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Tray Tools 2000 2.6 Gregory Braun 

Tray Tools allows you to place up to 24 program icons in the Taskbar Tray. Program icons that you place there can be launched by simply clicking your mouse on them. To add new programs or modify existing items click your mouse on the small red toolbox icon displayed in the tray. You can also modify an existing program icon by right-clicking on it. Freeware download of Tray Tools 2000 2.6, size 239.62 Kb.


Ultima Traceroute 1.0 Ultima Software 

Ultimate Traceroute is a network tool that allows you to trace the route of an IP or host name to its source determining the route taken by packets across the network. It shows the list of routers traversed exactly like the "tracert" MS-DOS command showing the IP, address and hostname of each hop, showing 30 hopes maximum. If a packet. Freeware download of Ultima Traceroute 1.0, size 86.89 Mb.

unCrazYer Outlook Express 1.0 Caracolix Media 

This small app just stops the Outlook Express and Windows Live mail program "Free Up Disk Space message". There is no installation necessary. Just copy to a location on your computer, make a launch icon and place it to the desktop so you can run it any time you want. Or run it once and select run automatically. The app will start. Freeware download of unCrazYer Outlook Express 1.0, size 10.24 Kb.

Transparent Screen Lock 5.10 Esm Software. 

Secure your workstation or server with Password Protection while viewing programs that are running in the background.

Transparent Screen Lock enables IT professionals to prevent unauthorized system access, while maintaining the ability to view applications running on the desktop for monitoring purposes.

Transparent Screen. Free download of Transparent Screen Lock 5.10, size 1.52 Mb.

Lady Elliot Island 7.0 Galexy Pty. Limited 

This is a field guide to the wildlife at Lady Elliot Island, located at the southern end of Australia's Great Barrier Reef.

It covers:

* The incredibly varied sea-bird life
* Most sharks and rays
* An extensive range of fish
* Many corals, shellfish, nudibranchs and other invertebrates
* Reptiles
*. Freeware download of Lady Elliot Island 7.0, size 113.25 Mb.

Quick Communicator 3.0 APPTREME STUDIO 

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We all use our mobile device to contact intimately with our love ones and the mobile device has become a huge part of our daily life. However, communicating with these devices aren't often simple.

Enterra Icon Keeper Deluxe 1 Enterra Inc. 

Enterra Icon Keeper Deluxe is an elegant solution to the icons arrangement problem. With a large number of applications the user encounters a problem of their quick launch. The desktop is overloaded with all sorts of icons and the user has to waste time looking for the necessary program in the menu. Enterra Icon Keeper Deluxe is an elegant solution. Free download of Enterra Icon Keeper Deluxe 1, size 634.88 Kb.

FlashTray Pro 5.0 Blacksun Software 

FlashTray Pro is a simple to use and practical utility that enables you to launch various applications and visit websites by accessing a system tray icon.

The launcher also allows you to create shortcuts for system commands. FlashTray Pro features some handy built-in tools such as Color picker, Screen Magnifier, Character Map and. Free download of FlashTray Pro 5.0, size 0 b.

USB Name And Icon Editor Kuzon 

USB Name And Icon Editor was created as a small and useful software that can change the name and icon of your flash disk drive.

All you have to do is launch the application, input your new name and select the icon you want to use.

. Freeware download of USB Name And Icon Editor, size 0 b.

AddaButton 4.1 Harmony Hollow Software 

Add custom buttons directly to Internet Explorers own toolbar which can be used to launch any program or document on your computer. Easy-to-use interface allows you to define the button text, icon, associated "Tools" menu command text, and even the text to be displayed in I.Es status bar when the mouse cursor is over the menu command.. Free download of AddaButton 4.1, size 883.71 Kb.

Launch Pivot 1.6 Interfaco Software 

Launch Pivot is a smart, configurable and powerful tool for exploring and launching programs on your computer. It is designed to make all possible tasks like search, open programs or documents fast and easy. The tool can be used as a Media Player or an Image Viewer by placing the mouse cursor over a multimedia or an image file icon on the main. Free download of Launch Pivot 1.6, size 1.75 Mb.

XUS Desktop 1.0 EDesksoft 

XUS Desktop is a powerful desktop icon manager application. With XUS Desktop, you can now organize your windows desktop icons very easy. It can make your windows desktop clear, beautiful, And let you easy to handle shortcut icon. XUS Desktop also offers a new, easy, fast&swift way to launch the program. It will free your windows desktop icons.. Free download of XUS Desktop 1.0, size 2.19 Mb.

WinShake 2 56 WinShake 

First of all, it is an improved version of the Show Desktop icon in your Quick Launch Bar (9x/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008) or the Windows 7 Show Desktop Button. With WinShake Control running, you can also access Show Desktop by double clicking the Middle Mouse Button at (the right of) the clock in the Taskbar or on the Start Button. Free download of WinShake 2 56, size 2.10 Mb.

DESKonTOP 2.40.151 Shuric Com. 

Solve window clutter, speed-launch desktop shortcuts and access your computer desktop easily with just two mouse clicks. How many application windows do you have open during your typical computer work? If your answer is "many"-DESKonTOP is right for you! Windows offers a convenient way to access applications and documents you use often by. Freeware download of DESKonTOP 2.40.151, size 1.27 Mb.

gnuapplet 0.1.0 gnuapplet.sourceforge.net 

GNU Applet(gnuapplet) is an applet that can (1)launch gnu emacswhen clicked and (2)open an file on GNU Emacs by draging-and-dropping an icon from gnome desktop. In other word, GNU Applet is a GUIversion of gnuclient.. Freeware download of gnuapplet 0.1.0, size 83.57 Kb.

Restore Show Desktop Icon 1 Efham Computer 

Restore Show Desktop Icon is a lightweight application that was created in order to provide you with a simple means of bringing back the icon that is used to minimize all the opened windows and show the desktop.

All you have to do is run the application and press a single button to restore the 'Show Desktop' icon in your Quick Launch. Free download of Restore Show Desktop Icon 1, size 0 b.

Aero QLaunch 1.2.22 CK16 

Aero QLaunch was designed to be a quick launch toolbar in 3D. This utility is very lightweight and easy to use.

It places an icon in your system tray. Just hover with the mouse over it and the quick launch bar will be revealed.. Free download of Aero QLaunch 1.2.22, size 1.23 Mb.

1TapMail - Speed Mail Shortcut Icon Launcher by 1Tapps 2.2 Gilogiq 

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As simple and useful as the App Name, from the most valued 1Tapps series, create as much CUSTOM 1Tapps as you want to Start writing Mail. Freeware download of 1TapMail - Speed Mail Shortcut Icon Launcher by 1Tapps 2.2, size 5.66 Mb.

Holidays (next) 1.3 GRAVEY M. 

The application which gives you permanently the number of days staying until your next holidays, without having to launch the application because the numbers of days is directly shown on the icon.

Suite au passage sous iOS5 il faut active les laffichage des pastille (methode general) dans reglages->notification->nom de. Free download of Holidays (next) 1.3, size 524.29 Kb.

Vrode Launcher 1.1 VrodeSoft 

Vrode Launcher is a simple application launcher.
Just click on system tray icon and select application to launch.
List of applications and icon are changed by editing text file.
You can run multiple instances of Vrode Launcher.
vrLaunch.exe [path:[D:SomePath]Some.ini]. Freeware download of Vrode Launcher 1.1, size 134.34 Kb.