File System Watcher

CVS virtual file system 0.5 

This provides a package which presents the CVS contents as mountable file system.It allows to view the versioned files as like they were ordinary files on a disk.There is also a possibility to check in/out some files for editing.. Freeware download of CVS virtual file system 0.5, size 124.33 Kb.


DualFS Linux File System 1.0 

DualFS is a next-generation journaling file system which separates data and meta-data on different devices (usually, two partitions on the same disk or different disks), and manages them separately.. Freeware download of DualFS Linux File System 1.0, size 373.81 Kb.

Ext2 File System Driver for Windows 0.51 

Ext2Fsd is an open source linux ext2/ext3 file system driver for Windows systems (2K/XP/VISTA/WIN7, X86/AMD64).. Freeware download of Ext2 File System Driver for Windows 0.51, size 2.65 Mb.

Ext2 File System Driver for Windows NT rc 

Ext2 File System Driver for Windows NT with read write access.This is a project for the development of a Windows File System Driver for the Ext2 file system. The Ext2 file system is (was?) the defacto file system for most Linux distributions.. Freeware download of Ext2 File System Driver for Windows NT rc, size 480.96 Kb.

Fast Secure File System 0.1.1 

FSFS is a secure distributed file system in user space built over FUSE and OpenSSL. It stores AND transfers data between clients and server in secure form, leaving most of the cryptography to the clients, thus relieving the server of the additional work.. Freeware download of Fast Secure File System 0.1.1, size 245.09 Kb.

FFS File System Driver for Windows rc 

FFS File System Driver for Windows 2000/XP/2003, allows you to get a read access to FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD FFS(UFS) partitions.. Freeware download of FFS File System Driver for Windows rc, size 217.26 Kb.

file-system transformation tool rc 

fstransform is a tool to change a file-system from one format to another, for example from jfs/xfs/reiser to ext2/ext3/ext4, in-place and without the need for backup. Idea from 'convertfs' program, but it is fully independent code.. Freeware download of file-system transformation tool rc, size 200.79 Kb.

fsv - the 3D File System Visualizer 0.9 

fsv, the 3D File System Visualizer, allows you to view a collection of directories and files as three-dimensional geometry. It represents all or part of a filesystem as a collection of blocks of varying sizes, each labeled with a filename, and arranged in. Freeware download of fsv - the 3D File System Visualizer 0.9, size 325.57 Kb.

Gfarm File System 2.5.5 

Gfarm file system is a network shared file system that supports scalable I/O performance in distributed environment. It can federate local disks of network-connected PCs and compute nodes in several clusters.. Freeware download of Gfarm File System 2.5.5, size 2.59 Mb.

German Coder Floppy Disk File System 1.0 

The German Coder (Floppy) Disk File System is a filesystem used for 1.44MB floppy disks. Freeware download of German Coder Floppy Disk File System 1.0, size 441.04 Kb.

Kosmos File System (KFS) 0.5 

Kosmos distributed file system provides high performance combined with availability and reliability. It is intended to be used as the backend storage infrastructure for data intensive apps such as, search engines, data mining, grid computing etc.. Freeware download of Kosmos File System (KFS) 0.5, size 638.82 Kb.

Linux File-system defragmenter 1.1.1 

The defragfs project aims on file-system/directory defragmentation of the Linux operating system, it is (currently) file-system independent and only CLI, hope further development could bring the GUI and better functionality.. Freeware download of Linux File-system defragmenter 1.1.1, size 3.58 Kb.

Linux NTFS file system support 2.0.0 

The goals of this project are: create a new Linux kernel driver for the NTFS file system (1.2, 3.x, and later), user space utilities (e.g. format, ntfs check, etc.) and a library to avoid code duplication and provide access to NTFS to other GPL programs.. Freeware download of Linux NTFS file system support 2.0.0, size 903.95 Kb.

M Distributed File System 0.8.2 

MDFS is a simple Distributed File System for Linux and Windows. It's not a kernel module, just an app running in the background. You can use it to access (view, download, upload) files on a remote computer, for automatically backup your files, etc.... Freeware download of M Distributed File System 0.8.2, size 671.90 Kb.

mail file system 1.2 

jmailfs is a mail based file system. It uses smtp and pop3 protocol to write, read your files on mail server.. Freeware download of mail file system 1.2, size 137.44 Kb.

meltingice file system 1.0 

MeltingIce File System is a comprehensive php personal file management script. It allows users to upload to the server it is hosted on, and once the files are uploaded, users may link other people to them, and manage their uploaded files.. Freeware download of meltingice file system 1.0, size 292.16 Kb.

NFC file system 0.1alpha2 

A Mac OS X file system that can be used to change the behavior of an existing file systems so that all file names are returned in UTF-8 NFC form.Workaround for applications that have problem with the default file name encoding of Mac OS X.. Freeware download of NFC file system 0.1alpha2, size 12.92 Kb.

Nomad Jukebox File System for Linux 0.2.1 

The Nomad Jukebox File system njbfs is a Linux file system for the Creative Nomad Jukebox. Using automount capability, you can 'cd' to your Nomad Jukebox, read and write tracks, and even ordinary files can be stored on your Jukebox.. Freeware download of Nomad Jukebox File System for Linux 0.2.1, size 123.94 Kb.

NOR file system 

Norfs is a read only file system for the ucLinux Kernel.If you use ucLinux and you want to put your file system in the ram or norflash and so on,you can use Norfs without any block driver.. Freeware download of NOR file system, size 3.41 Kb.

Remote File System 4b 1.0 

this implements a remote file system.. Freeware download of Remote File System 4b 1.0, size 1.74 Mb.

File System Watcher Web Results


Benchmarks that measure the performance of Unix file system operations, concerned mainly with identifying bottlenecks.

Free Source Codes

Offers various open source software such as an ext2 file system plugin for Windows operating systems and a 16 bit debugger.

NetDrive for OS/2

Virtual file system which allows the user to create a virtual volume and mount various resources to the volume. The current version of supports local, network, and FTP sources.

Security Department

Resident file system protector for folders and files. Access to various folders and files can also be set differently for each user on a single PC.


A distributed file system from CMU based on AFS2.


Coordination and distribution of OpenAFS, an opensource implementation of the Andrew File System, including client and server software.

SCO to Yank SGI's Unix License

SCO expands its battle over Linux by pledging to revoke Unix contract held by high-end computer maker Silicon Graphics, Inc., due to SGI donating XFS file system software to Linux. [CNET]