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BookLibrary same author-module 1 5 OrdaSoft 

Module for simply Book Library web site creation. The BookLibrary Books from same author module displays the books from same author - book from what now opened. With compatibility for the sh404SEF URL. Freeware download of BookLibrary same author-module 1 5, size 1.02 Kb.


BookLibrary search Books module 1 5 OrdaSoft 

Module for simply Book Library web site creation. The BookLibrary search Books module help you search book by different parameters.. Freeware download of BookLibrary search Books module 1 5, size 1.02 Kb.

BookLibrary basic 1.5.2003 OrdaSoft 

Component for simply Book Library web site creation. BookLibrary provides a full-featured book library or book collection management environment on a Joomla-based website and allows you to manage large book libraries. The component can also be used to easily set up a book selling shop using Amazon if you want. With an Amazon Associates ID you can. Freeware download of BookLibrary basic 1.5.2003, size 1.02 Kb.

ComponentOne WebReports for ASP.NET 1 2 ComponentOne, LLC 

With this program you can create and integrate interactive reports into your Web apps. ComponentOne WebReports for ASP.NET runs within Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) and allows you to stream complex HTML and PDF reports to your machine. This program works on Windows platform.. Free download of ComponentOne WebReports for ASP.NET 1 2, size 0 b.

Pokki 0.250 Beta 1.0 SweetLabs, Inc. 

Pokki is the next generation desktop launcher for all your web apps. With Pokki you will be able to access Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, eBay and other popular web apps right from your desktop. Just give it a try and you will surely wonder how did you managed all this time without it.. Freeware download of Pokki 0.250 Beta 1.0, size 1.02 Mb.

Prime8 LDAP Address Book 8.beta1 

Global LDAP Address Book management web interface. Prime8 is a PHP application which provides a very simple interface for viewing and maintaining a company-wide address book running off an LDAP directory.. Freeware download of Prime8 LDAP Address Book 8.beta1, size 459.39 Kb.

Vroom Apps 1.0 X-rad 

Aka VA is a Java EE 5 application which provides online tools to produce manageable web apps which can share databases, web services, security domains, components and other JNDI resources. Apps can be developed, tested, migrated, and exported easily.

Vroom Apps 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Vroom Apps 1.0, size 0 b.

Element Web Essentials 7.0 Element Software 

Element Web Essentials is the collective name for the showcase web apps that Element Software offers for free download and use. Included in this pack is the multi-award winning Element Browser, a unique and powerful web browser that delivers extreme ease of use and powerful features, eRecords Player, a minimalistic media player that supports all. Free download of Element Web Essentials 7.0, size 42.24 Mb.

iBBDemo2 for Windows 1.0 Shaun Sullivan 

iBBDemo2 is an Adobe Air application that does a good job of emulating the iPhone and iPad web browsing experience. It can be a useful tool for testing Web apps targeting the iOS family of mobile devices. It can also be useful for doing presentations to demo iOS Web apps if you don't have access to a Mac.

iBBDemo2 was released as open. Freeware download of iBBDemo2 for Windows 1.0, size 3.53 Mb.

How to create enterprise apps with no programming 1.0.3 Snappii 

This app is for Snappii users who require help in creating iPhone apps with Snappii platform. Snappii website enables non programmers to create iPhone,iPad,Android and HTML5 web apps. This app contains resources, links and a support forum.. Freeware download of How to create enterprise apps with no programming 1.0.3, size 24.85 Mb.

Gaia Ajax 3 6 Gaiaware AS 

Developing web apps today is time consuming. Many spend most of their time investigating browser differences. On top of this developing, reusing, and maintaining large JavaScript code bases, creating vulnerable web services for client side data access, combined with many different third party components can be challenging and unproductive. Gaia. Free download of Gaia Ajax 3 6, size 10.09 Mb.

Booklibrary Toplisting-module 1 5 OrdaSoft 

Top Listing module version 1.5 for BookLibrary Module for simply Book Library web site creation. Module to display the Top books from BookLibrary component. Features: In this module version you have the following additions and options: - Fixed Legacy sefRelToAbs which required System Legacy plugin - Added sh404SEF compatibility to the book titles -. Freeware download of Booklibrary Toplisting-module 1 5, size 1.02 Kb.

BookLibrary Top-10-module 1 5 OrdaSoft 

BookLibrary Top 10 module, version 1.5 Module for simply Book Library web site creation.The BookLibrary Top 10 module displays the 10 most visited books from BookLibrary component in a list, with the number of hits behind it. With compatibility for the sh404SEF URLs. Fixed Legacy sefRelToAbs which required System Legacy plugin.. Freeware download of BookLibrary Top-10-module 1 5, size 1.02 Kb.


The AJAX MVC separates view management from data services in web apps cleanly and configurably. It enables you to build light, rich web interfaces that plug into SOAs. It strives to eliminate ad-hoc data service integration from AJAX applications.. Freeware download of AJAX MVC 0.6, size 71.93 Kb.

Cloud Suite 0.11 

Cloud Suite is a collection of web apps, meant to be run on a personal server. This is an excellent substitute for the large cloud, for those who are concerned about privacy. Because it is not run by a company, you have full control over your data.. Freeware download of Cloud Suite 0.11, size 31.46 Kb.

HBean 1.0.0 

Bean oriented to creation & manipulation forms in web apps.. Freeware download of HBean 1.0.0, size 73.61 Kb.

Javascales 0.9 

A collection of light-weight utilities for diagnosing, monitoring, testing, and fixing production Java web apps.. Freeware download of Javascales 0.9, size 317.35 Kb.

SHIFT State-Hierarchy Functional Testing 0.1.2 

SHIFT (State-HIerarchy Functional Testing) provides a new way to test your web apps. It extends other web testing frameworks to allow significantly better testing with less effort, and opens up new ways to test which have never been possible before.. Freeware download of SHIFT State-Hierarchy Functional Testing 0.1.2, size 5.00 Mb.

xpotronix 20090918 

A framework for building web apps based on a declarative specification made in XML files, code generator and templating system based on XSL Transformations. Base entirely on MVC model, xpotronix permits a fast building web applications. Freeware download of xpotronix 20090918, size 195.05 Kb.

XMLRAD 1.0 Xmlrad 

Build web apps based on SDL (Specific Domain Language):
- XMLGram to create simply XMLService, includes everything to select data, update database, invoke services, macros, includes programming patterns such as Multicast and RetroFit,
- XQL to select/update in the embedded database XQLite,
- XML to load/store record/dataset,
-. Freeware download of XMLRAD 1.0, size 0 b.