Flash Content Into Photo

SWF2Saver 2.002 Vertical Moon 

SWF2Saver is an extremely easy program to convert your Macromedia Flash content into screensavers.

The main features of the program are output 100% Standalone Screensavers (user does not need to have Flash installed), output customizable installers for your screen savers, include an optional Read Me text file to display in the. Free download of SWF2Saver 2.002, size 3.28 Mb.


Flash Screen Saver Builder 2 Dream Soft 

Flash Screen Saver Builder is an easy to use and powerful tool that helps you convert a Flash movie into a Screensaver within minutes. . Free download of Flash Screen Saver Builder 2, size 1.64 Mb.

PhotoGalleryMaker 2.80 RainstormSoft 

Photo Gallery Maker is a top-rated flash gallery & slideshow software that helps you create photo flash slideshow, 3D photo gallery and flash photo gallery with background music. You can enjoy your splendid photo flash show on your local computer, burn the auto-run flash photo album to gift CD/DVD to share your happiness among your friends. Free download of PhotoGalleryMaker 2.80, size 12.48 Mb.

Essential Oxford Travel Guide 1.0 David Sambor 

The Essential Oxford travel guide is an application that gives travellers and locals an insight into things to do and places to go during their visit to Oxford.

Featuring rich interactive content with photo galleries, restaurant guides, hotel information, maps and an entertainment guide, its everything thing you need to know about. Freeware download of Essential Oxford Travel Guide 1.0, size 72.14 Mb.

Any Flash Screensaver Maker 1.8 Risnow Software 

Any Flash Screensaver Maker is an easy to use and powerful tool that helps you convert a Flash movie into a Screensaver within minutes. It has an user friendly interface that supports drag & drop. You can convert many flash movie files to Screen Savers or .exe files in batches.Any Flash Screensaver Maker makes batch file conversion simple.. Free download of Any Flash Screensaver Maker 1.8, size 3.83 Mb.

ActiveSWF Professional 1.8 CPS Labs 

ActiveSWF is a powerful toolkit for web developers and Flash professionals who intend to produce dynamic Macromedia Flash content. It can be programmed to create Flash movies using XML for Flash movie description. ActiveSWF XML notation provides simple and obvious way for Flash content specification. ActiveSWF brings significant power into the. Free download of ActiveSWF Professional 1.8, size 2.04 Mb.

Icesun Flash Screensaver 2.10 Icesun Software 

Icesun Flash Screensaver is an easy to use and powerful tool that helps you convert Flash movies into a Screensaver within minutes. It also allows users to build self-installation packages (*.exe) for distribution. The converted files will be saved to a pre-selected directory folder and the original files will remain untouched.No programming skills. Free download of Icesun Flash Screensaver 2.10, size 3.83 Mb.

iSpring Ultra 3.5 iSpring Solutions, Inc. 

iSpring Ultra is PowerPoint add-in designed for creating e-learning Flash content from your PowerPoint which can be published to any Learning Management System (LMS) conforming to SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004 standards. iSpring Ultra also provides ActionScript API for seamless integration of PowerPoint content into Flash or HTML based systems with total. Free download of iSpring Ultra 3.5, size 10.38 Mb.

Movie to Flash SDK 1.0 Geovid 

GeoVid Movie to Flash SDK allows you to include video to flash conversion into your own application.You can convert any video files to flash FLV or SWF. You do not need to know DirectShow or Video Edition to create flash from video. Movie to Flash SDK accept all video codecs whitch installed at your system and you need only install new video codec. Free download of Movie to Flash SDK 1.0, size 5.37 Mb.

Video-AVI to Flash-SWF Converter 1.013 AviMpeg 

In today’s world, the macromedia flash content has become an integral part of the life of every computer user. Whether someone wants to capture certain frames and play them as flash files or create flash movies, Video-AVI to Flash/SWF converter is a resourceful application, assisting the user in a number of ways. The application. Free download of Video-AVI to Flash-SWF Converter 1.013, size 88.67 Mb.

