Fluids Conversion iPhone Software

Engineering Unit Conversion 2.0 ActiveMinds Software Ltd. 

Mobile \ Utilities

A comprehensive unit conversion tool specifically designed for engineers, scientists and students.

All the dimensions you need on a daily basis with all the units you commonly use.

Input negative values when required for temperatures, gauge pressures, etc.

Input values with exponents. Instead of typing in 1000000. Free download of Engineering Unit Conversion 2.0, size 3.25 Mb.


Hardness Conversion Lite 1.0.0 ITAMCO 

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Hardness Conversion is a simple app for converting between popular scales used to measure the hardness of non-austenitic steels. It is in conformance to ASTM E140-07. For no ads, purchase full version.


- Convert between popular Rockwell, Vickers and Knoop hardness scales.

Available Scales:. Freeware download of Hardness Conversion Lite 1.0.0, size 524.29 Kb.

HexCalc - Hexadecimal Conversion Calculator 1.2 Brad Goodman 

Mobile \ Utilities

Simple calculator with Hexadecimal, Octal and Decimal conversion functions.. Freeware download of HexCalc - Hexadecimal Conversion Calculator 1.2, size 104.86 Kb.

Touch Fluids 1.3 Xavier Daxhelet 

Mobile \ Education

Touch Fluids is an educative iPhone application in support to an high-school or university course of fluid mechanics.
It contains not only a memorandum of the basic equations, but it also contains several animations illustrating the various concepts of fluid mechanics.

This application runs also on iPad and iPod Touch.

3D Converter HD 1.3 AR Vision Inc. 

Mobile \ Photo & Video

Create your own 3D photos with your finger!!
*3D Converter HD is intended for 2D to 3D conversion.
*You can create stereoscopic images easily
*You can share results with friends on Facebook.
1. Take an image from Photo library
2. Draw region of object to generate a stereoscopic image
3. Change. Free download of 3D Converter HD 1.3, size 10.17 Mb.

3D Photo Converter 1.1 Klaus Waiss 

Mobile \ Photo & Video

- Convert your existing photos into realistic 3D photos.
- Fastest conversion. Will only need a second for conversion.
- Simply the best and easiest 3D conversion with awesome results.. Free download of 3D Photo Converter 1.1, size 10.07 Mb.

3D Photo Converter Lite 1.1 Klaus Waiss 

Mobile \ Photo & Video

- Convert your existing photos into realistic 3D photos.
- Fastest conversion. Will only need a second for conversion.
- Simply the best and easiest 3D conversion with awesome results.. Freeware download of 3D Photo Converter Lite 1.1, size 10.07 Mb.

80ChinaFree 2.5 BBFamily 

Mobile \ Music

Local music male and female voice conversion.Magic Guitar:Easy to play the songs of different styles! direct analysis of local music rhythm game, local music ringtone, background music, theme and style changes, three nuclear audio decoding, to create the perfect sound, a beautiful and practical in one of the all-round player!

Abbott Animal Health I.V. Fluid Volume Calculator for iPad 1.0.1 Abbott 

Mobile \ Education

The I.V. Fluid Volume Calculator is an easy to use tool developed by Abbott Animal Health for veterinarians and veterinary technicians to obtain the calculation of the Total Volume of Crystalloid Fluids that should be administered to dogs and cats going under Fluid Therapy. This free application can be used in a situation where either maintenance. Freeware download of Abbott Animal Health I.V. Fluid Volume Calculator for iPad 1.0.1, size 15.41 Mb.

Auto Paint For iPad 1.2 Benoit Dehaene 

Mobile \ Photo & Video

Give a unique look to your photos.
Turn them into drawing, painting, chalk, pastels or charcoal.
The conversion is fully automatic! Select the effect, that's all. Numerous options are available.
You can choose an image from your photo album, or take it with the camera directly visualizing the effect!
Auto Paint for iPad was. Free download of Auto Paint For iPad 1.2, size 22.75 Mb.

Auto Paint for iPhone 1.0 Benoit Dehaene 

Mobile \ Photo & Video

Give a unique look to your photos.
Turn them into drawing, painting, chalk, pastels or charcoal.
The conversion is fully automatic! Select the effect, that's all. Numerous options are available.
You can choose an image from your photo album, or take it with the camera directly visualizing the effect!
Auto Paint for iPhone. Free download of Auto Paint for iPhone 1.0, size 5.56 Mb.

