Flash Clock For Power Point iPhone Software

4P Projector 1.1 Officine Video 

Mobile \ Productivity

The best tool for presentations and professional speeches, flexible and dynamic.

4P is the perfect solution for create playlist with video files, audio files, power point or keynote presentations, excel tables, image files and more else; and manage all of them in a professional projection, full of features.

4P isn't a tool for. Free download of 4P Projector 1.1, size 12.90 Mb.


5 Analog Clocks 1.0.1 EyeSine Interactive 

Mobile \ Utilities

Five analog talking clocks with following features:

1. Stylish design of five different clocks.
2. Very cool HD graphics.
3. Alarm clock.
4. Power saver/Screen saver.
5. On tap it speaks time and date.
6. Five different Voice (Both Male and Female voice).
7. Five different Tick sounds for enhancing the. Free download of 5 Analog Clocks 1.0.1, size 45.72 Mb.

Baby Nom Nom 1.0.1 Playrise Digital Ltd. 

Mobile \ Games

AppStore UK: Editors Choice

"Beautifully, executed iPad Game - perfect for a five munute dip plus its a real challenge too"

"Baby Nom Nom!" Helping vulnerable children all over the world. Find out more in game....

From the creators of award nominated, number 1 racing game Table Top Racing, comes. Free download of Baby Nom Nom 1.0.1, size 58.41 Mb.

Echoii Cloud 3.0.1 Echoii Technologies Co., Ltd. 

Mobile \ Lifestyle

The Echoii Disk is a very professional client software for Echoii Device. The Echoii Disk App allows you to remotely access all the photos, movies, music and documents stored on your Echoii Device from iPhone, iTouch and iPad. The Echoii Disk App can provide various functions such as uploading and downloading files, multiple selections, server. Freeware download of Echoii Cloud 3.0.1, size 6.40 Mb.

Elegant Torch: The Nightstand Companion Elegant Technologies, LLC 

Mobile \ Lifestyle

What is this?
Elegant Torch was built to live next to your bed. You'll find a booklight, a nightlight, and a timer for taking short naps. Great for both everyday use and when sleeping in unfamiliar rooms.

Yeah, but why?
I tend to read in bed. Shortly after buying my seemingly all-powerful iPhone, the batteries in my. Free download of Elegant Torch: The Nightstand Companion, size 104.86 Kb.

MyData File Manager 1.2.0 LG Electronics 

Mobile \ Productivity

MyData File Manager is very convenient ftp client software. It is originated from PC ftp client, so it is easy to use and friendly in spite of beginners.
MyData File Manager provides various functions such as sending and receiving files, multiple selection, server management, sending email with files, etc. Additionally, you can upload picture. Freeware download of MyData File Manager 1.2.0, size 419.43 Kb.

ProZip Free - Zip UnZip UnRar File 1.1 Nguyen Nam Giang 

Mobile \ Business

-This App help you to create and manage archive file such as .zip and .rar
-Support open archive file from other apps such as Mail,File Manager App...
-Folder Management
-Wifi and Itunes file sharing, upload/download file to your computer
-View file formats:
+ MS Word
+ MS Excel
+ MS Power Point. Freeware download of ProZip Free - Zip UnZip UnRar File 1.1, size 8.70 Mb.

ProZip - Zip UnZip UnRar Tool 1.0 Nguyen Nam Giang 

Mobile \ Business

-This App help you to create and manage archive file such as .zip and .rar
-Support open archive file from other apps such as Mail,File Manager App...
-Folder Management
-Wifi and Itunes file sharing, upload/download file to your computer
-View file formats:
+ MS Word
+ MS Excel
+ MS Power Point

RAPOO Cloud 1.2 ShenZhen Rapoo Technology Co.,Limited 

Mobile \ Photo & Video

The RAPOO Cloud app is a very professional client software for RAPOO wireless storage devices. And this app gives you easy access to all the photos, videos, music and documents stored on your RAPOO device from iPhone, iTouch and iPad. To connect to RAPOO D5, please slide the WiFi switch on your device and choose the RAPOO D5 network from your. Freeware download of RAPOO Cloud 1.2, size 33.34 Mb.

21+ Advanced XRay Booth 1.14 SmilingMobile Inc. 