SilverX RichMediaLab 

SilverX is a free utility that allows developers to convert web flash content to Microsoft Silverlight. It only supports Flash in ‘swf’ format for conversion. And it just takes selecting the flash file, plus the destination where to save the resulting Silverlight file.

The program supports multiple Flash features,. Freeware download of SilverX, size 2.01 Mb.

iSpring Presenter Master Edition 4.0 iSpring Solutions Inc. 

iSpring PRESENTER Master edition is a PowerPoint add-in designed for creating e-learning Flash content from your PowerPoint. Generated Flash courses are ready to be published published to any Learning Management System (LMS) conforming to SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004 standards. iSpring PRESENTER produces Flash presentations with ActionScript API for. Free download of iSpring Presenter Master Edition 4.0, size 44.08 Mb.

SilverX Expression 1. 5. 2000 SilverX 

Import Flash/SWF into Expression Blend/Silverlight. SilverX Expression supports all basic Flash features: vector primitives, images, texts and animations, so almost all Flash movie resources get accurately converted to Silverlight. SilverX Expression allows to import Flash application (SWF file) directly into a Expression Blend Silverlight/WPF. Free download of SilverX Expression 1. 5. 2000, size 583.68 Kb.

Blue Micro USB Flash Drive Logon 1.0 Blue Micro Solutions 

Blue Micro USB Flash Drive turns your existing pendrive or flash drive into a key to logon to your pc. This makes it easier for users to manage their computer account passwords. This software creates a encrypted code on your pendrive, only understood by this software. This software can be installed on windows xp or 2000 only. This software is free. Freeware download of Blue Micro USB Flash Drive Logon 1.0, size 545.26 Kb.

ViewletBuilder 4.5.3 Qarbon 

The leader in Flash content creation is now free to start with.ViewletBuilder's innovative content creation process has revolutionized the way in which software is presented and demonstrated. Comes with content management and reporting capabilities.The history of online demos can quite literally be divided into a pre-Viewlet era and the. Free download of ViewletBuilder 4.5.3, size 48.80 Mb.

FlashForge 7.01 Goldshell Digital Media 

FlashForge, the well known and popular screensaver creator, converts your Macromedia Flash files into a screensaver plus an installer.FlashForge takes care of all the details and lets you take care of your real work!FlashForge has numerous options which help you make your screensaver look far more professional:- Real movie preview- Settings bitmap-. Free download of FlashForge 7.01, size 1.89 Mb.

Hoolicon 4.11 Goldshell Digital Media 

Hoolicon replaces the standard icon of a Macromedia Director or Flash projector into one that you choose yourself. Give your (CD-ROM) projects a more personal & professional touch!

Hoolicon also allows you to disable the right-click menu and the top menu bar for Flash projectors.

It consist of an easy-to-use wizard. Free download of Hoolicon 4.11, size 323.58 Kb.

Spinner Synonymizer 1.2 SeoDev 

Spinner is used for spinning text content into many variations for further usage, such as submitting spinned pieces of text to website directories, article directories, Web 2.0 sites, blogs and so on.
SeoDev Spinner is very simple to use, as it has only one function, and everything is tailored to that function, that is to spinning content.

Clipyard 1 50 Goldshell Digital Media 

Clipyard is an editor that enables you to quickly and easily combine FlaX, Astro, Pixifex and other Flash material into one SWF file. Additionally, Jpeg, Bmp, Gif and Mp3 files can be converted into Flash format, and used in the newly compiled SWF file.. Freeware download of Clipyard 1 50, size 90.97 Mb.

FlashSmith 1 2 Dreamingsoft, Inc. 

Flash Smith is an easy to use utility helping you convert your favorite Flash files into screensaver.

No programming skill required at all, after a few clicks, you can create your own screensaver immediately. Once you've purchased, you will get an ever-changing screensaver to personalize your computer.. Free download of FlashSmith 1 2, size 70.16 Mb.