AWebTrafficBusiness 1.0 Joviant Technologies 

Mobile \ Business

Welcome to A Web Traffic Business. Increase web site traffic and increase targeted traffic for higher sales conversion by learning from this application. This application will guide you on the myths and secrets of increasing website traffic with tips and ideas to measure, analyze, and understand what web traffic is all about.

You know. Free download of AWebTrafficBusiness 1.0, size 1.05 Mb.

AZ Converter+ 1.1.2 Andreas Zimnas 

Mobile \ Productivity

AZ Converter+ can convert everything from A to Z.

With AZ Converter+ you get an Easy to use, Updatable and Comprehensive converter.

- 37 Categories and 1209 units in total

- Built in calculator

- Swipe the conversion input to delete a number

- Tap the Input or Output conversion screen to. Free download of AZ Converter+ 1.1.2, size 3.15 Mb.

B737 Cockpit Companion 1.310 fss.aero 

Mobile \ Education

B737 Cockpit Companion for iPad is a conversion of Bill Bulfer's B737 NG Cockpit Companion book series to an iPad app.

The app is supported and designed for the iPad 2, "new iPad", and the fourth-generation iPad, iPad mini (both Retina and non-Retina versions), and the iPad Air. It requires iOS 6 or later and is not supported. Free download of B737 Cockpit Companion 1.310, size 515.90 Mb.

Bahrain Today 1.0.1 eGovernment Authority Bahrain 

Mobile \ Lifestyle

Bahrain Today Service is aimed to provide one stop utility App for the citizens of the Kingdom of Bahrain to view Current Weather Report, Prayer Timings, News & Cultural Events. App also has the tool for currency conversion.
User can set reminders for the selected prayers. Event Details can be forwarded through emails. Freeware download of Bahrain Today 1.0.1, size 8.18 Mb.

ChangeIT 1.10 richard prandini 

Mobile \ Finance

Currency Converter / Forex Portfolio Management
- 134 currencies (including former currencies of the Eurozone)
- 165 countries

Currency Conversion
You choose your list of currencies and the application gives you automatically converted amounts.
Dual conversion display

Forex. Freeware download of ChangeIT 1.10, size 4.51 Mb.

ChillMaster P-T Chart 1.4 Parker Hannifin Corporation 

Mobile \ Business

Proper analysis of the P-T relationship can help service technicians diagnose a refrigeration system issue quickly. The ChillMaster P-T Chart allows quick pressure to temperature conversion by providing essential refrigerant data to mobile devices. Contractors and technicians will enjoy P-T Charts user friendly design and precise calculations. Freeware download of ChillMaster P-T Chart 1.4, size 838.86 Kb.

Ecstatic Kabbalah by Rabbi David A. Cooper 4.0 i-mobilize, inc. 

Mobile \ Lifestyle

Kabbalahthe secret is out! From Madonna's controversial conversion to the Dalai Lama's acknowledgment and support, this mystical tradition is gaining unprecedented recognition. But how do we put this powerful and esoteric worldview into practice? With The Ecstatic Kabbalah, Rabbi David Cooperauthor of God Is a Verb (100, 000 copies sold, Riverhead,. Free download of Ecstatic Kabbalah by Rabbi David A. Cooper 4.0, size 57.99 Mb.

ElecToolBox 1.0 Lapp Group USA 

Mobile \ Utilities

This is a smart and handy tool for all Electrical & Electronic Engineers. Your on-the-go virtual, simple to use converter and calculator.

- Wire Inductance
- Frequency
- Units of measurement
- Voltage/Power Conversion. Freeware download of ElecToolBox 1.0, size 10.59 Mb.

ElcoCalc 1.3.1 Elcometer 

Mobile \ Business

Allows the conversion of flow times into viscosity (cSt) for Elcometers range of flow cups. In addition the app also calculates correction for Elcometer SCM400 salt contamination meter when used with Elcometer 130 high purity filter papers.. Freeware download of ElcoCalc 1.3.1, size 2.31 Mb.

