Fast Turn Of C

Armadillo C++ matrix library 3.1.91 

Armadillo is a fast, template based, C++ matrix library with optional interface to LAPACK and ATLAS libraries. Integer, floating point and complex numbers are supported, as well as disk storage and a subset of trigonometric and statistics functions.. Freeware download of Armadillo C++ matrix library 3.1.91, size 2.93 Mb.


Superfast C++ 1.0 Superfast 

Very fast 64-bit C++ compiler written in 64-bit assember. The frront end for this compiler is almost complete and will be released soon.

Superfast C++ 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Freeware download of Superfast C++ 1.0, size 0 b.

Generic Memory Manager 2.0.0 Beta 1 Anton Matosov 

Generic Memory Manager is a fast cross-compiler C++ memory management library.

Generic Memory Manager is designed to be easy -to-use and extensible. It features a clear design and implementation.

Memory management algorithm bases on memory chunks mapping technology. Generic Memory Manager uses compile time information (memory. Freeware download of Generic Memory Manager 2.0.0 Beta 1, size 0 b.

gtk-gnutella 0.97-19338 Hans de Graaff , Raphael Manfredi and Jeroen Asselman 

A GTK Gnutella client, efficient, reliable and fast, written in C. It has been optimized for speed and scalability, with low-memory consumption. It is meant to be left running 24x7, using little CPU and only the configured bandwidth.

gtk-gnutella is a server/client for Gnutella. It runs on Microsoft Windows and every Unix-like system. Freeware download of gtk-gnutella 0.97-19338, size 22.14 Mb.

codemap 1.0 

Codemap is autodocumentation tool for fast creating of C sourcecode-based html documentation by analyzing simple meta markup.. Freeware download of codemap 1.0, size 93.20 Kb.

finddupe - catalog files and find dups 2.1.0 

Finddupe is a VERY FAST command line C program to catalog very large archives, identifying duplicate files even when offline. It has many features. You can easily grep a catalog to find what you have, and locate where it is.. Freeware download of finddupe - catalog files and find dups 2.1.0, size 261.40 Kb.

PattyEletron 1.0 

The PattyEletron program allow show a animation file(AVI format) in the eletronic panel of Leds, it's fast, writed in C++, this program place movie in the panel at 10fps. Compile with C++Builder4.0.. Freeware download of PattyEletron 1.0, size 118.47 Kb.

dnfBB for Windows 2.0 Bosie, Si 

dnfBB is a powerful and fast 3 Tier, C# discussion board or forum for websites running ASP.NET. Native support for multiple forums within the same db structure. Designed to work with Firebird and MySQL, support for additional RDBMSs in the future.. Free download of dnfBB for Windows 2.0, size 3.86 Mb.

Evothings Client 0.8.0 Evothings 

Develop mobile apps in HTML/JavaScript using live coding with fast turn-around times! The Evothings Client development app is part of Evothings Studio and is the companion app for the Evothings Workbench desktop application. This is a ready-to-use app, that will get you started instantly with building Internet of Things (IoT) enabled mobile. Freeware download of Evothings Client 0.8.0, size 2.41 Mb.

Delphi2Cpp 1. 5. 2002 Detlef Meyer-Eltz 

Delphi2Cpp converts Delphi source files to fast and portable C++. The program is based on a complete parser for Delphi 4/5 and yields optimal translation results by use of the type information of the VCL and other included units. The include paths can be set in the options as well as defines for the conditional compilation. The CBuilder with its. Free download of Delphi2Cpp 1. 5. 2002, size 8.37 Mb.

LRSTAR Parser Generator 3.0 CompilerWare 

LRSTAR Parser Generator is a handy, easy to use, command line based LALR parser generator that generates very-fast parsers in C/C++, 2 times the speed of YACC parsers. It comes with the DFAC lexer generator and compiler front-end source code in C/C++.
It reads TBNF grammar notation, which is very powerful for defining compiler front-ends.. Freeware download of LRSTAR Parser Generator 3.0, size 954.37 Kb.

dvi2bitmap 0.13 

Convert TeX DVI files directly to bitmaps -- XBM, GIF and PNG. Fast and featureful C++ library and application.. Freeware download of dvi2bitmap 0.13, size 3.10 Mb.

OpenCSV# rc 

Ast.OpenCsv is an extremely fast and stable C# code ported from the Java version.... Freeware download of OpenCSV# rc, size 65.45 Kb.

SOL - Line Perspective System 1.0 

3D System to make wireframe drawings. Main functions: creation of polyhedra, transformations, perspective, hidden line removal, animation, 3ds import. Algorithms based on simple triangles, for very fast execution. Visual C++ development environment.. Freeware download of SOL - Line Perspective System 1.0, size 51.90 Kb.

Fast Log Console C# rc 

This implements a fast and user-friendly log console window to use for debugging purposes of Windows applications (C# already). It is intended to replace the default Win32 console window for such purposes.. Freeware download of Fast Log Console C# rc, size 78.25 Kb.

VirDir Digital Widget Systems 

VirDir Manager helps you manage your system's files and folders more effectively. VirDir maps your favorite directory paths to drive letters, letting you access them quickly and easily. With VirDir you can easily eliminate having to deal with long directory paths.

Ever find yourself typing in the same long path over and over. Freeware download of VirDir, size 47.15 Mb.

USB Memory Stick Data Recovery Software Data Recovery 

USB drive deleted data recovery software file restore utility to retrieve, revive and undelete all your damaged, corrupted, formatted memory stick files and folders including MDB database Excel XLS DOC word Documents jpg jpeg tif gif riff tiff avi png bmp mpeg mov wav midi audio video digital pictures songs mp3 music.This utility restores backup. Free download of USB Memory Stick Data Recovery Software, size 553.98 Kb.

Sentimorne Curing/Combat System 1.0 Sentimorne 

A FOSS project designed with the basic to intermediate programmer in mind. Sentimorne aims to be a curing/combat framework for the Iron Realms Entertainment online game, Aetolia. Sentimorne will be written in C/C++ and Lua, utilising a number of XML

Fast. Written in C/C++ for maximum efficiency., Modular. Adding and removal of system. Freeware download of Sentimorne Curing/Combat System 1.0, size 0 b.

Sauerbraten Private Server 1.0 Sauerserver 

This is a project that was started to create a private server for Sauerbraten, that is intended to run faster and more efficiently then the built in server.

Fast and Reliable C++ Core, Full support for all game modes and maps, Strict map modification prevention (Auto-boot on CRC Fail), Updates to the master list, Allows up to 30 players. Freeware download of Sauerbraten Private Server 1.0, size 0 b.

Swords and Sandals 3: Multiplae Ultratus 0.13.0 3rd sense 

Tremble and behold, for now you face the ultimate multiplayer gladiator experience, Swords and Sandals 3: Multiplae Ultratus. Game features:
Fast, turn based multiplayer combat - battle foes from all around the world 7 different arenas to do battle in
Over 40 different races to choose from 11 different species including robots, the undead. Free download of Swords and Sandals 3: Multiplae Ultratus 0.13.0, size 1.89 Mb.