Field Boots

3D Camomile Field Screensaver 1 Michael Sablin 

3D Camomile Field Screensaver is a beautiful scene of a camomile field with flying bumblebees and butterflyes. If your computer supports OpenGL hardware acceleration, this screensaver will fill up your screen with real 3D animation. . Free download of 3D Camomile Field Screensaver 1, size 2.01 Mb.


Field Density Report System 4.0 McIntyre Associates 

With Field Density Report System you can gain control of, and access to, all of your Field Density test data. You can also manage the collection of field sample data, and record the results of laboratory testing of soil or asphalt samples. With this tool you can generate reports for internal management and regulatory compliance and you can prepare. Free download of Field Density Report System 4.0, size 7.84 Mb.

The Digital Field Trip To The Wetlands 1 5 Digital Frog International 

This Digital Field Trip uses virtual reality technology to allow students to visit a bog in Ontario without getting their feet wet! It is a truly interactive CD-ROM incorporating animations, narration, games, text, full color photographs and a comprehensive workbook in one easy-to-use package.
The Digital Field Trip to The Wetlands makes. Free download of The Digital Field Trip To The Wetlands 1 5, size 42.55 Mb.

FSM Field Staff Manager 2. 1. 2004 FSM 

With the Field Staff Manager you can create the job, send it to the field service staff's mobile phone. From there the field service technician can record all details to do with the job including appointments made, material costs, time worked and update the system in real time. Powerful management features including: Calendar overview, charts. Freeware download of FSM Field Staff Manager 2. 1. 2004, size 25.22 Mb.

Color Field 1. 2. 2005 Infowise Ltd. 

Extends the regular choice field so you can assign a different color to every choice. The whole row in every SharePoint view will be marked with that color.
Enter any number of choice values and assign a color to each of them. Now every item that uses one of the choice value will have the background color changed to that choice's color.

Puss In Boots Theme New Microsoft 

Puss In Boots Theme is a pack that contains 5 high resolution Puss In Boots backgrounds for your desktop.

The notorious fighter, lover, and outlaw Puss In Boots becomes a hero in the true story of The Cat, The Myth, The Legend…The Boots. Celebrate the release of Dreamworks’ Puss In Boots with this free Windows 7. Free download of Puss In Boots Theme New, size 0 b.

Force Field Accuracy 1.0.858.0 Static Line Interactive, Inc 

Force Field Accuracy is a useful and reliable application worth having when you want to view and simulate which the trajectory of a parachute should be throughout various drop zones.

With its user-friendly interface, you can easily control the parachute for a better skydiving. After the simulation is done, you can preview the. Free download of Force Field Accuracy 1.0.858.0, size 0 b.

Electric Field of Dreams 1.04 University of Colorado 

Electric Field of Dreams is designed as an easy-to-use simulation application designed to allow you to add charges to the Field of Dreams and see how they react to the electric field.

This utility will help you: explain the relation between the size and direction of the blue electric field lines to the sign and magnitude of the charge. Free download of Electric Field of Dreams 1.04, size 0 b.

Depth Of Field Generator PRO 4.0.28 Richard Rosenman 

Depth Of Field Generator PRO is a useful Photoshop plugin capable of producing high quality, complex Bokeh and Depth of Field effects.

Depth of field is heavily used in photography, film and computer graphics as a creative element, in typical examples ranging from portraiture to macro photography. In photography,

Depth of. Free download of Depth Of Field Generator PRO 4.0.28, size 0 b.

Autocomplete Lookup Field New Nadeem Yousuf 

Autocomplete Lookup Field is a SharePoint plugin designed to allow type ahead functionality while looking up values from the lookup list.

It uses REST for specifying filters. If you want to implement an autocomplete feature in SharePoint, try this web part.

. Free download of Autocomplete Lookup Field New, size 0 b.

SharePoint Conditional Field Beta Serkant Samurkas 

SharePoint Conditional Field is working like a KPI field, but extends the functionality to above. You can specify your own criterias and their results with combining them with SharePoint field values.


Allows user to add html content for different conditions
Allows user to add another field. Freeware download of SharePoint Conditional Field Beta, size 1.04 Kb.

Athens 2004 - Track and Field Screensaver 3.0 Scenic Reflections Screensavers 

Download the Free Athens 2004 Track and Field Events Screensaver from Highlights of the medal winning Track and Fielders of Summer Olympics past. Download the Free Athens 2004 Track and Field Events Screensaver today! No spyware, no hidden installs, no spam, no cost, no kidding!. Freeware download of Athens 2004 - Track and Field Screensaver 3.0, size 3.71 Mb.

Field of Glory 1.0 Matrix Games Ltd. 

Based on Slitherined-deOaos popular tabletop wargaming system by the same name, Field of Glory now comes to the PC in a faithful adaptation of this acclaimed miniatures wargame! Without the calculations and measurements required for a tabletop game of Field of Glory, the PC version accurately represents ancient combat where you make the important. Freeware download of Field of Glory 1.0, size 209.31 Mb.

Tanks III Field of fight 1 Kruchinin Aleksandr 

Tanks III Field of fight contains 25 levels, in each of which it is necessary to protect the base from attacks of enemies. The tank can be operated keys determined in adjustments of game. A tower operate by the mouse. The tower turns in a direction of the cursor. It is possible to shoot by the left button of the mouse, and to change types of shells. Free download of Tanks III Field of fight 1, size 862.21 Kb.

DB Dreammy Puzzle 1.0 Diaper Bags 

Have you ever dreamed of having your own footbal field? This offers you a dreammy puzzle...solve the foorball field of your dreams!. Freeware download of DB Dreammy Puzzle 1.0, size 344.06 Kb.

MSU Field Shift Fixer AviSynth plugin 0.5 Graphics&Media Lab Video Group 

Free AviSynth filter for fixing relational temporal field shift. This shift may appears during video film capturing and PAL->NTSC convertion. The filter automaticaly detects field shift. Also scene replacement and two merged sequences (from different parts of film) are proceeded correctly.. Freeware download of MSU Field Shift Fixer AviSynth plugin 0.5, size 34.82 Kb.

MEET MANAGER for Track & Field 1.0.0001 HY-TEK Sports Software 

MEET MANAGER for Track & Field (TFMM) can run any track meet in the world and run it well. We have over 8,000 track and field clients in 100 countries and our system has been used in the USA Olympic Trials and in tens of thousands of local meets worldwide. HY-TEK's track software's user-friendly features are intuitive and flexible,. Free download of MEET MANAGER for Track & Field 1.0.0001, size 53.78 Mb.

DOFPro 4.0 DOFPro 

DOF PRO is the result of ongoing research, development and programming collaboration in an effort to produce a Photoshop compliant plugin capable of delivering high quality, sophisticated Depth of Field and Bokeh effects quickly and efficiently as a post process.
Depth of field is heavily used in photography, film and computer graphics as a. Free download of DOFPro 4.0, size 3.62 Mb.

Barnack Mikkel B. Stegmann 

Barnack is a program that provides an interactive platform for learning about the intrinsic camera parameters and their effect on the depth of field, the hyperfocal distance, field of view, et cetera.

It is named after Oscar Barnack (1879-1936) who designed the first camera using the 24x36 mm format for German microscope manufacturer. Freeware download of Barnack, size 46.57 Mb.

Service Record Savard Software 

Service Record is a Microsoft Windows application that keeps track of your hours spent in the field ministry, the number of magazines, books, and brochures placed, and the number of return visits and studies held. Service Record has the ability to handle multiple users, print out totals, generate graphs, and much more! Service Record allows you to. Free download of Service Record, size 2.66 Mb.