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House Keeping 1.0 Charter Global Inc 

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House Keeping is an Electronic House-keeping Service & Inspection Management System for your Home/Small office. Eliminates paper records and helps you organize inspection activities. Consider it as a To-Do List for inspecting/supervising/auditing of house-keeping chores done by a maid/maid-service/employee.

Functional Features:


ABC Dance Radio 3.0.13 Nobex Technologies 

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Plays ABC Dance - France

ABC Dance Radio is an internet radio format "Electro - House" 24/24 listen to the latest clubbing on ABC Dance Radio "Electro House Only!". Freeware download of ABC Dance Radio 3.0.13, size 5.77 Mb.

ExcelTripLt 1.02 Ali golmohammadi 

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This app generates Excel(optional) report format of All transactions records collected during the fiscal year with information related to your Customer Name, Nature of Visit, Map(Starting, and Customer locations) with Geo address capability, Total Mileage/Metric, Date and Time. This is the Lite version of ExcelTripLog with limited 50 Trip records.. Free download of ExcelTripLt 1.02, size 209.72 Kb.

ExcelTripLog 1.02 Ali golmohammadi 

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This app generates a spreadsheet of all transactions and records collected during the fiscal year with information related to your customer name, type of visit, map(both starting and customer locations) with Geo address capability, total mileage/metric distance, date and time, single transaction report, or all records with single command(regular or. Free download of ExcelTripLog 1.02, size 209.72 Kb.

Housekeeping - The Real Maid (HD) 1.0 Henk van der Zee 

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'You Gotta Have This Game! Full Of Fun!Just Amazing!'
'Patterned From Another Famous Game But More Fun!'
'I Love The Graphics And The Sound Effects! Quality Game!'
'Very Interactive Game! I Can't Believe This Is Free!'

ABC Data 1.2 CBTAonline 

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Created to assist professionals and students in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), ABC Data is an unobtrusive data collection tool for counting behaviors and recording session duration.

ABC Data is also a general purpose stopwatch and tally counter that has many other uses.

ABC Data offers:
- A timer
- Three event. Free download of ABC Data 1.2, size 104.86 Kb.

ABC Data Pro 1.33 CBTAonline 

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A multi-mode data collection App. Created by Dr. Raymond G. Romanczyk, BCBA-D and Dr. Jennifer M. Gillis, BCBA-D to assist professionals and students in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), special education, school psychology, and clinical psychology, as well as researchers conducting observational studies. ABC Data Pro is an unobtrusive data. Free download of ABC Data Pro 1.33, size 524.29 Kb.

BackMail-Free 2.0 iApp11 Technologies 

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Backup your iPhone Contacts and Pictures (fast and secure) at your personal email ID or any email ID.
No Need to use any server to back up your iPhone contacts and pictures. Select them and save them in a secure mailbox that you TRUST (personal email IDs).
Send your contacts and pictures in universal format to your email address with. Freeware download of BackMail-Free 2.0, size 6.19 Mb.

Checkin Checkout 1.7 Alteru Inc. 

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A checkin and checkout system with scannable ID card creation. It can be used by schools to check in/out students. It also also be used by any company to keep track of all workers timesheet. It may have any other usages as well. Basically it is for any institution who needs to keep track of checkin and checkout time for the workers by simply. Free download of Checkin Checkout 1.7, size 1.99 Mb.

Elevation Survey 1.0 Booth 

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Opening Sale! Now 50% discount.
Elevation Survey application is developed to support an efficient operation at construction sites. You will no longer need to carry around survey books, calculators and even pencils at the sites as this application will replace all these tools. Once you enter values measured by leveling staffs to the. Free download of Elevation Survey 1.0, size 6.82 Mb.

Expense Reports, Receipts, Invoices & Business Expenses with ABUKAI 4.001 Abukai, Inc. 

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Tired of expense reports? Finish your expenses in seconds with ABUKAI!

Step 1. Simply take a picture of each receipt while on the road or in the office.
Step 2. Hit Process Expense Report anytime you are ready.

