Files From Subfolders

Download Entire FTP Sites Software 7.0 Sobolsoft 

Download files and subfolders from an FTP site to a folder. Specify which files to download from a list.. Free download of Download Entire FTP Sites Software 7.0, size 773.12 Kb.


Genial renamer CubicDesign 

Batch rename all files and subfolders in a folder. Very useful to batch rename you picture/mp3 collection.

How it works?

The program will crawl through ALL SUBSOLDERS of the specified folder and it will rename all files in those subfolders by appending the current subfolder name to all file names in that subfolder.

Smart Media Card Recovery Data Recovery Utilities 

Smart media memory card data recovery utility provides restoration of inaccessible corrupted files folders subfolders picture images from mobile phones memory card. Data rescue is possible even files is unreadable, encrypted or not detected by the media. Multimedia memory card deleted data rescue software support recovery of songs 3gp mp3 audio. Free download of Smart Media Card Recovery, size 1.79 Mb.

FlagRASH 1.0 Sente Limited 

This application allows you to change the read-only, archive, system & hidden attributes of multiple files in subfolders. Developed because of our own experience of copying files from CD's and discovering they are all read-only. The problem is that there is no way to clear flags across multiple folders under Windows. With this application,. Free download of FlagRASH 1.0, size 350.21 Kb.

sfisa 1.0 

sfisa is a shorcut of search files in subfolders also. The mainfeatures are:search files with specific extension or/and name which is included in name found filessearch files with specific phrases in files. Freeware download of sfisa 1.0, size 412.52 Kb.

Dir2Encrypt 1.0 Dir2Encrypt 

Dir2Encrypt encrypt a folder with privat files and subfolders into a single password protected archive file. The archive file can be a zip file or a self extracting exe file. Microsoft Net Framwork 2 has to be installed.

encrypt a folder

Dir2Encrypt 1.0 License - Microsoft Public License. Freeware download of Dir2Encrypt 1.0, size 15.92 Mb.

wList 2.0 SharkTime Software 

wList is a tool that allows you to create a list of the files and subfolders of a given folder (directory).
With one click, you can create a list of the contents of any CD/DVD/USB flash drive, or any hard disk.
You can easily search through or print this list.

wList includes the functionality of the DOS dir and Unix ls. Free download of wList 2.0, size 437.50 Kb.

DelEmpty 1.2 Skrommel 

List and delete empty folders.

- Show filecount, foldercound, programcount and size of files and subfolders.
- Sort by files, size or path.
- Doubleclick to explore a folder.. Freeware download of DelEmpty 1.2, size 429.92 Kb.

Apivision QTbar 1 3 

Apivision QTbar (Quick Toolbar) is Taskbar Utility for Windows Desktop. Quick Toolbar gives a user quick access to their computer's resources (files, folders, subfolders, applications, documents...) and Internet resources (Internet links, Favorite links, Your Personal Internet pages, E-mail...) right from your Windows Desktop and with a SINGLE. Freeware download of Apivision QTbar 1 3, size 0 b.

SendLink 1.9.1 Computer Knacks, Inc. 

Share your files and folders by emailing tiny 'links' to the people you want to share with. SendLink allows you to share either individual files or entire folders - up to your whole hard drive - with a single link. The recipient of your file-sharing email simply clicks on these links to download the files directly from your PC to theirs using. Free download of SendLink 1.9.1, size 387.97 Kb.

KillData 1.0 

Wipe files from your HDD in a few seconds.

KillData kills files dead. On Contact. This is a utility that you don't need often, but when you need it, you really need it.


- Copying pictures etc. off of a CD will leaves the attributes sitting at "RA" (read-only archive) in your hard drive folder.. Freeware download of KillData 1.0, size 199.23 Kb. File Shredder Godlike Developers - Software Engineering Group, Ltd. 

"File Shredder" is for deleting documents, programs, and other files without possibility to restore them. While deleting files on the computer the file itself is not deleted - only a part of its header is deleted. All information from the file is still kept on a hard drive but at first sight it seems to be deleted. There are special. Freeware download of File Shredder, size 1.67 Mb.

JM-Doc2Txt 2.0 JimiSoft 

JM-Doc2Txt is a word (.doc, .docx) file to plain text (.txt) file converter software. It parses word file natively and does NOT need MS-Word software,processes file at very high speed and you can convert a lot of files once time!

Its key features:

Fully independent, parses word file natively, does not depend on MS-Word or any. Free download of JM-Doc2Txt 2.0, size 943.72 Kb.

Easy HTML Autorun Builder 1.6.0 easy HTools 

Easy HTML Autorun Builder is an application pack designed for easy creation of HTML-based CD/DVD autorun menu which provides quick access to existing files and documents. Executable CD Menu Shell works on Basis of System 'MS Internet Explorer' versions 4.0 or higher but also has some additional options. From this menu you can open all documents in. Free download of Easy HTML Autorun Builder 1.6.0, size 551.94 Kb.

Cryptosystem ME6 7.31 Hermetic Systems 

Cryptosystem ME6 is a Windows program which uses a symmetric key encryption system to encrypt information in either a single file or in multiple files (at once) so that it cannot be read by those not knowing the key. Data is encrypted using a key which is from 16 to 64 characters long, and which can be either a phrase or a sequence of 64 random. Free download of Cryptosystem ME6 7.31, size 1.81 Mb.

Back2Life 2.7 GrandUtils 

The Recycle Bin for Windows has been designed to protect files from accidental erasure, but what happens if you want to recover a file deleted from the Recycle Bin itself? Or, what if your deleted file didn't get to the Recycle Bin? Viruses will not send anything to the Recycle Bin! Give Back2Life a chance to find and unerase those files! Back2Life. Free download of Back2Life 2.7, size 388.17 Kb.

CZ-Xls2Pdf:batch pdf converter that convert xls to pdf 1.0 ConvertZone Software co.,ltd. 

CZ-Xls2Pdf is a batch pdf converter that convert microsoft execl documents to pdf files, you can convert a lot of files once time, saving your time!Key Features A. batch convert microsoft execl documents to pdf files quickly.B. preserves original document layout, include images and tables. C. support command line arguments.D. can add the files in. Free download of CZ-Xls2Pdf:batch pdf converter that convert xls to pdf 1.0, size 719.87 Kb.

CZ-Doc2Txt 3.0 ConvertZone Software co.,ltd. 

CZ-Doc2Txt is a batch text converter that convert doc to text, html to text and rtf to text, and can watch source file folder and convert new uploading ms word, rtf or html documents to text files automatically. you can convert a lot of documents to text files once time! saving your time! Key Features A. batch convert doc to text, html to text and. Free download of CZ-Doc2Txt 3.0, size 720.90 Kb.

CZ-Doc2Pdf 2.0 ConvertZone Software co.,ltd. 

CZ-Doc2Pdf is a batch PDF converter that convert word to PDF, DOC to PDF, html to PDF, text to PDF and RTF to PDF, and can watch source file folder and convert new uploading ms word, RTF, text or html documents to PDF files automatically. you can convert a lot of word DOC to PDF files once time! saving your time! Key Features A. batch convert word. Free download of CZ-Doc2Pdf 2.0, size 1.68 Mb.

CZ-Doc2htm 3.0 ConvertZone Software co.,ltd. 

CZ-Doc2Htm is a batch html converter that convert word doc to html, rtf to html and text to html, and can watch source file folder and convert new uploading ms word, rtf or text documents to html files automatically. you can convert a lot of documents supported by microsoft office word (text, rtf, doc and more) to html once time, saving your time!. Free download of CZ-Doc2htm 3.0, size 719.87 Kb.