Farm World

Baby Locations: On The Farm 1.0 iQApplications 

Baby Locations: On The Farm takes young children to an interactive, controllable world we all know and love, the Farm.

Move through the Farm world, and tap the animals and other secret objects to learn the sounds they make!

Featuring high quality original graphical imagery and sounds, we put the classic picture-book style. Free download of Baby Locations: On The Farm 1.0, size 16.67 Mb.


Fermier le jeu 1.0 Fermier 

It is a game of the farm world.It is very funny

Fermier le jeu 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Fermier le jeu 1.0, size 0 b.

Farm Frenzy 3: Russian Roulette 1.0 Alawar Entertainment. 

Scarlett is back in an all-new Farm Frenzy adventure that's out of this world! Having restored farms and fed people all over the world, the plucky heroine of Farm Frenzy 3 thinks she's done it all. But when she learns astronauts are starving because their corrupt boss made a crooked deal with a no-good contractor, she sets her sights higher than. Free download of Farm Frenzy 3: Russian Roulette 1.0, size 72.27 Mb.

Dream Farm Game 1 Automatic Scripts 

Welcome to the all-new online world of Dream Farm! We know fans of farming sims enjoy growing crops and building up their homesteads, but working the land can be a lonely job. Even Old MacDonald had to get off his farm from time to time to avoid going stir crazy! In Dream Farm, you can not only leave your farm, you can go to town and meet up with. Free download of Dream Farm Game 1, size 66.98 Mb.

13Colors At the Farm Lite 1.0.2 Benjamin Raaymakers 

13COLORS takes the children to discover the colorful world of the farm. Fruits, vegetables, tools, animals or even rural landscapes, these are some of the subjects that your budding artist will know how to colour.

--Touch coloring
Thanks to touch-screen technology on your smartphone, your. Freeware download of 13Colors At the Farm Lite 1.0.2, size 14.37 Mb.

3Strike Farm Animals 1.0 MmpApps Corp. 

Given a farm animal - from anywhere in the world - you must pick the correct picture from a group of six. Get as many correct as you can but get three wrong and the game is over.

The app is great for those learn or teaching English as a second language.

Icon chicken image designed by Matthew Kennedy of The Noun Project.. Freeware download of 3Strike Farm Animals 1.0, size 20.24 Mb.

Exploring Farm Animals 1.1 Albert Chan 

Welcome to the wonderful world of farm animals.?

Children love to listen to animal sounds from different farm animals.
Exploring Farm Animals is a great app for babies, toddlers and kids to learn the sounds that farm animals make. Children will love to see pictures of the animals and say the sounds along with them.

Ham and Pig's Escape the Farm Game: A Fun Bacon Racing Adventure 1.0 Mighty Blue Tree LLC 

Only you can help our dear Piggy escape the farm!

Are you ready to experience the adventure of a lifetime?

Prepare yourself for the action thrill ride of awesome, epic proportions!

Live the adventure and overcome fun challenges!

Race across a world of extreme fun and excitement!

Features and. Freeware download of Ham and Pig's Escape the Farm Game: A Fun Bacon Racing Adventure 1.0, size 11.64 Mb.

Happy Farm 2013 1.1 Tuan Huy Nguyen 

Happy Farm: An interesting kids world with ADORABLE images that attracts attention of any children.
A WONDERFUL application for cognitive orientation and improvement of children.
Easy to learn, hard to master!
The more you practice, the more surprising the result will be!
The whole game is about memory and. Free download of Happy Farm 2013 1.1, size 20.03 Mb.

Happy Farm Yard 1.0 Mediasoft Entertainment 

If farming is your forte in life, then this game is your ultimate challenge. Farming have never been so simple and you need is a sofa to sit on and start farming. You play farmer on a quest to be build the greatest farm in the world and become a household name but you need to start from the ground up. Work hard and progress, is what life teaches. Freeware download of Happy Farm Yard 1.0, size 23.17 Mb.

Happy Word Farm 1.0 Bokan Technologies Co., Ltd. 

Get ready for learn words! Happy Word Farm! Explore a fun-filled world of letters, sight words and spelling. For ages 3 to 6.