Mobile \ Entertainment

Show your iphone's extraordinary power to your friend! WIth this app, you can watch realtime X-Ray image around yourself. Let's watch the world the world at another point! Invert your world!
1. More than 28 filters designed for your cool show! XRay, Night Vision, Infra-Red Vision, and so on.
2. Take Photo.
3. Flash.. Freeware download of 21+ Advanced XRay Booth 1.14, size 2.10 Mb.

3D Clock Timer and Stopwatch 1.0 vivismile 

Mobile \ Utilities

This app is a perspective version of the "Clock" tool of IPhone.

Check the screenshot below and you will see what I mean.

The point is that even if you lie your Iphone down on a desk without using a holder, you still can read the time numbers clearly.

check out the video here:

Law in a Flash: Law Electives 1.0 Aspen Publishers, Inc. 

Mobile \ Education

The Wolters Kluwer Law Electives Law in a Flash cards are ideal for reviewing legal topics point by point. The traditional flashcard model has been reinvented as a digital, portable, study resource to help you study anytime, anywhere.
Read the questions or hypothetical situations on the front of each card, and then tap the screen to flip the. Freeware download of Law in a Flash: Law Electives 1.0, size 4.19 Mb.

10 Day Influencing 1.1 Chris Croft Training 

Mobile \ Business

Influencing learn the key points of Influencing in this practical ten day course.

Learn how to persuade other people to see your point of view and to get what you want from situations where you dont have power.

Each day has a new technique and suggestions on how to apply it and a quiz.

The course includes Push vs.. Free download of 10 Day Influencing 1.1, size 3.04 Mb.

AbcBonjour 1.2 Escapade francaise 

Mobile \ Education

AbcBonjour! is divided into 6 lessons. In each of them, you will find vocabulary flash card, easy to understand grammar point, and pronounciation exercices.. Free download of AbcBonjour 1.2, size 26.00 Mb.

BabyApps: FlashCards Free 1.0 Blueonionsoft, Corp. 

Mobile \ Education

This app is free version of the BabyApps FlashCards.


? 20 Flash Cards with great sounds.
? Sound effect for animals, car, airplane, clock, wind, etc.
? 8 Animals, 4 Fruits, 4 Natures and 4 Life Things

"BabyApps: ALL-IN-1" has more FLASHCARDs, PHONE, LETTER-board, and PIANO. Search. Freeware download of BabyApps: FlashCards Free 1.0, size 6.82 Mb.

CenterView 5 Domo, Inc. (UT) 

Mobile \ Business

CenterView 5 Mobile extends the power of CenterView 5 enterprise dashboards to the Apple iPad and iPhone delivering right-time business intelligence so business leaders can make better decisions at the point of the decision.

The ability to monitor sales pipeline, financials trends, network uptime and other key performance indicators. Freeware download of CenterView 5, size 4.09 Mb.

Haunted Slice 1.2 Jimmy Chang 

Mobile \ Games

Haunted Slice is a fun and exciting game. Use your finger to slice up witches, cats, grim reaper, and so much more.

The power is in your finger. Slice them in half as you race against the clock.

Avoid the pumpkin to stay in the game.

Great fun for Halloween.

***** FEATURES *****

--- Includes. Free download of Haunted Slice 1.2, size 4.51 Mb.

HexLok 1.2 Tunaverse Media 

Mobile \ Games

*** Check out our new Cinq photo app for iPhone and iPad!!!

Test your nerves and your brain power as you race the clock to move triangles around a hexagon game board.

Work your way around locked Hexagons. Some are locked so they can't move left, some can't move to the right.

Use bonus triangles to score 2x, 5x or. Freeware download of HexLok 1.2, size 1.05 Mb.

Hoops Up 1.0.0 Blast Zone Studios, LLC 

Mobile \ Games

Test your shooting skills in this basketball shoot-off! Race against the clock to see how many baskets you can make in a minute!

***Swipe to shoot
***Control your power!
*** Fun for the whole family!. Freeware download of Hoops Up 1.0.0, size 4.19 Mb.

How to become rich? 1.0 Edward Choi 

Mobile \ Business

How to become rich?

let understand yourself and below key of rich:

1) Imagination
2) Belief in attainment of desire
3) Leadership
4) Observations
5) Organized planning
6) Power of the master mind
7) The starting point of all achievement
. Free download of How to become rich? 1.0, size 314.57 Kb.


