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O&O CleverCache Server Edition 7 O&O Software GmbH 

O&O CleverCache resolves file cache problems under Windows. It does so by taking control of the storage resource management. As a result, it is possible to accelerate the answering times of applications. This is the only way to prevent straining the system to its maximum. Efficiency is increased and there's an improvement in the way existing. Free download of O&O CleverCache Server Edition 7, size 8.53 Mb.


Associate This Spearit Software, Inc. 

Associate This is a comprehensive file extension manager provided by Spearit Software. It is compatible with several versions of Windows OS and requires minimal hardware resources to work.

It’s a nice utility that can protect all your files from being misused and misattributed by any other program without your knowledge. It. Free download of Associate This, size 1.70 Mb.

Grid Commander New PSNC 

Grid Commander was designed as a simple and very easy-to-use file manager. You can quickly access all your files and folders with the help of the two available panels.

Grid Commander is a tool that's been developed with the help of the Java programming language and can run on multiple platforms.

. Free download of Grid Commander New, size 0 b.

SuperCat 4.4 No Nonsense Software 

Finding files on hard drives can be a nightmare, and finding files on removable disks such as CD-ROMs, Zip disks and diskettes can be impossible. SuperCat lets you catalog all your disks, so you will never lose a file again. Designed to work with Windows Windows 98, NT4, 2000, and XP, SuperCat is an easy to use utility for cataloging, searching and. Free download of SuperCat 4.4, size 1.61 Mb.

Nexus Portal 3 6 NexusDB Pty Ltd 

Nexus Portal is a remoting framework for developers including full Remote Desktop Control, File Explorer and Multi User Chat over HTTP/HTTPS. Portal is supported for Delphi 7 - XE with applications running on Windows 2000 or higher.

Portal is a unique set of components that is available with full source code and different support level. Free download of Nexus Portal 3 6, size 4.84 Mb.

ES Simple Uploader 1.1 EnergyScripts 

ES Simple Uploader is a very small and simple non-MySql password protected file upload script. You can select upload dir, set its password and upload file. No need any tools or databases. ES Simple Uploader is a PHP based file upload management system created for webmasters to allow users and guests easy to upload files to your website. Key. Freeware download of ES Simple Uploader 1.1, size 1.43 Mb.

Sense Txt Plugin 1.4.0 Silva Elm Ltd. 

Sense OPML Plugin is a handy plugin for both Sense Personal and Sense Professional designed to support the popular file formats used for document outlining. The plugin enables both tabbed and space indented plain text files to be imported into Silva Elm's Sense Structured Document Editor.

The plugin dynamically identifies levels from. Free download of Sense Txt Plugin 1.4.0, size 0 b. 1.0 NetID Co., Ltd. 

1. File server hosting service for small offices(less than 10 employees) is a file server hosting service for personnel or small offices(small sized companies)
who has less than 10 employees.
2. [Company Members] Full administration features for each Company

Company member of input his own domain. Free download of 1.0, size 1.15 Mb.

LDAP Account Manager for Windows 3.7 Roland Gruber 

LDAP Account Manager (LAM) is a webfrontend for managing accounts stored in an LDAP directory. You can use templates for account creation and use multiple configuration profiles. Account information can be exported as PDF file.


management of Unix user and group accounts
management of Samba 3. Free download of LDAP Account Manager for Windows 3.7, size 9.15 Mb.

Quick NTFS Partition Recovery Tool 13.0.0 Unistal Systems Pvt. Ltd. 

The Quick Recovery software is a judicious provider of advance Windows data recovery program. This application is qualified and comprises the best technology to recover data back. Prominently developed with impressive functionality that portrays influential recovery mechanism and retrieves all kinds of files from the OS and from any error. Varied. Free download of Quick NTFS Partition Recovery Tool 13.0.0, size 3.67 Mb.

CacheBoost Professional Edition 4 Systweak, Inc. 