You will receive your finished expense report with cost categorization, date, vendor and all the other. Freeware download of Expense Reports, Receipts, Invoices & Business Expenses with ABUKAI 4.001, size 7.55 Mb.

Handy Harp 2.0.0 DETUNE Ltd. 

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Handy Harp explains the complex mechanisms behind a concert harp through sounds and pictures, in an easy-to-use application where the design of harp pedals has been carefully recreated. Using the touch capabilities offered by the iPhone and iPad screen, you can manipulate these pedals easily, hear the changes of interval, and also watch the. Free download of Handy Harp 2.0.0, size 130.02 Mb.

House Check 1.0 Book & Black Pty Ltd 

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Finding a new home is a big decision - there's endless open houses to arrange and inspections to be made. Keeping track of all those houses can be hard work. House Check helps you get organized. Simple questionnaires prompt you to inspect every nook and cranny of your potential home, making sure you know what you're buying (or renting). Take. Free download of House Check 1.0, size 5.56 Mb.

4H Livestock Record 1.0 Learning Games Lab, NM State University 

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Do you agonize over 4-H record keeping? Now you can organize your market livestock project information on your iPhone or iPad and send customized reports right to your email inbox.

Track your 4-Hers and their individual livestock project animals
Track participation in events, meetings, shows, contests and more
Record animal. Freeware download of 4H Livestock Record 1.0, size 6.82 Mb.

Employee Manager: Goal and Incident Tracking 2.13 TicTapTech, LLC 

Mobile \ Business

Employee Manager makes keeping employee records fast and simple! This is a fantastic tool for busy managers! Because it only takes a few seconds to record incidents, set goals, and log meetings with this app, you will be keeping better employee records than you ever have before.

Keep track of employee incidents, both positive and. Free download of Employee Manager: Goal and Incident Tracking 2.13, size 8.39 Mb.

House Design - Free 1.4 Scott Meyers 

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House Design is an intuitive interior design app that lets you build the house you've always wanted, right on your iPad/iPhone.

Key Features:
Real time 3D view
Create detailed 2D floor plans
More than 300 items and materials
Export image to photos
Easiest and efficient operation ever in iPad
Auto. Freeware download of House Design - Free 1.4, size 54.32 Mb.

House Rhino 1.0 Snapp Mobile Technologies PTY Ltd 

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House Rhino will be the first off-grid home to be constructed in South Africa and will incorporate a comprehensive array of energy and water efficiency solutions. Passive design and cutting edge technology has been used in this home and materials procured locally utilising the skills of the surrounding community.

It will be built at the. Freeware download of House Rhino 1.0, size 12.27 Mb.

L5TherapistsCompanion 1.0 L5 Systems Limited 

Mobile \ Health & Fitness

This APP is used for configuring and recording therapy procedures, for maintaining client and treatment records, managing appointments and for supporting counter sales.

It provides a means for full business record keeping including payments, sales, treatments, purchases and inventory. The system can operate with a PC host application. Freeware download of L5TherapistsCompanion 1.0, size 25.38 Mb.

Raw FM Dance Floor Radio 1.0.0 Raw FM 

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Nobody plays more new Dance Music than Raw FM. Whether it's coming to you old-school on FM, via the web, and now on the iPhone, Raw FM is all about keeping the nation on the dance floor... all week long!

Our format consists of an up-to-the-minute playlist of hot, credible club music and we pride ourselves on playing the most cutting-edge. Freeware download of Raw FM Dance Floor Radio 1.0.0, size 1.15 Mb.

2014 Betting Game 1.2 Oliver Kuehne 

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If you would like to organize soccer tournament prediction games with your friends, this app is what you need.

If you are fed up with keeping Excel spreadsheets for managing your predictions, and if you do not want to register anywhere online, this app is what you are looking for.

With this app, prediction games are peanuts.. Free download of 2014 Betting Game 1.2, size 3.36 Mb.

