedahl 

BehaviorSearch is a software tool to help with automating the exploration of agent-based models (ABMs), by using genetic algorithms and other heuristic techniques to search the parameter-space.

BehaviorSearch interfaces with the popular NetLogo ABM development platform, to provide a low-threshold way to search for combinations of model. Freeware download of BehaviorSearch 0.7, size 3.04 Mb.

Garmin ANT Agent 2. 2. 2017 Garmin Ltd or its subsidiaries 

Garmin ANT Agent is a handy application that loads your sport results from the Garmin fitness devices into your computer. Later these data can be transferred to Garmin Connect or Garmin Training Center applications, where you can process your fitness data. ANT Agent supports Forerunner 50 and Forerunner 405 sport watches that are ideal for running,. Freeware download of Garmin ANT Agent 2. 2. 2017, size 13.07 Mb.

Syslist Companion Agent 1 3 Syslist 

The Syslist Companion Agent is a small program that runs on Mac OS X computers and Windows PCs (versions 98 SE and higher). It can be automatically distributed to every Windows PC on your network via Remote Installer or via regular logon scripts, as well as manually installed on individual PCs. The Companion Agent can be scheduled to run on a. Free download of Syslist Companion Agent 1 3, size 1.05 Mb.

Timex Device Agent 1.0.47 Peaksware, LLC. 

Timex Device Agent is a complete solution to monitoring and tracking your training program. You can easily download your workout data from your watch and then send it to your own personal online Timex Trainer account.
It allows you to extract data files from your Timex® Global Trainer™ or Race Trainer™ / Race. Freeware download of Timex Device Agent 1.0.47, size 12.27 Mb.

Copernic Agent Basic 6. 1. 2002 Copernic 

Copernic Agent Basic is a very useful tool for web searches that performs browsing search with multiple engines at the same time.

User enters what to search and the application selects the best engines to perform the task and search all of them at once. In addition, the application offers different search criteria for repetitive. Freeware download of Copernic Agent Basic 6. 1. 2002, size 3.54 Mb.

SimpleAgentPro 15.0 SimpleSoft, Inc 

SimpleAgentPro is a SNMP Agent Simulator with an easy to use GUI that can simulate an entire network of LAN-WAN components made up of thousands of SNMPv1,SNMPv2C and SNMPv3 manageable devices.
Used by over 250 companies including HP, CA, BMC, IBM and Cisco, SimpleAgentPro has become the industry standard for network management simulation all. Free download of SimpleAgentPro 15.0, size 26.78 Mb.

haneWIN LLDP Agent 1 4 Dr. Hanewinkel 

The haneWIN LLDP software implements a LLDP Agent based on the IEEE 802.1AB standard for the Link Layer Discovery Protocol.
The Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) is a protocol for discovering the physical topology in 802 LANs. Adjacent stations are discovered and stored by the LLDP agent for retrieval by a SNMP based network management. Freeware download of haneWIN LLDP Agent 1 4, size 0 b.

rxInventory 3. 6. 2009 Rubinox 

rxInventory The agent-free hardware and software inventory tool for networks of any size. Your inventory data is stored in a database and can be evaluated at any time. Numerous predefined reports list detailed information on workstations, notebooks, servers and other network devices.

Main Features:

- Open access to the. Free download of rxInventory 3. 6. 2009, size 9.34 Mb.

MopUPS Network Shutdown Agent 9.18.0929 Chloride Power Protection 

MopUPS NSA is a shutdown agent for use in combination with ManageUPS or MopUPS P/R. It offers shutdown control of multiple systems in a secure manor. MopUPS NSA can be used on any routable computer on your LAN or WAN. It is a great software, easy to use.. Freeware download of MopUPS Network Shutdown Agent 9.18.0929, size 6.12 Mb.

SQLjobvis 3.0 SQLsoft 

SQLjobvis is the SQL Server Agent history viewer with a difference. Quickly identify: failures, long-running jobs, multiple jobs running simultaneously, and all in an intuitive and visually appealing interface, which includes features such as: zoomable rows and columns.. Freeware download of SQLjobvis 3.0, size 53.35 Mb.

IPHost Network Monitor Agent 3 1 ITelSib Ltd. 

Remote Network Agent enables monitoring in another network

Choice of Agent mode (active or passive) is based on security policy in your networks. To enable active Agents you should open port on the computer with IPHost Network Monitor installation. For passive Agents port should be open on every computer with passive Remote Network. Free download of IPHost Network Monitor Agent 3 1, size 21.15 Mb.

Prevx Agent 1.0.127 Prevx LTD 2002 - 2007. All Rights Reserved. 

Prevx Business Agent 2.0 is an anti-malware solution for up to 250 PCs. Prevx 2.0 furnishes real time protection against malicious software such as spyware, adware, viruses, worms, trojans, bots, information stealers, and rootkits. Prevx 2.0 Business includes a web-based management console, which allows you to review and calibrate your PC security. Free download of Prevx Agent 1.0.127, size 15.38 Mb.

Paraben's Case Agent Companion 1.0 Paraben Corporation 

Paraben's Case Agent Companion is designed to optimize both the time of the forensic examiner and the agent working a case. Built in viewers for over 225 file formats, searching, and reporting make Case Agent Companion the most comprehensive forensic examination & reporting tool of its kind. Because Case Agent Companion is compatible with. Free download of Paraben's Case Agent Companion 1.0, size 0 b.

RSM Agent 2 2 jkaralis, kalohr, koumoutsos, manos_var, p87, pappasj, pkokkinos 

OpenRSM is composed by three components, the OpenRSM server, the OpenRSM user console and the agent. RSM Agent is a passive component that residing on the managed stations. It accepts commands from the server and conveys them to the operating system of the managed host for execution.

RSM Agent is a software component integrated in. Freeware download of RSM Agent 2 2, size 18.36 Mb.


Philips Intelligent Agent 2.2 is an amazing and useful application which will inform you about the latest updates for all your Philips devices. Now you don’t need to spend your precious time in searching, as this wonderful utility does everything automatically; providing latest update information for your products from time to time. This. Freeware download of Philips Intelligent Agent 2 2, size 2.12 Mb.

DAEMON Tools Pro Agent 4.12.223 DT Soft Ltd. 

DAEMON Tools Pro Agent 4.1 is the taskbar icon agent for DAEMON Tools pro 4.1.
So, it comes as a part of daemon tools. Noe, Daemon tools can create disk images that can be loaded into its virtual CD / DVD drive.

Daemon tools pro agent adds as an icon on the right side of windows taskbar. It makes our jobs of mounting / unmounting. Free download of DAEMON Tools Pro Agent 4.12.223, size 0 b.