=== FEATURES ===
interactive, carefully conceived, captivating games.
Letter and word recognition.
A focus on sight words helping your child learn these vital building blocks of reading and. Free download of Happy Word Farm 1.0, size 6.92 Mb.

Hot Farm 9 GinSoft 

Take few minutes and build your own super farm. Develop your own fantasy farm. Play the game anywhere and inspire endless farming customization possibilities. Go online and show off your own farm to the world. You can help your barn buddy to build his farm or you can profit from your friend's hard work. With beautiful background and rewarding. Free download of Hot Farm 9, size 89.02 Mb.

Wings of Wind 1.2007.4.1000 WildSnake Software 

In Wings of Wind you can create your own butterfly farm and make your business grow to build the best butterfly collection in the world. Fun game that everyone should give a try: 40 days long journey, 42 types of butterflies, 8 different bonuses, 6 types of enemies, great graphics and sounds. Fast paced action catching awesome rare butterflies on. Free download of Wings of Wind 1.2007.4.1000, size 11.86 Mb.

TV Farm 1.0 Bigfish Games 

TV Farm is a very entertaining game with a friendly interface
Become the hero of the hit reality show TV Farm! Grow plants, sell products, and improve your farm in this fun Time Management game! Become a TV star and a cult hero to farmers all around the world. Free download of TV Farm 1.0, size 151.20 Mb.

Pure RPG - Casper's Destiny Casper Gaming 

Pure RPG: Casper's Destiny may start off simple, with two farm boys going to market, but it quickly escalates into a battle for control of the entire world. Battle the Pure Ones, become a legend, and save the world, or get distracted by some of the many mini games and side quests in the game and get to the serious stuff later! With over 20. Free download of Pure RPG - Casper's Destiny, size 52.47 Mb.

Farm Frenzy: Pizza Party 2.0 

Farm Frenzy: Pizza Party is a time management and strategy simulation game from, the home of hundreds of great casual games on the Internet. As with all games available at this site, it is the full version, unrestricted and unlimited. There are no demo or trial versions here. Farm Frenzy: Pizza Party will have players handling the. Freeware download of Farm Frenzy: Pizza Party 2.0, size 2.35 Mb.

Cedric The Wizard - Fly HD 1.3 Teleformar / IdeaFactory 

Enter the incredible world of Cedric The Wizard.

This game is the story of a young boy (Cedric) and his girlfriend Eve. They went to visit his grandfather on the family's farm and discovered in the attic of the main house a magic mirror that acts as a portal to another dimension: Magbaden.

By tapping into the magic mirror,. Freeware download of Cedric The Wizard - Fly HD 1.3, size 109.05 Mb.

Chicken Flyer - FREE 1.5 LinkTomorrow Co.Ltd 

Chicken Flyer now available on iOS!

'Cyrus' is the laziest chicken in the world.
Help him fly around the farm, like a normal bird would do everyday.

>Hold the screen to fly up.
>Help Cyrus fly as far as possible.

Ffeaturing a exciting soundtrack "Corncob" by Kevin MacLeod. Freeware download of Chicken Flyer - FREE 1.5, size 25.06 Mb.

Children's Animal Sounds HD-Tap and Hear Animals for Toddlers 1.0.4 Lesson Portal, LLC 

***For Your iPad in HD/iPod Touch/iPhone!!!***
A fun and educational app for young children (2-5 years) to tap and hear twenty animal sounds from all over the world! Watch farm, safari, and jungle animals zoom on your screen when tapped. Works on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Designed by a school teacher and tested by a 3 year old.

Eat Eat Hooray! 1.08 Playforge Games LLC 

Eat Eat Hooray!
Come Hungry, Eat Happy!

From the developers of the hit games Zombie Farm 2 and Tree World, The Playforge presents Eat Eat Hooray!

Morps are happy creatures that just like to build and eat! But the mischievous Rexputin, renowned dinosaur wizard, has kidnapped all the Morp-izens! Only you remain to rebuild a. Freeware download of Eat Eat Hooray! 1.08, size 49.49 Mb.