CacheBoost is configured automatically as system service. This service is launched with Windows. It monitors your system in the background and frees resources when required. So you need not bother to acquire additional physical memory as you can maximize the performance of physical memory you already have!CacheBoost uses only 0.05% of total CPU. Free download of CacheBoost Professional Edition 4, size 849.92 Kb.

LFPConverter 1.2 eDocument Review Software 

LFPConverter creates Bates ranges from IPRO LFP load files You have the choice of creating begin/end batesnumber only or include begin/end attachment ranges.

You can choose to have attachment values in blank or filled in. The file created can automatically have concordance or summation delimiters. Easy to use just browse and click.. Free download of LFPConverter 1.2, size 1.73 Mb.

NTFS Data Undelete Utility Unerase Files 

NTFS drive economical data recovery solutions provides comprehension solution to repair NTFS logical windows partition. NTFS windows disk recovery shareware tool recover compressed folders and retrieves inaccessible encrypted files. Windows vista files best data recovery undelete software rescue data from deleted physically damaged hard drive due. Free download of NTFS Data Undelete Utility, size 700.42 Kb.

ViceVersa Plus 2.3.1 TGRMN 

A program for making sure drives, files, folders and sub-folders are in sync. Add two separate folders, click "compare" and the info will be displayed in another window. Comparison results are shown with colorful, easy-to-understand icons.You can view the contents, drive name, size and timestamp of each folder or file and then synchronize. Free download of ViceVersa Plus 2.3.1, size 1.50 Mb.

Duplicate Filter 1.4.6 CodingBest Software 

Duplicate Filter can instantly find, compare and manage duplicate files in your computer and neighborhood computers in the network. You can rename, move or remove duplicates after finding duplicate mp3 music, songs, photos, images, videos, documents and other files. It can also find duplicates of a user-specified file, compare files by CRC. Free. Free download of Duplicate Filter 1.4.6, size 1.24 Mb.

Sense TEXT Plugin 1.2.0 Silva Elm Ltd 

The Sense Text Plugin is one of two plugins specifically designed to support the more popular file formats used for document outlining.

The plugin enables both tabbed and space indented plain text files to be imported into Silva Elm's Sense Structured Document Editor.

The plugin dynamically identifies levels from the. Freeware download of Sense TEXT Plugin 1.2.0, size 705.54 Kb.

Credit-Repair-Planner 113 Atilla Credit Repair Info 

Credit-Repair-Planner helps create an optimized repayment schedule which factors in credit improvement. The concept is simple: pay off the highest-interest cards first while bearing in mind that carrying in excess of 50% on any revolving credit line dings your credit score.

Credit-Repair-Planner will break this down into two. Freeware download of Credit-Repair-Planner 113, size 272.38 Kb.

SC-DiskInfo Standard Edition 1.11 Soft-Central 

SC-DiskInfo is a disk space usage analyzer. This program will track down those folders and files that are using most disk space so you can remove unwanted data and clean up your drive effectively. It displays details, including number of subdirectories, file count and overall size, as well as a graphical chart display to quickly spot the largest. Free download of SC-DiskInfo Standard Edition 1.11, size 325.06 Kb.

PipeBoost 2.2.226 BPVN Technologies 

PipeBoost™ is an HTTP compression software that runs on Internet Information Services 4.0, 5.x, 6.0. It compresses static/dynamic content that is downloaded by a browser running on a customer or end user’s computer. Flexible File Compression Management – Allows Site Managers to specify a custom compression strategy. Allows. Free download of PipeBoost 2.2.226, size 6.23 Mb.

honestech Video Patrol 4 Honest Technology 

honestech Video Patrol 4.0 is very useful for remote monitoring or remote alerting of urgent situation of your home, office, shop or clinic. Through the Internet, you can see what is currently happening or what has happened before, and you can be alerted when there is suspicious movement in the area of your interest. Using 3 different cameras at a. Free download of honestech Video Patrol 4, size 5.33 Mb.

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