9Ball ScoreMaster Deluxe 1.3 Michael hardin 

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App for taking score in the 10 point rack 9Ball scoring system used by popular leagues. Makes keeping score simple. Tracks all relevant stats. Also allows for easily practicing in the scoring format without the need for pen and paper. Makes 9Ball score keeping fun.. Free download of 9Ball ScoreMaster Deluxe 1.3, size 43.73 Mb.

9Ball ScoreMaster Mobile 1.3 Michael hardin 

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App for taking score in the 10 point rack 9Ball scoring system used by popular leagues. Makes keeping score simple. Tracks all relevant stats. Also allows for easily practicing in the scoring format without the need for pen and paper. Makes 9Ball score keeping fun.. Free download of 9Ball ScoreMaster Mobile 1.3, size 33.14 Mb.

ABC Spelling Fun 1.4.60 Darryl Tyson 

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Spelling Fun is a great spelling game for children just starting to spell, simply drag and drop the letters into the correct order to gain building materials. Then build a fort for a pirate or a house for a ballerina, imagination is key here!
While having fun you will also learn basic spellings skills, sounding out words, common letter. Freeware download of ABC Spelling Fun 1.4.60, size 16.04 Mb.

Bakers Corner 1.3.2 BPM Media Ltd 

Mobile \ Food & Drink

Bakers Corner, Kill O' The Grange, Co Dublin - your interactive companion to keeping in touch with your favourite public house in South County Dublin!

A Facebook account is required for:

- Interacting with our events page
- Let your friends know that you are using our cool iPhone app!

We love to hear your. Freeware download of Bakers Corner 1.3.2, size 28.10 Mb.

Check Please + 1.0 West Tech 

Mobile \ Productivity

Check Please + is a check splitter, tip calculator and receipt saver that splits the check evenly or unevenly.

Check Please + also allows you to capture an image of the receipt and email it to 1 or more persons for tax deduction or record keeping purposes.


1. Enter the "TOTAL TAB" amount.

Check your Phonics 1.2 Pearson Education 

Mobile \ Education

The Learn at Home Check your Phonics app is a fun way for children, aged 5-6, to practise their phonics, and get used to the format of the Year 1 phonics check.

With it children can:
Practise reading words that use all 44 phonic sounds
Record their voice to see if theyve read words correctly
Build their own alien. Free download of Check your Phonics 1.2, size 29.88 Mb.

Chemo Brain Doc Notes FREE 1.3 CrowdCare Foundation Inc. 

Mobile \ Medical

Created by a cancer patient, Chemo Brain Doc Notes FREE allows you to remember the important questions for your next doctors visit. Before your appointment, record your critical issues quickly and easily in text or voice memo format. At your visit, refer back to your questions to make sure your urgent issues are addressed. Chemo Brain Doc Notes. Freeware download of Chemo Brain Doc Notes FREE 1.3, size 1.68 Mb.

ChessNotePad 2.0 Princeton Satellite Systems 

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ChessNotePad is the best Chess recording and replay app ever!

Record games in PGN format as you and opponent play. Forget pen and pencil! Download or paste PGN games from the Internet and save them for later viewing.

Swipe the board left to right to see locators, right to left to disable.


? The. Free download of ChessNotePad 2.0, size 1.05 Mb.

EPS CHRONO 2.0 Yannick Boisseau 

Mobile \ Education

Cette application a ete developpee par un professeur d'EPS. Il s'agit d'un chronometre "intelligent" qui enregistre les performances des eleves. Apres avoir importe ses classes au format csv, depuis EXCEL par exemple, ou les avoir saisies depuis son iPad ou iPhone, le professeur cree des fichiers de chronometrage, puis chronometre ses. Free download of EPS CHRONO 2.0, size 943.72 Kb.

ExcelView 1.0 Afanche Technologies, Inc. 

Mobile \ Finance

AT Excel Viewer is a easy tool to sync your files in Microsoft Excel document format (.xls or .xlsx) from your desktop to your iPhone, iTouch or iPad. With its help, your document files are always available no matter you have a network or not, because all your files are actually downloaded to your iPhone.

The way it works is very simple,. Free download of ExcelView 1.0, size 419.43 Kb.