Form Generator Sharepoint

Contact Form Generator by StivaSoft 3.2 StivaSoft Ltd 

Contact Form Generator script is an easy-to-use PHP script for creating contact and email forms. The script allows you to create different web forms containing text fields, drop down boxes, radio buttons, checkboxes, text areas and file up loader or date picker. Using the Contact Form Generator you can create a web form for your website that allows. Free download of Contact Form Generator by StivaSoft 3.2, size 129.02 Kb.


Contact Form Generator 4.0 StivaSoft Ltd 

Using the Contact Form Generator you can create different web forms for your website that allow your visitors to contact you, subscribe, send feedback and files. Contact Form Generator is an easy-to-use PHP script for creating contact and email forms. The contact form script allows you to create different web forms containing text fields, text. Free download of Contact Form Generator 4.0, size 130.00 Kb.

DB Form Generator 1.0 

DB form generator, for database-content edition. Based on an existing database structure or an XML-based definition, the tool generates a highly customizable set of tools for editing the database tables (PHP/www and Python/GTK interfaces). Freeware download of DB Form Generator 1.0, size 82.88 Kb.

Online Web Form Generator 1.0 

This is an online web form generator with the following features:

- Allows to create both simple and complex forms.
Easy Drag and Drop interface.
- Support for common form elements like textbox, radio button , dropdown , password
- Support for file uploader
- Simple captcha support
- Tooltip help to guide through. Freeware download of Online Web Form Generator 1.0, size 0 b.

Arclab Web Form Builder 3.5 Arclab Software GbR 

Arclab Web Form Builder makes it easy to create HTML/php forms and email the form submission as Text, HTML or XML. The HTML web form generator supports single- and multi-page php forms with autoresponder and file uploads. Create your email contact form, support form or custom mail form right away on your own PC and upload it to your web.

Order Maven 1.31 Briggs Softworks 

Order Maven is an order form generator for online merchants. Create stand-alone Windows executables that can be distributed royalty-free to customers. Collect, encrypt, and e-mail credit card orders directly back to merchant with built-in public key encryption and SMTP functions. Visually design your forms with the drag and drop interface. . Free download of Order Maven 1.31, size 872.45 Kb.

FormApi 1.2 

This is another html form generator, yes! Based on a php description of the datas you have to manage based on mysql database or not. The goal of this package of classes is to exchange data with the end user without writing html tags.. Freeware download of FormApi 1.2, size 823.73 Kb.

SQLScreens 1.1.12 

SQLScreens is a simple database screen form generator written in TCL/TK.. Freeware download of SQLScreens 1.1.12, size 166.67 Kb.

Sylex PHP projects 1.0 

Sylex PHP is a collection of PHP classes for help webmasters and database administrators to create forms with javascript validation (form generator) and reports (report generator) in a easy way. All classes are made to use with mySQL.. Freeware download of Sylex PHP projects 1.0, size 29.83 Kb.

phpRapidDev 1.0 Phprapiddev 

phpRapidDev will be a development tool to create and manage applications, it contains a theme manager, language selection, conection to various database servers, form generator, report generator, and user management. Text-based defines with web tool.

phpRapidDev 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of phpRapidDev 1.0, size 77.57 Kb.

Sylex PHP forms 1.0 Sylexphpforms 

Is a collection of PHP classes understood to create html forms (form generator) in a quick and simple way. 14 field types with javascript validation, front-end to create it and easy way to create edition forms to modify mySQL database.

Sylex PHP forms 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Sylex PHP forms 1.0, size 0 b.

Mailrelay emailmarketing 1.0 CPC SERVICIOS INFORMATICOS SL 

Mailrelay free email marketing software. It offers a powerful free account, SMTP server, online panel with advanced features, such as advanced statistics, autoresponders, RSS Feed campaigns, API and subscription form generator.
With this system, you will have technical support, to send newsletters using the online panel or an smtp server.. Freeware download of Mailrelay emailmarketing 1.0, size 295.94 Kb.

Jason's Various Abstractions 1.0 Jasonsabstracti 

This is a collection of source files that I find myself using time and time again. Included is a database abstraction layer which constructs most SQL statements for you (Qt, PHP), a HTML form generator class (PHP).

Jason's Various Abstractions 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Freeware download of Jason's Various Abstractions 1.0, size 0 b.

Tramasoli Framework 006 Tramawork 

This project is a framework for PHP developers who want to be fast at code generation.I'm working to make a web-based and comand-line form generator for generate ".php" files without programmers scripting.Hope it will be finished soon.

Tramasoli Framework 006 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Tramasoli Framework 006, size 11.06 Kb.

BoostSolutions Document Number Generator 2.2.517.0 boostsolutions Co., Ltd. 

BoostSolutions Document Number Generator comes in handy to SharePoint administrators who need to classify and organize documents on a regular basis.

The addon can automatically assign numbers to each item, so that user input is no longer needed and documents can be easily sorted.

. Free download of BoostSolutions Document Number Generator 2.2.517.0, size 0 b.

ScriptArtist 3.0 OctaneSoft Ltd. 

ScriptArtist - PHP&AJAX Code Generator Software for MySQL and able to generate php form. ScriptArtist helps you save a lot of developing times to create the completed CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update,&Delete), easily generates web forms (email or contact form) retrieved information from either database fields or user-defined fields, a. Free download of ScriptArtist 3.0, size 25.85 Mb.

SharePoint Document Number Generator 2.3.730.0 SharePointBoost Co., Ltd 


BoostSolutions, a Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner, is a leading developer of SharePoint Web Parts and add-ons.Fully compatible with SharePoint 2007, WSS 3.0, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint Server 2010, MOSS 2007, as well as SharePoint Foundation 2010, our SharePoint web parts and add-ons are designed to help businesses. Free download of SharePoint Document Number Generator 2.3.730.0, size 3.56 Mb.

SharePoint Lookup Boost 1.6.1124.2 SharePointBoost Co., Ltd 

A "Related Information" link on Context Menu of SharePoint item to an overview page displaying all connected information of the item;
Display all items from which this item looks up information;
Display all items which look up information from this item.

SharePoint Lookup Boost provides an overview page to list all. Free download of SharePoint Lookup Boost 1.6.1124.2, size 605.18 Kb.

SPSilver for SharePoint 0.1 Alpha Dinoskon 

SPSilver for SharePoint is a handy and reliable utility that produces C# classes using a SharePoint list.

The program generates two different classes, one of which represents a list item, while the second is for the selected list. Also, for each of these two classes, a second file will be created, for storing extra methods.

FastRequest HelpDesk 7.0.4 FullData inc. 

FastRequest HelpDesk- Workorder, Web form and HelpDesk software. Al-in-one.FastRequest HelpDesk is the first Work Order software or help desk software to allow the creation of customized Web forms or online service request (Checkbox, Radio Button, Text Box, Drop-down List…).

You can create your own service requests form customized. Free download of FastRequest HelpDesk 7.0.4, size 49.17 Mb.