Mobile \ Education

This is the official Higher Power 737NG app for iPhone & iPad! It is designed to help pilots with memory recollection of aircraft systems. Study on the go by taking quizzes or viewing flash cards of all the major aircraft systems! View Aircraft Limitations, Check Ride Oral Review and Memory Items with an easy to use question and answer format.. Free download of HPA 737NG 1.0, size 61.87 Mb.

Professional Digital Clapperboard - Timecode Sync and Video Slate 1.1 Matt Cowlin 

Mobile \ Photo & Video

A professional-grade advanced clapperboard app with clear audio and visual sync marks with variable FPS timecode and clock.

Features include:
- Multiple slates
- Custom FPS for timecode and timer
- Tail slate function
- "Flash" high-contrast visual cue
- Loud audible beep for audio cue
-. Free download of Professional Digital Clapperboard - Timecode Sync and Video Slate 1.1, size 12.90 Mb.

PUSH MODELS MOBILE 1.1 Jonathan Sacks 

Mobile \ Productivity

PUSH MODELS MOBILE gives you (THE MODEL) the power to quickly access and update your profile, view and accept assignments, get directions, fill out recaps, upload photos, clock-in/out and much more. Only downloadable by PUSH MODEL Account Users. If you are interested in becoming a PUSH MODEL please visit us at pushmodels.com.. Freeware download of PUSH MODELS MOBILE 1.1, size 8.49 Mb.

PUZZLE & SAMURAI DORAGON 1.1.0 Toshiaki Shou 

Mobile \ Games

Defeat Samurai-Dragons by the power of puzzle!

Rule :
1.Tap a ball to change ball's color.
2.It is possible to turn off when connecting four or more balls of the same color.
3.it is possible to recover your hit point to turn off heart balls.. Freeware download of PUZZLE & SAMURAI DORAGON 1.1.0, size 10.49 Mb.

QR Reader Free 3.0 david bajada 

Mobile \ Utilities

How To Use:

QR Reader is Simple to use you just point to the Qr Code Auto-Detect Scanning and has flash if needed for night auto Mode flash That simple to use this app

. Freeware download of QR Reader Free 3.0, size 629.14 Kb.

QuizzleMe - Social Quiz Game 1.3.0 Cow54 Ltd 

Mobile \ Games

Challenge your friends with 'QuizzleMe' the fast paced multiplayer quiz game. Choose from our vast array of quiz categories, select your power
ups and answer against the clock. Test your trivia prowess and see if you can beat your opponents.

QuizzleMe boasts 1000's of Questions and 100's of Categories with rich audio
and. Freeware download of QuizzleMe - Social Quiz Game 1.3.0, size 29.99 Mb.

SmartClock 1.0 Masaki Iwata 

Mobile \ Utilities

Its a very simple clock application.
This App has been developd on Adobe Flash Professional CS5 Beta (Packager for iPhone).

- 12 or 24-hour notation can be changed
- clock and background color can be changed
. Freeware download of SmartClock 1.0, size 8.28 Mb.

12,24 Alarm Clock Sleep Music 1.1.6 Sticky Ice Games 

Mobile \ Utilities

Introducing the most advanced alarm clock for your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can manage your day in confidence with multiple alarms and sleep away the night with music that gently fades. Other useful features include battery info, auto-snooze, world time, international calendars, night light, vibrating alarms, and more.
Slowly and naturally. Free download of 12,24 Alarm Clock Sleep Music 1.1.6, size 6.82 Mb.

1stPayPOS - Point of Sale 2.2.1 1stPayGateway, LLC 

Mobile \ Business

1stPayPOS iPad POS is a cloud cash register with tomorrows technology today. This iPad point of sale provides real time remote reporting to monitor store sales and operations. Your data is securely backed up on the cloud with no servers to purchase or maintain.
Ring Up Sales in your Retail Store, Restaurant, or Salon with 1stPayPOS, a. Freeware download of 1stPayPOS - Point of Sale 2.2.1, size 26.84 Mb.

3D Cyber Clock 1.2 cyb 

Mobile \ Utilities

3D Cyber Clock combines all the following features in one application:

? 3D Clock with all mechanisms to work in perfect sync
? Digital Clock (24h/12h format supported)
? iPod Music Alarms (Using predefined sounds or pick your favorite music from your iPod Library)
? Facebook
? Twitter
? Internal mini Web. Free download of 3D Cyber Clock 1.2, size 17.62 Mb.