Electrical Converter 4.0 V PUGAZHENTHI 

Mobile \ Utilities

Electrical Converter is a conversion calculator that converts different electrical units of measure.
It consists of 16 Categories with 173 Units and 2162 Conversions.

Electrical Converters List:(16)

1.Field Strength
2.Electric Potential

Emcom 1.2 Denisov Embroidery Studio 

Mobile \ Lifestyle

Application to search and conversion of embroidery thread colors from one palette to another. Contains many threads catalogs and finds thread closest to chosen color. Freeware download of Emcom 1.2, size 1.26 Mb.

Emerson e-Saver 1.0.3 Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc. 

Mobile \ Reference

Emerson e-Saver Mobile Application

Instant annual cost savings comparison for residential HVAC system replacement options

Emerson e-Saver provides on-the-go calculations for residential contractors analyzing forced-air HVAC system conversion options. Contractors input current system efficiency standards, along with their. Freeware download of Emerson e-Saver 1.0.3, size 1.47 Mb.

Energy Cycles 1.3 Kaup Shenoy Associates 

Mobile \ Utilities

Energy Cycle App covers four major energy conversion cycles to facilitate as a tool for performing energy efficiency studies. The graphical presentation of different models shown in a generic form comprises of components that are steady state energy devices where in its state properties remain constant at the inlet and outlet regardless of time for. Free download of Energy Cycles 1.3, size 1.26 Mb.

Engineer's Handbook 1.0 Magic Hour Communications 

Mobile \ Utilities

The Engineering Handbook contains useful conversion factors, resources and data associated with engineering and physics.

Inside the app there are calculator tools for length, volume, temperature, density, weight and flow. Resources listing the periodic table of elements, screen size conversions, and vessel capacities.

The. Freeware download of Engineer's Handbook 1.0, size 629.14 Kb.

English - Speak Word Listen HD 1.0 KaKeungNET 

Mobile \ Education

English learning is about Pronunciation + Word + Meaning. You need to:
1. Read the Word. i.e. In your brain, it is conversion of Word TO Pronunciation;
2. Speak what you want. i.e. Conversion of Meaning TO Pronunciation;
3. Listen and interpret the Meaning. i.e. Conversion of Pronunciation TO Meaning.

Learning is fun. Drag. Free download of English - Speak Word Listen HD 1.0, size 37.33 Mb.

ER Doctor - Virtual Kids Emergency Room 1.0 Beansprites LLC 

Mobile \ Games

ER Doctor is a fun game where you can play three mini-games total in this Virtual Kids Emergency Room!

Start an IV, and give your patient fluids to rehydrate them! Make the Celebrities in the game happy!

Draw Blood with 6 different colorful vials! Place the tourniquet on the patient's arm, scrub it with alcohol, and place. Freeware download of ER Doctor - Virtual Kids Emergency Room 1.0, size 22.12 Mb.

Ewing Irrigation 1.5.1 Ewing Irrigation 

Mobile \ Business

This app is designed to save you time and help increase productivity in the field. Ewings app allows you to quickly locate your nearest Ewing branch, access handy landscape and irrigation calculators and conversion formulas. Stay up-to-speed with the latest news and information from Ewing via Twitter and Facebook.

Want to find the. Freeware download of Ewing Irrigation 1.5.1, size 22.75 Mb.

Exchanger - Currency Converter 1.2 Codesparq 

Mobile \ Finance

Whether you're a traveller or frequent online shopper, Exchanger makes currency conversion a breeze with its beautiful interface and use of real-time data from multiple sources.

- Currencies Galore: Support for over 160 currencies, each with its own distinct icon for quick recognition.
- Consistent Data: Averaged out. Free download of Exchanger - Currency Converter 1.2, size 3.15 Mb.

ExConverter HD 1.1 RockCat Studio Limited 

Mobile \ Utilities

ExConverter is a powerful unit conversion tool, it supports up to 93 different units under 12 categories (length, area, weight etc..). Three major features: express conversion, easy-to-use and multi-unit conversion. *Support languages: English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

Unit list:

- Millimeter. Freeware download of ExConverter HD 1.1, size 8.39 Mb.